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  Most fun staring at a randumb web site I've had in my entire lunchtime. Really made me appreciate how fragile and humble we all are. People are born innocent...Peace you guys

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       I met alot of rock stars when I was in radio. The only person I got to see "transform" though was joan Osbourne. She was a nice sweet kid, who we got on our local musician show back in the late 80's. She had that yearbook innocence, and was this cute little girl with a huge voice. She even played on our radio softball team for a couple of years. The New york city agents finally picked her up from our musician show, and the next time I saw her, I was standing right next to her and didn't know it was her. ...Until she turned and ran up on stage at the New Orleans jazz fest and lit the place up. sorry, but whenever I see pictures like this,especially of celebrities, I think of her....They turned her into......sexy...I guess you would say,,,,,ha !  If we could all just transform,inside, the way these people did on the outside,,we'd be getting somewhere !! thanx for the site Brian, I will forward this to a few friends,,,,,,,,,,,T

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That was fun, Brian! Thanks.

Much love and joy,

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