Springtime and in defiance of Roundup

Tea and salad anyone? My Great Gran used to relish these tender little greens-I wonder if she knew their medicinal value.  I remember helping her dig every spring.

So for those of you who oppose Monsanto and Roundup and want to live a healthier life this link sheds light on what some believe is the 'lowly' dandelion and fight so hard to keep from their lawns....and it's virtually FREE...


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    great info   Thanks Kristyne

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Itty bitty dandelion fritters are perfect for making with little kitchen helpers.   

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The French value dandelions so much that it's common to see people with baskets gathering the plants in the park.  They eat the leaves in salad, but you might want to just eat the flowers.  Be warned:  the French word for dandelion is pissenlit  which means, pee in bed.

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