Prop 37 - the vote to label GMO's - not a surprise -election improprieties

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Good article, Wendy. 

Meanwhile, the public continues its sleep.

I don't know what's sadder, that things like this happen in our world....or that it fails to surprise me anymore. More and more people are waking up to the realities of GMO...and what we can hope is that as consumer demand increased for GMO free food, the corporations will keep in line and provide it at reasonable costs. I think awareness is spreading, the problem is that people are unable or unwilling to pay the higher prices for organic and natural GMO free foods. I have faith that this will change though and that more affordable organic options will become available as the demand increases.

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I think it's a shame we have to make the choice to eat natural foods.  It should be our right, a given, like breathing clean air and drinking clean water.

If growing GMO crops is allowed to continue, they will eventually contaminate all non-GMO crops as seeds are carried across fields by wind and pollinators.  This is happening now as Monsanto sues non-farmers for copyright enfringement and confiscates their heirloom seeds.


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