Flooding in the Midwest

Daniel Jacobs channels a group entity called the Reconnection.  He also writes/creates some very heart warming and inspiring articles and essays.  I got this Youtube link today from him which I want to share with all of you.


I think it will put a different perspective on what is happening.

In Oneness of our Creator.




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These words capture the understanding we must aim to cling to as we witness the "Global Acceleration Syndrome" while knowing and continuing to learn how safe we really are in spite of a some times scary dream that seems so real.

“And it is at precisely THAT POINT when we need to begin attributing some of our Emotional Fluxes to Global Acceleration Syndrome and Empathic Connections to the Land and to our Collective Soul as it evolves............rather than merely personalizing things--writing them off to “hormones” or “A.D.D.” or “Bi-Polarity,” etc. I personally believe that we do ourselves and others a huge dis-service when we do that... There will come a time...............AND ALREADY IS............where people will openly admit that the immense amounts of anxiety and grief and fear that is coming upon them is really just a WAVE of EM-OCEAN............an Inner Tsunami............which is their own resonant connection to the more physicalized versions of disruption which are now coming on various parts of the Earth... And we each deal with them in our own way, and in our own time... It’s all PERFECT, as it plays out on all fronts and in all ways.. I say this IN FAITH, and not always by appea ances... Sometimes, it appears to just SUCK! Some choose to create life experiences where they OPEN WIDE and suffer serious loss.. Others will do it in subler ways.. It’s all very individual, and very sovereign..

In the meantime, the Guides and I send all our love and comfort to those who are bobbing up and down in the LIQUID NOW of Evolving Human Experience! Hang on, while we see where this is going........Be strong, and don’t be afraid to ask for and receive help......”

 I so agree with this information. Thanks for bringing this to us, Berry.

Remember that Life is Total. It is whole and to give priority to one aspect is to choose against another.

We must walk in balance between our relative life in this world and the absolute from which the I that is We arises.

This is the gift of the rich texture of being human and radically alive.  Ken Wilber, the great communicator, bears quoting:

"...The relative world is, by nature, broken. It has to be -  it is only because of the inherent brokeness of the world that we can actually exist, that form itself can exist.

"It is the only reason that evolution can continue its relentless surge toward more novelty, more complexity, and more consciousness, in endless pursuit of a state of wholeness and completion it can get ever closer to, but never actually attain. It is the only reason that we can distinguish between ourselves and our surroundings, between mountains and valleys, between heaven and earth, between right and wrong, and between good ideas and bad ideas. It is only because of the inherent brokeness of the world that we have the power of free will and choice - and it is the reason that we suffer.

"The relative world is the arena of the separate self, the turbulent abode of passion, pain, love, hate, birth, death, light, darkness, creativity, and decay. It is the world we can touch, taste, hear, and see - and it is our prison.

"We typically feel trapped in the relative world, identifying with mere fragments of form, subjectifying ourselves with the world of objects. This is why we tend to think of ourselves as "inside" our brains and our bodies, "inside" the house, car, or office, and "inside" the surrounding world. We have grown so accustomed to the shackles of our relativistic prisons that we seldom notice that we are not actually "inside" any of these objects, but that all these objects are actually "inside" our consciousness - that consciousness itself is "bigger" than all of these things. So big, in fact, that you could think of it as the canvas upon which the entire manifest universe is painted."



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inside or simply allowed "space" in a sacred geometry protocol in an endless sea of Consciousness. Just playing with semantics for the sake of further pondering of this most inspiring subject you are hitting on Tricia! Some would have us believe it is a self-inflicted prison of intentional investment in very subjective attachments, and others would say we are actually more of a collective intent of Prime Source (or whatever one would call it) to gain experiencial knowledge from this grand experiment of evolution of 3D physical manifestation, like someone looking out over their garden and delighting in each and every aspect of the plants and flowers, with all of their diversity and individual expression, singing in a chorus of One. So many ways to toy with this idea. Thanks for making me ponder some more....

Love, Chris

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