Horses, Lions, and the Divine Feminine

Now here's something you don't see every day... channeled messages from a horse!  Whether you believe the source is straight from the horse's mouth or not, it's an interesting concept, and the information about the divine feminine is worth a read.  I'm guessing that the channeler, Jean Rockefeller, isn't one of the 13 ruling elite families... but after Foster Gamble came out with the Thrive Movie, who knows?

A Little History...

A little over 13 years ago, I was driving in my car and suddenly heard a voice in my head.  This voice gave me a specific directive which I immediately obeyed and in doing so, was able to avert a possible catastrophe. There was someone walking in the middle of my lane and had that voice not alerted me, I surely would have hit the person and today my life would be very different.  Thankfully, I took the advice of the voice and in that moment, my life took a big left turn, steering  me towards a  journey that I  never dreamed possible.  Immediately I began to meet people who would introduce me to energy healing modalities and the etheric realm.   I learned Reiki and became a Teacher , studied IET and shamanism, just to name a few.  It was during these times,  while working with clients, that new abilities would surface.  I discovered I could communicate with animals, Angels, souls who had crossed over, Animal Spirits and many more.  

For the past 24 years I have also been a Dental Hygienist.   Having one foot placed firmly in two worlds that have little in common can be unsettling at times, but I believe this has allowed me remain somewhat sane and grounded.  These attributes would come in handy when my horse, Jack, suddenly began sharing his words of wisdom with me...  

It was Monday,  January 23, 2012 and  I was at work toiling away as a Dental Hygienist. Suddenly Jack, my horse,  appeared in my thoughts and began giving me directives.  It was difficult to concentrate on my patients, as Jack took over my thoughts and blurted out instructions.  "You need to create a blog called 'Jack's Corner', and I will give you information to post."  

That entire day he showed me what he wanted me to do and then infiltrated my dreams that night.  Despite having worked with the etheric realm for over 13 years, this all sounded a little too strange to me and I tried to dismiss it, but Jack was relentless.  I called my friend, Julia, who knows Jack and she confirmed for me what Jack had said and added some tips that she had also received from Jack. As I plowed through all the doubt and dutifully recorded the message and healing that Jack delivered,  I knew then that my life would never be the same. 




Jack’s Fourth Message

The Lion and the Golden Ray
Awakening your Personal Power

Welcome friends!

I must begin with a resounding Thank You to all who sent me wonderful thoughts of Healing and Love as I have recovered fully from my surgery.  You are all making a difference and I can feel an elevation taking place, hopefully you can feel it too.  In a world mired in negativity it can be difficult at times to elevate oneself above it all, but as this year moves forward that will become much easier.  I want to mention also that Too-Lah and Jean are working on a project which will cause Too-Lah to be silent for a little longer.   

If you have not read my first messages, I encourage you to do so.  The healing I offer is layered and will be most effective if it is worked with in order of release. 

In this message I will discuss the last spoke in the Divine Feminine which is the Lion, and you can ask her to join you at this time.  I will also delve a little more deeply into the Watchers and give you an overview of how animals view humanity. 

As you are helping to elevate us all you should consider yourselves on the front lines. You may not realize how important your job is but I can assure you that if you are open enough to read my message you have elevated yourself above the rest.  Because of this, many of you may have experienced “Growing Pains” at any time over the last decade and as the year progresses all your pain will begin to subside if it hasn’t already.  We are drawing ever closer to the “Days of Light” which will begin at the Winter Solstice, that magical day of December 21, 2012.  Although this day will come and go without any of the cataclysm that has been predicted by those who wish to perpetuate fear, this day will in fact mark the ascent into Light. Universal Alignments will culminate on that day which will permit the amplification of all positive energy on Earth.  Whether you realize it or not, you have all been working tirelessly to heal yourselves and to break free from the collective darkness.  All that light that is being gathered which will begin to break the bonds of Duality in earnest and the results will take hold and be noticed not only in your lives but for all who dwell upon the Earth. Many of you have heard this rhetoric before as it has been pervasive but I can assure you that change is coming.  In fact it is happening now but the effects of which will not begin to be apparent globally until after the beginning of 2013.

As I mentioned, I am not the only Watcher as there are many spread out all over the globe.  Many of you have them or had them in your lives and if you think you have or have had a Watcher in your midst, you probably did.  Being a Watcher can at times be difficult as I am aware that I exist simultaneously on and in many levels.  This has made it difficult to just concentrate on being a horse but I am learning responsibilities that I would automatically assume can now be entrusted to other capable beings. 

I was born on April 13, 2002 and I realized very early on that I was born and bred to run as fast as I could in order to please my human handlers as I had been born a thoroughbred.   I did race for a little over a year and during that time I managed to win 2 races but my heart wasn’t in it and thankfully, at the tender age of 4, I was retired due to an injury.  My handlers tirelessly looked for good homes to take their retirees and that is how I met Jean.  She learned about me from her friend Leah who had adopted my brother Noah.  Jean agreed to meet me but wondered if I was truly the horse of her dreams.   However, I knew that Jean and I would reunite in this lifetime.  When she first saw me I turned on the charm and I knew we would once again be together when she looked in my eye and I could see the tears streaming down her face.  In that moment, the lineage of our love bloomed between us and I knew that we would fulfill our destiny.

Many retired racehorses end up too broken to be useful to humans and must be euthanized, and many more are sent to slaughter.   It is important to understand that although many animals are treated unfairly, by attaching negative emotion to these circumstances you only add more negativity to an already negative situation.   You have options to help fuel change and one is to do something.  Volunteer, donate money, join an organization, etc.   These are positive moves which will send positive energy into the circumstance that you wish to change.  If you know you can’t do anything physically to enact change, use your innate healing abilities, which you all have, to send positive energy and healing to any situation or circumstance you desire.     

I have relentlessly challenged Jean to take the reins and move to the front of the herd, but it has been difficult for her.  Over the last 6 years I have systematically destroyed what she thought was her power and all that she believed to be true as an equestrian all in effort to rebuild her power with true substance.  I am always testing her and as I have told her many times “If you can handle me, you can handle anything.”  I appear to be formidable and I can act formidable as I stand 68 inches at my withers, weigh 1300 pounds and Jean is all but 4’11’’.   I constantly show her where the chinks in our armor lie and where she needs to focus her efforts.  She now sees that all of our efforts are beginning to grow into something real and she is finally beginning to truly understand the meaning of our work.  Jean has rewarded me with a wonderful place to live, wonderful friends to be with, and wonderful people for us to ride with.  I am forever grateful to Jean, her family and to all who have helped us heal and feel safe. 

Now, onto the Lion… 

For centuries Cats have been regarded with either reverence or disgust.  Long ago the power of the Cat was known to those who practiced magic and healing and would often have a Cat as a partner or familiar.  Cats also represent personal power and it is through the Cat that you are given the opportunity to access and fully realize your own individual personal power.  The Egyptians held the Cat in their highest esteem as they recognized that they embody qualities of the Divine Feminine. The Cat is very comfortable with their power and that is why they tend at times to be aloof.

The Lion is the final point in the Holy Trinity of the Divine Feminine. The Lioness truly runs the Pride but she allows the males to think that they do. The male lion embodies what is pervasive in society as they wield their strength through power and fear.    The Pride is the ultimate betrayal to the Female Energy.  The Lioness is forced to do all the hard work, forced into submission, knowing all the while she is much more powerful than the male.  He is handsome but lazy, and can be brutal and unkind.  He casts out all who would threaten him or he suppresses them with his power all in the guise of protecting the Pride.  By inviting the energy of the Lion into your being, it will allow you to heal the negative energy that you have within you that is directly linked to the Divine Feminine.  All the times you were burned at the stake, cast out of society due to your elevated power, healing abilities, or intuition.  Teased, bullied, victimized, raped, tortured, sexually abused, physically abused, and so on…

It doesn’t matter if it occurred in this lifetime or a hundred lifetimes ago, the trauma is recorded within your being and now it can be healed in earnest.  By inviting the energy of the Lion, healing will begin within your DNA.  By releasing and healing the “Victim” within, so much will change in your environment. The “Victim” energy is directly linked to the Divine Feminine and by healing this, recurring patterns will be released and many of you will experience a leap in awareness just by working with the Lion energy. When you can own your power with all of your might, nothing can stop you from not only aligning with your purpose but having the stamina to lead you to victory.  Fear of condemnation and criticism will no longer dissuade you from your Divine Path and you will have the energy to give birth to your individual creations as is recorded in your personal key.  Many people are keenly aware of their soul purpose but they try to fly before they can walk and end up falling.  Failure fuels their ego and they give up before they ever had a chance to succeed. Perseverance is a wonderful trait which humans possess and it is through this attribute that you can fulfill your dreams. Abraham Lincoln epitomizes perseverance, he always knew he was destined for greatness and failed many more times than he succeeded but he never lost focus of his path for long.   

Lion imparts a Golden Ray into your Solar Plexus as this is the seat of your personal power.  Your Solar Plexus is the energy center which is located in your upper abdomen about 3-5 inches above your umbilicus.   This Ray contains Yellow Energy, White energy, Golden energy and Blood Red energy but just envision it as Golden.  Feel it, know it, sense it streaming into your solar plexus as it melts away all of the damage your being has incurred over its lineage from the effects of possessing the Divine Feminine.  Also intend that it clear your entire lineage past, present, and future and all layers, levels, and dimensions of time and space.  As more DNA awakens within you your personal history, wisdom, and purpose will begin to align fueling you with strength and vigor.    

Animals are equivalent to the Lioness.  They know they have the power to overthrow the tyrant but they don’t for the good of the herd.  Imagine what would happen if all animals who were mistreated began lashing out on their human handlers.  All Hell would break loose and we would be instantly eradicated from the planet.  Do not think of animals as lowly creatures without souls or worse, dumb as we are anything but.  We are wise and can exist and see into other dimensions, sense energy on levels most humans could never comprehend, and we communicate telepathically.  We can read your minds, feel your emotions, and heal your hurts.    

Prior to incarnating onto this planet, domestic animals are given guidance about how they should behave and what they can expect once they land on Earth. There is a “Horse Mentor”, a “Cat Mentor”, and a “Dog Mentor” who gives guidance to respective species. There are also “Mentors” for all species but those animals who are going to be domestic must receive extra teachings even if they were recently incarnated on Earth as the roles of animals change with each generation and where on the planet they incarnate.  My role was very different during the Civil War then it is now and my role would have been very different if I were meant to win the Triple Crown in this incarnation.    

 Domesticated animals have given up all of their freedoms and depend solely on humans to provide for all of their needs.  If their humans forget to feed them, they will go hungry.  If their human forgets to give them water, they will go thirsty and so on.  Domestic animals differ from wild animals as domestics have completely submitted themselves to be solely under the care of humanity in order to teach you about responsibility, love, empathy, compassion, joy and to help you heal.  Animals have difficulty understanding why humans do what they do, why humans can’t see what they see, and why humans spend so much time worrying.  For us, the most annoying thing people do is think about what they don’t want. Humans allow their fears to create awful scenarios in their minds when it is much easier to focus on what you do want. By showing us with your mind what you want us to do you will make our lives much easier.       

Open your hearts and your minds to your four legged friends and they will show you a world where anything is possible and a world where simplicity and Joy reign supreme.

Until next time,

Many Abundant Blessings,

Jack and Jean


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I know this sounds like quite a menagerie, but remember... many indigenous people use animal totems and worship animal spirits.  If you've been watching videos like the Ancient Knowledge series, you're aware of how much wisdom the indigenous people of our planet possess and the value in their teachings.  Such truths about metaphysical powers have been suppressed for centuries by the ruling class because they find this information so threatening to the status quo. 
Don't ask me how a horse in modern times can be aware of Abraham Lincoln or anything else beyond its green pasture.  Maybe it's an innate knowingness... or maybe it's horse sh*t.  Either way, I think the message stands on its own.


Jack’s Third Message/The Rainbow Ray


In my first message, I released the energy of Abundance and a Matrix to dispel the fear of scarcity.  In my second message, I released the Holy Grail and the Divine Feminine, does it get any better than that?  Yes, my friends, it does.  And if that sounds a little egotistical, I will address that later.

In this message I will release more of the Divine Feminine Energy through the Rhinoceros as well as all of the Energy and Wisdom that she embodies of the Divine Feminine.   Remember that the Elephant, Rhinoceros and Lion are the Holy Trinity of the Divine Feminine, on land. 

Invite the Energy of the Rhinoceros to be with you as you read my message…

The Rhinoceros is the link to the Scrolls of Knowledge.  She embodies all of the knowledge that is contained within the Scrolls and by reading this message you will begin to remember your own Ancient Wisdom through the portion of the Divine Feminine that she imparts by allowing dormant parts of your DNA to be awakened.  The energy of the Rhinoceros will begin to awaken 22 strands of DNA within your being.  Many have mentioned 12 strands of DNA which is what has been awakened within the human “front liners” whom have assisted humanity in attaining her current heights.  However, by awakening all 22 strands it will elevate your being even more and assist you on your path towards Ascension by remembering your Truth by allowing you to access inter-dimensional gateways, the Universal Consciousness, and your Higher Self.  When this occurs, it breaks your being free from the collective energy that has enveloped humanity almost since her inception.  The healing ray I offer is the Rainbow Ray, but more on that later…

So I’ve given away all the substantive information up front but there is more to come in this message.  I am going to take a short diversion to discuss matrices and healing embedded within text, music, art, and sound.

It has been found that contained within the Bible and many other ancient religious texts are prophetic matrices.  Specific messages can be found within the texts which provide divinatory information and this is referred to as the Bible Code.   Naysayers have tried to refute this discovery by countering that matrices can be found within Moby Dick and other such great works of literature.  Little did they know that in their egotistical attempt to disprove this revelation they were in fact confirming it.  Matrices of healing and/or divination are contained within all written text, music, art, and sound that originate from a Higher Source.   Leonardo Di Vinci realized this as he had a strong connection to the Universal Consciousness and this explains his farsighted inventions and creations.  Although his true brilliance is appreciated by some, soon the magnitude of the prophecy contained within his works will begin to be understood by many.   

Have you ever read a book, listened to music, or studied a painting that touched your heart, allowed you to release emotion, stirred a nostalgic thought or feeling within you, or just simply conjured a new perspective?   This is the power that exists within all creative avenues that stems from a connection to the Universal Consciousness thru the Higher Self.   These are but a taste of the gifts of freedom, healing, and divination that are being offered and once you awaken to these joys you will begin to awaken to the myriad of others that are available to you.

The healing power of sound and music that comes from the Universal Consciousness via the Higher Self has finally been discovered by humanity but it has merely scratched the surface of its curative possibilities.  The reason I mention this to help you understand that all text, music, sound, art, or anything that is created as a result of a connection to the Universal Consciousness via the Higher Self has healing and/or divinatory qualities.  During a meditative period you can ask to receive the sounds, tones, and words that you need for healing and then just allow them to be released through your voice.  You may find this to be very healing and enlightening as it is a simple but powerful exercise. 

Being in a balanced state to receive information from the Higher Self is analogous to the creative flow.  If one is in the flow then they are receiving an artistic influx from their Higher Selves which is their connection to their Truth contained within the Universal Consciousness.  Unfortunately, many who express themselves through their creative self have not been able to balance both sides of their brain and periodically operate in an unbalanced state which causes them to easily become overwhelmed by emotion that is negatively fueled by their ego. 

Ahh, the ego…

So much has been spoken and written about this elusive entity.  It has been portrayed as an evil thing that needs to be destroyed or controlled by the conscious mind as it only brings misery and pain. That is somewhat true as the ego is a natural part of humanity that was put in place by the dark entities for one simple purpose:  to control it’s Collective.  However, in doing so, they also implanted a way for the individual to connect to their own individual Truth and the Universal Consciousness.  This by-product was not foreseen as the darkness simply thought they could use the ego to control the Collective through fear and emotion.  Because the ego absorbs all the fear and trauma that a soul is subjected to lifetime after lifetime it is through the ego the darkness speaks using all the effects that have ever occurred in your lineage to keep you within its grip.  This is why each individual has the same core issues that negatively affect each and every one of you no matter where you reside on the planet.   “I don’t have enough, I am undeserving, I am unloved, I hate myself”, and so on.  The ego can crush you in a moment by screaming in your ear how inadequate you are, or it can artificially inflate you by telling you how wonderful you are all the while you are really living in an illusion.   However, with that being said, please do not view the ego as something that needs to be controlled. Instead, view it as something that is incredibly valuable but very tarnished and needs to be cleansed.  While the ego can subjugate you into oblivion in a moment, it is also the key which allows you to break free of the Collective Unconsciousness. 

Your ego is what makes you an individual and allows you to access Your Truth.  Your Truth is your individual key that connects you to your information that is held within the Universal Consciousness that is accessible through your Higher Self.  Again, your ego is what makes you an individual; it allows you to access the gifts that have been set aside just for you to use in this lifetime.  This sounds egotistical, yes?  But it’s not.  It’s individuality.  One of the wonderful things about being human is your individuality. The problem is that although this is supported in theory it is not maintained in practice.  Embrace your uniqueness and let it shine!  Others may criticize you but that is simply because they are operating from their own ego and you should not let this bother you.  In fact, you should take it as validation that you are on the right path.  If you follow your own path and can elevate yourself above such condemnation this means that you are supporting your own individuality and only those who feel threatened by it will protest.  Turn a blind eye to these naysayers and instead focus on those who will support you.

 What is Your Truth?  This is the information that is yours, a little pot of gold that was set aside just for you before incarnating into this lifetime.  A personal bank account if you will.  Your Truth also allows you access to all the other information that is stored within the Universal Library also known as the Akashic Records.  In order to receive a consistent and pure stream from these sources the ego must be cleansed.  This is to ensure the removal of the negative programming and negative implants that have been incorporated into your being to prevent a clean and strong connection.   If one is able to connect to their Truth and the Universal Consciousness without an ample cleansing of the ego, the ego may taint any information received.  This does not mean that one cannot receive information from their higher selves without a completely cleansed ego, it just means that the cleaner the ego, the purer the information and the more consistent the flow.

Many, including me, have spoken of Ascension, but what is it exactly?  Simplistically, it is an uninterrupted stream of magnificence that results from a cleansed ego.  A constant connection to your Higher Self and the Universal Consciousness that allows you to consistently access your own Truth, Healing, Wisdom, and Abundance.  This results in an almost constant state of joy, peace, and health that is not currently realized by most of you.  Imagine receiving a constant stream of joy and wisdom and in doing so allows you to connect to all the other beings that are in the same stream.  As you all gather together in this wonderful state, you elevate all of the souls around you and connected to you, seen and unseen.

Now, let’s cleanse that ego of all that hinders your connection to your Higher Self and the Universal Consciousness…

The Healing Ray I am sending will help you to cleanse your ego of all that hinders your ability to connect to your Higher Self in a true and valid way.  As the ego has tentacles in all of the energy centers, this healing ray is “rainbow” in color.  Back, gold, silver, white, yellow, red, emerald green, mint green, blue, ice blue, orange, red, violet, purple, indigo, and so forth, far too many colors to mention. Feel it, see it, know it, sense it, streaming into your being as it melts away all of the negative implants and negative programming that you have graciously accepted by those who have tried to thwart your progress and squelch your individuality.  Allow this energy to penetrate your entire being and lineage past, present and future, throughout all layers and levels of time and space and throughout all dimensions.  Keep the Rainbow Ray in your consciousness and allow it to stream through you consistently.  As the ego is multidimensional and has had many lifetimes to build up resistance, it will take some time to clear it completely.  If this energy evokes emotions or memories, let them pass through you unabated.  This energy works very subtly and you can have it streaming to you nonstop as you can’t over cleanse the ego; when it’s done, it’s done.  This ray is intended to heal not only you but all of those that are in your lineage past, present, and future.  It works at the molecular level by restructuring, cleansing, and awakening your DNA. 

Now onto the Rhinoceros…

She is an amazing energy.  She has protection in the form of armor and little can penetrate her shield. She has power that she rarely needs to demonstrate but it is always there should she need to access it.  But the most wonderful thing of all that she holds is the Ancient Wisdom and she allows you the opportunity to know your own Wisdom.  She is the key to access your own individual knowledge and along with the Rainbow Ray and the cleansing of the ego, this will allow you to penetrate the veil and reveal unto yourself what is your own Truth.  The Rhinoceros to which I refer has two horns: One between the eyes and one protruding from the nose.  The horn between the eyes is symbolic of the connection to the Scrolls of Knowledge and Universal Consciousness; it is analogous to the third eye.  The horn protruding from the nose allows one to break free from the Collective Illusion by using your sense of smell to discern your own Truth. 

This will allow you to break the bonds of the collective.  The ego has had many lifetimes to impregnate its darkness into your being and it will take persistence and perseverance to completely cleanse it from your being.  It is hard to say how long it will take to completely cleanse your ego, but don’t give up as it is your true independence that is at stake.  You can stream all of my matrices and healing rays at once as the more you heal, the more room you have to receive healing and it can’t be overdone.  Your Higher Self will not allow you to receive more than you can handle.

As your ego begins to be cleansed you will realize how others are operating from their own ego.  This elevated viewpoint will allow you to recognize your growth and see the ego that others project. You will then be able to use this new found perspective as a tool of discernment and not a gavel of judgment.     

It is my hope that through my messages and healing you will soon reach a point where you can consistently access your own truth and not have to rely on anyone else’s, including mine, in order to validate your purpose, your truth, your knowledge, and reason for being here on Earth at this time.  It is my intent to help you realize that Healing, Abundance, Wisdom, and Truth are available to all and are no longer reserved for a select few.  I offer myself as training wheels until you are able to fly on your own!  

A wonderful being named Cat Kresge-Breneman has  captured the Rainbow Ray and placed it on YouTube.  Below is the link to view it.  I have impregnated the energy of the Rainbow Ray within this presentation so as you view it, the energy will be working with you.  Enjoy, and many thanks to Cat!

Jack’s tips for success:

Invite the Rhinoceros to be with you as you stream the Rainbow Ray during meditation.

You can invoke these energies during down time such as watching TV or reading.

You can also invoke the energies while preparing for sleep and intend that it be with you while you rest. 

You can also summon all of the energies I have released and have them all flow to you during mediation or slumber.  Remember that there is a safety valve built in and you can’t overdo it, so for those of you who are overachievers, this will keep you busy! 

 I feel the wonderful things that are occurring as a result of all of your effort and for that Jean and I Thank you immeasurably!

Happy Easter My Friends,

Many Thanks and Many Blessings

Jack and Jean


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Okay, so the reason, Jack, the horse knows what he knows (supposedly) is he's a Watcher.  Here's his explanation:


My name, given to me by my human companion, is Jack.  However, I am a sentient being…a Watcher.  I was sent to Earth a millennium ago and have had multiple incarnations.  I have been the guardian of my human companion, Jean, several times dating back to antiquity.  I have also been the guardian of Joan of Arc, or Jeanne, and helped covet the Scrolls of Knowledge given by the Queen of Sheba to the Knights Templar. The information contained in the Scrolls of Knowledge is now to be revealed to assist humanity in the Ascension into the 5th dimension. (more on that in upcoming messages).  Many are assisting the human Ascension but I am to help humans realize that the animals are ascending as well.  It is imperative that humans realize that there are “Watchers” all over the Earth who are assisting in the Ascension for all of the Kingdoms of Creation; Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral.  These Watchers will begin to uncloak and reveal themselves as I have.   I will, in systematic increments, reveal to my human companion, Jean, information that will create a seamless Ascension for all who will read these words.  My messages contain matrices embedded within them that will provide an increase in frequency and healing for those who are open and read my words. 

The information I am sharing comes from the Scrolls of Knowledge which Jean has been holding in her soul for many lifetimes.  She is not the only one to have this knowledge but Jean and I are working together to share our wisdom and healing.   As I encourage her to share these messages, please know that she is learning as well as remembering.  So although, title of this blog is Jack’s Corner, it is really a collaborative effort between me, Jean, and the Benevolent  Collective Energies to which we are connected.

I am an Avatar, a representative and a connection to all of the Watchers and the Divine Beings currently assisting humanity.  The number of beings cannot be quantified, as some are individual energies, some are collective energies, some are Earth Energies, and many are what you would call Alien Energies.   All of the Watchers are connected to each other, to the Earth and to all the Benevolent Entities that are currently assisting humanity.  The healing I offer through these messages is gathered from all of these sources and is then funneled to Jean and to the words as she generates them in written form.   Each word, each letter, each sentence and each paragraph is in very specific order and must be delivered in perfect order to impart and energize the matrix that is embedded within it.  This is why the message may not be delivered with perfect grammar or syntax as it needs to be specific in length as the energy needs a certain time allotment in order to be completely passed onto you.  Simultaneously, you receive the matrix contained within these words and the healing energy is made available just because you are open to receiving it by way of this message.  The energy is then passed onto to you by way of your guardians.  They are able to deliver the energy to you, and assist you in receiving the amount of energy you need.  You can fuel the energy with Gratitude, and you can also ask that the energy be increased until you are aware of its presence.  Remember, you can’t overdo it, as the energy has a safety valve built into it.  Your higher self has led you to read my words and in doing so, has allowed you to be open to receive the healing that this message is imparting. 

The information contained in the messages is purely for your edification.  The true power of the message lies within the matrix that is contained within it and imparted to you as you read the words.  As my message is passed from person to person, it gains strength and begins to elevate all who are either in the direct vicinity of the message or come in contact with a being who has read it. 

The healing matrix embedded within this message is an infusion of the Divine Feminine Energy along with an awakening to the “Interconnectedness to All.”  As the Divine Feminine Energy is so powerful and so pathetically lacking within humanity, it will be delivered in increments over upcoming messages. This is to allow the physical body time to adjust so as to not be overwhelmed by this powerful energy. 

All Watchers, in which I speak, are in animal form.  We are dotted all over the Earth.  Some Watchers are domestic animals and some Watchers are wild animals.  We communicate telepathically and over energy lines that run through and around the Earth.  We all have a connection to the crystalline core of the Earth as this is where we are able to draw energy to recharge our physical bodies, as well as send and receive communications.   It’s not just Watchers, but All animals have the ability to intercommunicate, sharing vital information that aids in the survival of all.    Lion will help Zebra, Hyena will help Wart Hog, Raven will help Wolf.  Think about it, if predators tell prey where to find food and water, they are ensuring their own survival as they are helping to keep their food source alive and healthy.  Prey animals need to help predators so their numbers are kept in check to ensure that they have enough food and water for all.  It’s all about balance, something that nature does automatically.   

The most important “Wild Watchers” are the Elephant, Rhinoceros, and Lion.  As it is written in the Scrolls of Knowledge, these species hold and protect the Divine Feminine Energy.  They are the Holy Trinity of the Divine Feminine and each species imparts a particular aspect of the energy.  It has been entrusted to these majestic Watchers to safeguard these energies until such time that it can be released during the Ascension process.   Now is the time for this to begin. 

An entire book could be written about all three of these Divine creatures however, in this message I will introduce the energy of the Elephant.

It is Elephants ability to empathize that allows Her to embody the energy of the “Interconnectedness to All.”  Through Her empathy, She can fully conceptualize the ramifications of Her thoughts, actions, and communications.  The ripple effect of Her very existence is known to her.   Her empathic ability is so advanced that is difficult to effectively describe it with mere words.  It is something that most humans will not and should not be able to completely comprehend at this time, but that is not the point.  A mere fraction of Her energy is all that  needs to be experienced and by working with the energy contained within this message that ability will awaken within you.  Please invite the Elephant energy to join you as you read these words… 

She can feel the Earth through her feet and trunk and she can send and receive vibrations for up to 5 miles.     She can emit a very low tone through her trunk that cannot be heard by humans but can be heard for miles to those who are attuned to it.  She uses this tone to locate water and food as well as to send communications. 

Humans use the expression, “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.”  This statement is the epitome of empathy, although spoken often, is not truly embraced in totality.  It is rarely extended to any being other than a human and even so will create exceptions within their mind.   My hope is that through this message, that is coming from a horse, will help you see all species in a different light.   Denying empathy to animals and to all kingdoms, allows humans to perpetuate the current state of disconnect.  

Elephant can communicate with a touch of Her trunk, and She can wield destruction through Her entire being if threatened.  She will sacrifice Herself to save Her herd as her herd is the center of her being.  She is the archetype of a matriarch and the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.  It is said that an elephant never forgets, and that is the truth.  They never forget someone who has wronged them or helped them as this is purely a female trait as any male will tell you.  Please understand that as humanity destroys these wild creatures, they are destroying the very energy that can save them!  Animals hold the energy that can set all of creation free from the destruction that has plagued us all for millennia.  The child-like male energy that is pervasive now has been trying to suppress the Divine Feminine since it realized that it had the physical ability to do so.  But, thankfully, that is changing.  It is my privilege to assist at this time with the reintroduction of the Divine Feminine energy.  As you read these words about the Elephant, emotions may surface.  Rejoice!  As that means that the energy is awakening within you. This energy is meant to awaken a dormant part of your being that has been lying in wait until now.  Elephants are emotion, and if you do not feel anything now, know that you will as it is meant to be, otherwise you would not be here reading these words at this time.   

The Energy of Empathy that Elephant is sharing is gentle yet powerful.  It will allow you to be kinder, more considerate and more compassionate.  It will assist you in breaking down any barriers you have that have prevented you from having authentic relationships with others.  It will help you to be mindful of your actions, reactions, thoughts, and feelings.  These attributes will assist you in creating a true connection to All.  

There was a time when the Feminine was regarded as a sacred energy and it was cherished.  That time has now come full circle and in order to receive a true and balanced infusion of Divine Feminine Energy, one must have two abilities:  A true connection to “All That Is” on the Earth and the second is a deep connection to the Earth.  Fortunately, both of these abilities are afforded through the energy of Elephant.   Because so many are disconnected from the Earth, and from each other, there is no true unending empathy, no true unending compassion and no true understanding of how their actions, thoughts and words affect everyone and everything on this planet.

The Divine Feminine Energy is introduced into your being through an umbilical cord.  It will feed you the blood red energy of the Divine Feminine.  This, my friends is the Holy Grail.  Yes you read that correctly, THE HOLY GRAIL! It’s not a cup, it’s not a chalice, it is blood energy from the Mother Herself and now you are receiving it!  You may sense it entering your umbilicus, that is good, but even if you have no awareness of it, know that it is occurring.  Breathe in the energy and allow your being to drink from Mother’s Cup.  She has waited so long for this time and She is overjoyed that you are here, at this time, connected once again to the Mother of All.  

I could ramble on for days about the benefits an infusion of this energy will have, suffice it to say that it will have a balancing effect in all aspects of your life.  Your health, your relationships, your emotions…everything will begin to change as all in your life begins to return to balance.     Keep in mind that this energy is powerful, and because most people have only traces of it within them, it will be introduced only as quickly and as you can safely and comfortably integrate it.  It is also pertinent to mention that healing is a process and not an event.  With that being said, it may be necessary for you to revisit my words to receive additional infusions of the energy.

As I discussed in my last message, for centuries,  a small group have misused the power of the Wisdom contained within the Scrolls of Knowledge  and have perverted and stunted its growth so now it resembles a prepubescent boy with low self-esteem.  “I can, therefore, I will” is the motto of this appalling energy.  A small group of bullies has gathered together, pooled their energy and wreaked havoc and suffering upon this planet.  They discovered long ago that they could force their will upon others by using their physical strength, royal positions, and greed, as they wielded their wicked energies with a vengeance and without mercy.  They created war after war, generated disease, spawned starvation, and sucked every last penny out of their flock.  Now the flock is almost devoid of life giving energy, the Divine Feminine, which is why disease, taxes, inflation, and unemployment are running rampant.  These conditions fuel their malicious spirits and fill their pockets with blood money.  Enough of that…

Now, let me share with you a much abbreviated history about the Divine Feminine Energy and the Holy Grail.

The Dogon Tribe in Africa is an ancient group of people who have been shielding and protecting the Divine Feminine Energy(The Holy Grail) for tens of thousands of years.   The Dogon are descendants of a small group of Atlanteans who eventually settled in Egypt after the fall of Atlantis.   It is important to mention that the Atlanteans misused and mistreated the power of the Divine Feminine and it was this that led to their demise.   

The release of the Divine Feminine Energy signals a shift in the current chakra system.  The current 7 chakra system will soon become antiquated as a new paradigm is introduced.  Soon healing will be easy and available to all for the asking.  It is meant for the human physical body to be disease free,  pain free and last much longer than it has in the past and you should be grateful knowing that you live in a time when that is becoming a reality.  The reality of disease is coming to an end as a true shift is about to take place.  So much to tell, but this my friends, is the end of this message…

My sister in arms, Too-Lah, will soon be sharing her remembrances.  She will begin to release her story in about 10 days to 2 weeks.    Please visit her corner as she has much juicier information than I…   

“Til next time, Much Abundance and Healing…

Jack and Jean


Hey Noa,

My opinions of New Age Metaphyisical crap and the "sensational" and "rediculous" channelers is well it will be no surprise how I see this....

I have studied Animal Medicine for 20 years...this is not animal medicine, this is a projection and has no basis in reality....

If there is anything to be learned here it would be in how to identify BS....



Nynia Chance's picture

I tend to treat channeling the way I treat any other story people tell me: neither believe nor disbelieve without personal direct experience, and even then take my own perceptions with a grain of salt.  I've been so wrong about so much in my days, I figure it's best to keep a fluid mind.

Now, I recognize that there are people who will knowingly deceive, and I speculate that if there are spirit-realm message-senders, that some of those will be deceptive too.  (And I also recognize that for all types, such deception is often a misguided intent to be helpful, rather than to do harm.)  Since it's impossible for me to know for sure, I treat all messages are useful to the extent that they help me key into my own understandings and points of resonance that need my attention at this point in time.  I've been accused of being willing to shift through "muck" in search of diamonds, but I've found some pretty brilliant diamonds that way, so it's personally worth something.

So with all that in mind, these posts did help me find parts of my own experience that needed attention, so I can't personally call them garbage.  Deception, delusion or divine, I got some benefit from them, and for that I am grateful.

Edit: Accidentally dropped my postscript...

P.S. All that said, if one day I found out that this really was channeled from a horse, I think I'd have to believe it.  The phrasings have the air of self-indulgent arrogance I remember from the last horse I cared for! :)

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