The Water Cure

The water cure has been called the greatest health discovery of all time. But because it's so simple and it costs just pennies to cure a host of illnesses, this information is being suppressed or discounted by the sickcare industry.  Dr. Batmangalidj discovered the water cure in the 1980s and Bob Butts has been one of its strongest advocates.

Dr. Batmangalidj's position is that illness is a symptom of dehydration.  Since our bodies are 85% water, this makes a lot of sense.  Lack of thirst is no indiction of dehydration as the body will rob the cells of water in order to produce saliva. 

The key to the water cure is dissolving 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon of natural salt in the mouth before drinking pure water.  This encourages the cells to absorb the water outside the cell membrane, rehydrating and restoring the entire body.  The entire protocol can be found at

We have been deceived into thinking that salt is bad for us.  Table salt is toxic, but sea salt and naturally-mined salt contain between 60 - 80 minerals and electrolytes.  It is literally the staff of life.

I just started the water protocol yesterday.  When I awoke this morning, my stomach, which is usually hard and bloated, was soft and pliable.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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  There is just ne concern I have,,something to consider. When I was in Taos,we were lucky to have a man come over the mountain from angel Fire to lecture us about water. He,like many others, say the same thing,that dehydration is the cause of most disease, not that it causes it,but because the immune system starts to malfunction at about 10 percent dehydration(makes a lot of sense considering the electric beings we are. Without a good conductor, our electricity, or chi, can't flow correctly, thus slowing the systems that are tied to it,,,which is just about every part of us.) And it is suspected that more than 80 percent of people on earth are dehydrated. But the reason isn'tonly the lack of water, but the quality of the water. According to these guys, a waater molecule must be .005 microns orless to be absorbed by the receptors on the cells. With the distressed state of our water supply, even the molecules in the best bottled water is still too large to be absorbed by the cells. They put it this way...If you drink an average bottled water, you can only absorb about 10 percent of that bottle. If you treat the water,(restructure it) you can absorb over 80 percent of the same bottle of water. A waterfall dumping into a pool is natures' method. The churning and swirling in the pool breaks down the size of the molecules to an acceptable size so we can absorb them. I showed themmy ozonator and they said that the churning of the water(the bubbles coming from the stone) restructures the water like a waterfall while the ozonation purifies it(removing everything but metals) and filling the water with oxygen. So I have stuck with it. The chemical treatment of water , and the pollution in th air distorts the size of the molecules and they look similar to the molecules (the nasty ones) featured in Dr.Emoto's work. Even my perfect scoring well water I had there needed to be restructured, and the difference was highly noticeable. Liken it to the schools of "likeminded" fish that move in sync in the ocean,,,water molecules need to be the same way...As a matter of fact, fish that weren't in sync were put in restructured water in an experiment, and they regained that group consciousness that is supposed to be their nature. Scale that up to humans and our disconnected state from each other and our surroundings, and the water treatment sounds even better, restoring not only health, but harmony too!

 I still have a bunch of himalayan salt I got as a gift from Nepal last year, I am going to try it as well. But I would recommend that, if you want to see results, you make sure you are getting "pure water" as they stated in the protocol. Many alkaline waters, even when tested with those "energy cams" they have now, were dead and lifeless, and still had far too large molecules to be absorbed, making them a waste of money.  The guy I mentioned who came to lecture has several patents on restructuring water,but only makes them available in his own water,,"angel fire water" which I asume is still available on his website of the same name. I almost went to work for him at his company there, but decided to go abroad instead. I respected him as he was honest about my ozonator when we met,instead of telling me his way was the only way....He was an interesting man who alo sees auras...He spotted my cancer at the lecture,,he called me down after the lecture and asked me about this area of my body. He hadn't told anyone that he could see auras, he said that he kept it to himself for the most part, and spotted me in the crowd. The funny thing was,he had called me down there because my aura was so bright, then spotted the "break in the aura" when I was out from behind the other people who were there. This is before I learned how to rid myself of those tumors, they had grown back worse than before,when I had given the doctors their shot at it.......L,,,,T

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Hey Thanks Noa. Todd can you help me to consider an approach to control my water intake?

I'm trying to find the best way to obtain the salts. 

Thanks again.


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        I am no expert on water by any means,,i did a lot of looking years ago, and the ozonator I ended up buying is still going strong about 6 years later. It is the one in the Bob Beck protocol,made by sota instruments,,,,  ,,,they are a canadian company. Beck was friends with the head of the company,so they produced the ozonator and the silver pulser, and magnetic pulser. I had a friend who bought another brand to save 80 bucks, but it was not a good machine,,,very loud, not made with quality electronics, and it was much slower too. But, I haven't looked in a few years, so I honestly don't know what's out there now. There were so many alkaline water machines coming on the market, I would think there must be a good one out there by now. I chose the ozonator because it loads the water with  oxygen, and removes anything but metals....I don't think you can go wrong adding oxygen to your blood.  I was living at 7000 to 10,000 ft. back then,  and the difference was evident in the first couple of days. The long term effects go deep with the added oxygen. I used to make a gallon a day to drink at work, but it is best when drank fresh, as there will be more ozone in it. And the water should be cold when you make it,,it will hold the ozone this way. If you choose to buy an alkaline water machine instead, ask for some stats on how it restructures,,,or some kind of proof.

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Thanks Todd, I appreciate your input.

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