The Story of Dr. Sam

I saw Dr. Samir Chachoua (from Australia) on Bill Maher Friday night.  His research for curing Cancer, AIDS and other ailments is amazing.  Not surprisingly, he has been harrassed by big pharma, the mainstream media and the mainstream medical community for years.  If interested, here are links to some of his story:

The Story of Dr Sam Chachoua

Bill Maher Full Interview Sam Chachoua on Charlie Sheens & The Cure for HIV/AIDS - YouTube

Dr. Sam Chachoua Official Website - Dr. Chachoua

The Nature of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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the truth shall set us free...being from a family with a long history of some of the dis-ease(s) mentioned to be cured by Dr. Sam and believing firmly in the power of nature and plants as medicine as well I appreciate the post Chris. 

Greatly saddens me that so many making great strides in natural medicine have been forced out, murdered or discredited. (some older posts on this here.)

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Here is a 1996 video from Dr. Samir.  I really hope this info gets out there in such a way that it can never be lost or buried by profit-based western medicine and big pharma.  chemotherapy is like playing wackamole with a sledge hammer and Dr. Sam's is, as he said in the video with Bill Maher, "like (gently) turning a key" at the cellular level.


Charlie Sheen Tells Dr. Oz Why He Stopped Taking His HIV Medicine - YouTube

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Thanks Chris,

Interesting that some of his cures use precious metals.

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          His is a classic story, they did the same thing to the doctor  in Australia who was using Borax for arthritis. Borax,or boron is supposed to be in the food we eat, and is vital to just about every function of the body on a cellular level...but at 4 bucks for a huge box,,no money in that! There is a list that would fill a small book of doctors who find "cures",and they are destroyed in one way or another. There is another doctor who cures the most lethel cases of brain cancer being raked over the coals in texas right now.He has patients 30 years out,,still alive and healthy,,and still they are trying to destroy him... Insane but true!


  oH,,and precious metal deficiencies have been linked to most serious problems,especially in the brain. The nervous system ccan't function right without them, and new findings name the nervous system as one of the 3 things to "reset"for optimum health. 10 years ago,no one would admit that the nervous system was treatable,or repairable in any fashion. Now, with the"other brain" in the gut being proved to exist,,gut health and minerals,,,ourconductors,,are coming to the forefront in new medicine. Of course,,,it's old knowledge,just look at Alchemy,,,,or the raping of the gold by ancient civilizations in Africa. I believe it was here I saw Michael Tellinger's story and research down there.... Amazing times of recall we live in!

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