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I have not really been on here for quite some time. I moved from Taiwan to Mexico and do not have any internet besides wifi down there. It is nice and remote, but tough to stay in touch with modern society as you will.

It is nice to see some familiar names coming through the feed. I hope all are well in these troubling times in the US. There seems to me some sort of shift taking place, but I am confident none of the sheeple will notice this until it is too late.

Trump is a disgrace and scary for the world. What is scarier are his supporters, who are likely just as crazy, if not more than him. He is allowing an entire following of wackos act out his psychotic fantasies. It is honestly scary.

However, every action of change needs a catalyst. If (heaven forbid), he actually wins, maybe that is the catalyst we need for larger portions of the sheeple to find out what is really going on in the world. Maybe they will actually do some research when their freedoms are taken away.

Hillary is not much better, but in my opinion status quo is better than backwards (unless you are talking about the catalyst effect). I just hope that one day we will have options for a leader that are not quite so blatantly evil, stupid, greedy, or all of the above.

I wait for a day when all the sheeple will actually realize the value of living off the grid instead of chasing pokemon and looking down at their neighbors. Just so you all know, there are real places like this that exist. Maybe they are hard to come by in major cities.

However, they do exist. I currently live in one of these places and love it. There are interesting people who travel and discuss the world with an open mind. Don't lose faith! Our momentum is just getting started. I hope all are doing well on here an don't get discouraged by the world. Do your best to change it for the better.

Peace, love, and stimulating conversations,

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Welcome back, Nick. The end of your post sounds more optimistic than this statement: "I am confident none of the sheeple will notice this until it is too late."

To this I must say that I've observed more and more people becoming aware of the truth exponentially, sometimes from the most unlikely places. For example, I've been surprised at all the "truthers" interviewed on Christian channels like Hagman and Hagman. Paradoxically, the false flag events that are intended to fool us are the very ones that are waking people up in droves. I think we have every reason to be hopeful that the tide is turning to the side of truth and justice. Why? Because there are millions more people who want peace than those who want war. More people want to live in a world with clean air, water, and food free from toxins than don't. More people want equality, harmony and freedom than the converse.  Now even Science has proven that thoughts affect physical matter.  As the mass consciousness changes, so does our world.

We must remember that the drama and propaganda we see on TV does not represent the majority of people. There's a lot more going on quietly behind the scenes.  The revolution will not be televized.

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Hi Nick, Glad you hear you have found a way to live off the grid. Just so you know there is a better alternative to Clintrump now:

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states


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Hi Nick, so inspired to hear you have found a great place to be. and thanks for the reminder that there are places out there to be found if one is so inclined. I agree with you and Noa simultaneously, that many people are waking up, while there are many (so called sheeple) who will ride the crazy train to the end and then be looking for someone to blame 'cause it just couldn't possibly be them that were so wrong about the dusty road of gratuitous hate and anger they consciously chose to go down.

Trump is a phenomenon, a conjured result of so many years of disingenuous elitist racist BS, served up with the fake smile of insidious plausible deniability.

so there may be a large number of people going down a road that leads to some form of dieoff while a somewhat smaller number of others find their way to a place that avoids catastrophe, to be counted among the surviving remnant that leads humankind toward a better, more sustainable future.

one thing is for sure - what so called modern humankind is doing collectively right now is absolutely unsustainable, and will surely lead to the resulting consequence according to natural laws of cause and effect. it will feel like judgment and punishment and unfairness, but those feelings are creations of the ego. it will just be a natural result of centuries of unsustainable behavior by an out of control species.

I'm sure its happened before and will most likely happen again in an ongoing process of failures and successes within this amazing and enduring Novelty Engine we call the Cosmos. I'm hopeful that some of the esoteric success stories we have read about are indeed true. again, so good and inspiring to hear you are in such a good place Nick, literally and figuratively...

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Welcome back, Nick! How great that you've found a place that works for you. Regarding Trump, I'm seeing how the forces behind him are putting the whole world into a trance focused on us vs. them -- the old paradigm. The effort is to get us focused back on that old paradigm so that we can't shift too much to a new paradigm focused on love and support. I invite each of us to look at how much we are falling into this old us vs them paradigm when Trump enters our mind. Remember that every person in the world has a heart. Much love to you and all, Fred

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There's a 3rd option Fred. To be well aware of what Trump is trying to do, but don't get sucked into the polarizing agenda. Don't get angry at it, just be aware of it, and then keep focusing on the direction you sincerely and lovingly wish for, hope for, long for.

Here is Jill Stein on Fox News - she is awesome!

Kerry and I are voting for Clinton/Kaine, not because we think they are the answer, but because we truly feel that Trump would be disastrous. Clinton at least buys some time (I'm hoping), but that's not even a guarantee. Jill Stein would make me feel real good about my vote, but I just don't feel I can afford the feel good luxury. So I am going to hold my nose and vote for Clinton/Kaine and hope for the best, for at least more time than I feel Trump would afford this country.

And Tim Kaine is actually a pretty nice guy. Kind, Caring, Positive, Loving... Hillary sure seems enamored with him.

And the world is watching and is alarmed. They're wondering how the hell did we as a country allow someone like Donald Trump to get this close to the Oval Office and the Nuclear codes! Strange times man, but again, it's just a ride, ahhhhhhh, it's just a ride. And the Cosmos can well afford to lose an evolutionary experiment here and there if that's what it comes to, dog forbid...

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Wow! Those Fox News ladies are ball busters. Isn't Fox the channel that boasts of being "fair and balanced?" Jill sure kept her cool. (I can imagine the mud-slinging coming from the Donald under the same circumstances.)

Here's something to think about... Has decades of our "voting for the lesser of two evils" ever turned out well for anyone but the establishment? Instead, what if they held an election and nobody came?

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Very good point, Chris. Thanks!

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Her energy reminds me of Elizabeth Warren. And to answer your question Wendy: No. SSDD, Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown in perpetuity, Groundhog Day. But Trump is a game changer. This is not quite like the regular republican and republican light establishment choices of the recent past.

Trump is an unstable soul with a big chip on his shoulder. Winning is everything to him regardless of who gets hurt. It's about the winning and nothing more. If he wins he will turn the duties over to others with Pence at the helm most likely. And the decisions that Trump does make will be snap decisions based upon little info. and a whim du jour. He has a very short attention span according to those who know him, unable to absorb the required data to make a thoughtful decision. And he takes pride in settling petty scores. How do you think that will work from the Oval Office when he decides he has been dissed by some hostile foreign leader or even a western ally?

Trump is a wildcard that makes GW look tame in comparison, and look at the shit storms he initiated. It feels like a perfect storm. Its party time on Easter Island. Fiddle while Rome burns. Rearrange musical deck chairs on the Titanic until the music stops. And by all means, everyone keep your faces firmly planted in that little screen on your personal hand-held device while rushing proudly toward the edge of the cliff. Move aside lemmings, make way for the hypnotized oblivious modern humans!

Still, I feel calm at peace because I have personally made peace with the very real possibility that humanity is diligently working on lowering its numbers, and that might simply be Nature in the midst of just another balancing adjustment in the bigger picture for the sake of the many being harmed by the thoughtless unsustainable few...

I too have decided to vote Hillary/Kaine. It is a pragmatic choice One that I made when I am faced with difficult decisions. I choose to go with the Devil that I know.

Trump feels like he has tapped into the same Collective that Hitler was controlled by. It feels very similar. I have deep memories from a past life that haunt me. I know what the march to Authoritarianism and Fascism looks like. I can smell it on those who rally around Trump and the Energy Construct/Vortex that he is corded to.

Many of the men and women in Congress are also tappped into this Energy Construct. It never went away-- it just powered down waiting for the right conditions to develop as a virus or cancer does in the body.

It is important during these times and the coming times to use technology as a tool, and remember it is not organic. People are developing personal relationships with their technology. This leads to a dead end. It leads to a great fall.

Take long breaks away from media and technology. Go out in nature. Volunteer at a favorite charity. Talk to people at the park. Be present in your community as a Human Being. Breathe in the air around you. Smile and Hug loved ones. Try a new hobby. Nurture a garden. Be a mentor to a child. Learn new skills. Study Compassionate Communication and then practice what you have learned. Be heard in a way that invites others to join with you in discourse. Choose to create Discourse.

We are the change. Change will occur at the local level first. In time as change gains a consciousness which is the one becoming many--- then the leadership will have no choice but to follow the Collective Consciousness.

Media has the ability to captivate and hypnotize our conscious minds. We become mentally incapacitated, capitulating our Free Will to the Will of those who are beaming the media. Those who are providing the narrative. Those who are controlling those who think they own the Media.

I bless us all with Love.


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I'm confused; didn't everyone here (who went through the Insight/Transformaton course) see the HBO special about voter fraud? http://www.wanttoknow.info/electionsvideodocumentary   Heads up: your vote doesn't count for crap.

Personally, I don't think that voting (even if it mattered) for one of the same old puppets for prez is going to change much... at least not in the way most of us would like.  I get the feeling that Hillary is the establishment favorite (a shoo-in) and the rest of the candidates are just a dog and pony show.

Those who choose to abstain from the vote, elect Fascists.

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Valid point Noa. I think that many people simply like to entertain the illusion that they are engaged in the process, that their vote counts for something. much like the illusion of control that our egos so eagerly cling to til death.

Remember the M.Python song:
"Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving
And revolving at 900 miles an hour.
It's orbiting at 19 miles a second, so it's reckoned,
The sun that is the source of all our power.
Now the sun, and you and me, and all the stars that we can see,
Are moving at a million miles a day,
In the outer spiral arm, at 40,000 miles an hour,
Of a galaxy we call the Milky Way."

So with our feet planted firmly on the ground (more illusory assumptions) we enter the voting booth, make our choice and walk out feeling like we have done something, our civic duty for god and country (gag reflex here). keeping us engaged is important to those pulling the strings. you gotta give the kids a chance to feel like they are a vital part of the process or they might rebel.

In Washington State they make it easy for us to vote with mail-in ballots. So we vote, and if there really is something shady going on in the process of counting, well, that's on them (whoever them is). And we go on with our lives. I don't know what else to do at this point, and I care less and less each year since it usually feels like Lucy holding the football for Charlie the gullible chump (or is that chimp?).

Love the romantic notion of living off the grid somewhere real remote and forgetting about all of this socio-political BS, but that isn't in the cards for us right now. So we engage the political theater on the level we choose and hope for the best. And then maybe follow Elizabeth's excellent advice:

"Take long breaks away from media and technology. Go out in nature. Volunteer at a favorite charity. Talk to people at the park. Be present in your community as a Human Being. Breathe in the air around you. Smile and Hug loved ones. Try a new hobby. Nurture a garden. Be a mentor to a child. Learn new skills. Study Compassionate Communication and then practice what you have learned. Be heard in a way that invites others to join with you in discourse. Choose to create Discourse."

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Trump's ideas resemble Isolationism,,,not good,,,look what it did to Argentina.....Hillary is as close to a vote for Hitler as you can get,, The people she dances for have been leading the country down that road for decades,,,she is here to close the deal... It's the same as voting for a Bush.. Believe me,I am not pushing Trump,,,but his childish ideas of isolating the U.S. are easier to see and counter than the underhanded, long term agenda that she will be furthering. I wouldn't vote for her if she was running against donald duck,never mind donald drumph....

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Interesting Todd! Will be very interesting to see how all this plays out. Feels so much like the stage is being set for something big, good or bad. Keep yer hats on tight folks, the winds of change are blowin'...

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I share your observation, Todd, however, I think voting for "the lesser of two evils" just perpetuates the farse.

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Trump is the lesser of the two evils? This is getting more intriguing by the minute! I'm not sure Todd is talking about voting for anyone (except maybe Gov. Gary or Dr. Jill) Noa. The kettle's on the fire and I think I hear it whistlin'........

Anyone up for tea and cakes? The cake is devil's food...

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Haha! Right,,,I'm not,,,I will have no part of this election,,,,, Unless I talk myself into voting for Gov Gary,,,I think he's a pretty open minded guy,,met him when I lived in N.M., through the radio station I worked at there. His stance on weed makes him look more conservative than he is,,,but,,,he's a great guy to meet and talk to. The game is too controlled for him to have a chance. I made no reference to voting for Trump, only described what his and Hillary's ideas leave me thinking. Let's elect Putin,,,at least he ran the Khazarian bankers out of Russia!

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Ha, ha, ha. Love it, Todd!

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Check this out from this morning's episode of Democracy Now. This election season distilled perfectly in a lively debate between Eddie Glaude and Michael Eric Dyson (starts at about the 23:30 spot).

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Just because there is some voter fraud going on in some places doesn't mean the system is completely corrupt. I prefer not to stop trying. I had the chance to be an election poll watcher and vote recounter for the Ron Paul campaign back in 2008 and didn't see much fraud in Massachusetts or New Hampshire where we were recounting his votes. Still in the recount there were many unknowns. Go to your local government town clerk and ask to be a poll observer if you are afraid they aren't counting some votes.

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