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the 'thought from the Universe' today    (from Mike Dooley's tut.com)   I liked it enough to share. k

However do you do it? You know, talk, and make such sense? Walk, and not fall down? Ask, and then know the answer? Aim, and then deliver? Show up on time? Always get by? Make just enough?

How on earth?!

You don't know how, do you?

You haven't got a clue.

And that's exactly how you do it.

You leave the "hows" to Me, as you simply focus upon and move towards the end results.

You got this,     The Universe

This is how all dreams come true!


Starmonkey's picture

The soul does the work! Do it with style and sometimes flair. Life is art. We're incredibly blessed to be sharing this experience...

I feel that way more every day. Not that it's not still challenging and frustrating! 

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Love that Kristyne, I have absolutely no idea, yet I also somehow have a complete knowing.

How many times do we hear that quite unobtrusive voice, and say yeah OK tomorrow I will do it then. Although time is inmaterial and in this case tomorrow never quite gets here.............

So the voice speaks again, no louder than the first time, just some how more awareness comes through, and so we respect our intuition more and more. Yes Chris, can be very challenging and doubly frustrating, isn't that what makes our final understanding of that lesson so much more rewarding though????

Journey onward.....................

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