I hope no one take offense. Something about this picture meant more to me than just humor. Hopefully one of you wonderfully articulate folks can voice the meaning in this "joke". I guess I always liked Christianity bacause of it's radical, anti-establishment message.


Wendy's picture

I just realized you can't read the text at the top. It says:

Jesus Christ pissing off his American constituency by

demonstrating the number one value absolutely crucial

to understanding his radical, middle eastern philosophy.




ksaulino's picture

Personally, I love it.  It saddened me to see people so happy when bin Laden was killed.  I understand the whole complexities behind bringing this guy in for a trial (what might he say, etc...), but if we make believe we are a "country of laws", why not stand behind them?  Why not have faith in them, and assume that justice will prevail?

I had a gentleman from my church forward me an email that said something like... "Inplant invented which will allow terrorists to speak to God when inplanted into their heads", which, when you scrolled down, had a picture of bullets.  When I asked him not to send me that sort of thing ever again, explaining that I was against capital punishment in any form, he replied by saying that he was sorry to offend, but that people intent on harming us deserve a permanant solution.  I was appalled.  He's what I'd call a "church elder". 

I'm so confused as to what makes people forget their humanity and cry for vengence.

lots of love,



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I love the "joke".  Forgiveness is the last thing we must learn.  Not because "we are better than these poor fools", but because the process of Reality that is presently unfolding is so infinately complex that we have no way in which we could judge anyones actions.

Whatever really happened, OBL died some time ago, he was a CIA asset, he realy was an enemy of the US, etc. makes no difference.  He has fullfilled his destiny, and it had to happen that way.  It was part of the process.  Meanwhile, other events are happening right now that will eventually lead to the revealing of the truth.  We can't know how that will occur, but it will (my belief system tells me  :-).

As for those who feel so self assured in their belief of any religious dogma... all we can do is feel compassion for them.  Their reality tunnel is in the process of being demolished (or in some perverse way, confirmed).  What was that about "gnashing of teeth" at the day of judgement?  Ah... who knows?  We just keep focusing on what Life places before us at this moment and follow its instructions, in present time.

Stay in love with your surroundings.




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that the very person we might choose to make a judgmental determination about is a very close friend in the Reality we return to after forgetful incarnations.  OBL and I, close friends for so long now.  It becomes more and more and more apparent that judgment is such an utterly useless exercise of futile polarization.

We are One

We are One

How can I judge you as unworthy of me (OBL) when

We are One...

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There is a story about an old man who was praying at the altar of his church. This old man knelt in payer for such a long time that the priest approached and asked of him, "My son are you in good health, are you alright?"

"Yes thank you" was the reply, "I was simply in communication with my God"

"And what did you ask of God"

"Ask? I did not ask anything, I was listening"

"And what did God say to you?

"Say to me? He did not say anything. He was listening too."


Peace and Love



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Whenever anyone tries to tell me they KNOW truth, my immediate reaction is, "The only thing that I KNOW is that you are an idiot." There is so much more to Reality than I will ever know, I don't even try any more. I just enjoy life. And it is so much less frustrating now.

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 I felt sad too when I heard of his alledged death and burial "at sea"? (and then really? darn! I guess we won't be able to confirm his death and have to take your word for it?) But then I wondered if it seemed like a falsehood was further articulated there; of reinforcement of the fairy tale of 9/11, of another deepening of the trance we were so obviously in afterwards and throughout the Bush 'presidency'...that too, another falsehood in my opinion. Lies piled so high it makes you dizzy to look up at it. But really, lives lost. It'd be useful if someone calculated the distance across the Earth it would stretch to lay all the dead from our 'wars' end to end. Make it real. If only the people behind these lies and wars and murders could see what they were doing. As Steven Greer said about the people behind evil black projects in our military, "They know not what they do"

 The thought flashed through my mind that really, it would be so much easier to just go along with the belief these things were real. damn

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The first pictures of OBL to appear recently in the MSM were the sames ones that appeared several years ago with news that OBL had been captured, shot or whatever.

Back around 2004 OBL had severe kidney problems with no hope for treatment. Some OBL scholars(I know that sounds weird but that's how it read) believe he was carried by followers to a remote place somewhere between Afghanistan and Pakistan. He was a CIA asset and also a partner in the Carlyle group along with Bonesman G. H. W. Bush.

Whether OBL is dead or not dosn't seem as important as the Senate's acceptance of the termination of his life as reason to wind down mid-east military operations and reign in the Presidential War Powers Act.


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