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SPECIAL REPORT, August, 2009

by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Dear Healthy World Member,

 to read a SPECIAL REPORT compiled by doctors, scientists, and clergy that rebuke the flu vaccination agenda as genocidal.

Dozens of people mailed me this week regarding this report and lawsuits filed to help save lives by exposing, and stopping, the advancing flu vaccine GENOCIDE advanced internationally by governments and BigPharma.

The solid evidence presented in these suits is compelling, especially the scientifically-proven toxic impact of known flu vaccine ingredients (including mercury, aluminum, squalene, auto-immunogenic foreign proteins, and carcinogenic genetic materials). 

When you think about this sudden onslaught of litigation, you have to wonder why there has not been more collaboration in this direction years ago. 

The main answer lies with one piece of legislation, advanced by mostly one woman, Barbara Loe Fisher, chief of "Controlled Opposition" for BigPharma, undermining litigations for vaccine injury compensation through the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) sponsored National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. 

Nearly everyone believes this Congressional Act was "a good thing." In fact, this action was a covert operation that tied the hands of families and compensation attorneys making it nearly impossible to effectively sue drug companies. BigPharma became indemnified against such litigation because of the Act. In essence, this act gave free license to kill and maim people via vaccines to drug industrialists under the guise of "grassroots" legislation.

It is bizarre that few people realize we are dealing with state sponsored, consumer supported, GENOCIDE. This "politically incorrect" "G-word," is defined as the "mass killing, or enslaving, of people for profit, politics, and/or ideology." So far, vaccine injury activists have feared using this word because those who do are labelled as "radicals" and censored.

I am a classic example of this betrayal. For the past fifteen years I have been censored and slandered by so-called "anti-vaccination" leaders allied with NVIC president, Barbara Loe Fisher, who considers me "radical," because I dared herald this truth. Now a few leaders in the anti-vaccination movement have finally begun to use this "G-word" to describe what is actually happening. 

Even more liberating, . . . litigation against GENOCIDE demands use of thesingle federal law that condemns this criminal manipulation of our population as you'll read below. . . .


Recently, physician attorney Mayer Eisenstein, a student of the Dr. Robert Mendelson, the first doctor to use this term, "iatrogenocide" to describe medical mass murder, told me "Len, in the last few months you have been vindicated. No one can call you 'radical,' anymore!" Then, he celebrated with me zero cases of autism in his 20,000 family pediatric practice because he condemns vaccination as "medical malpractice." 

A few years ago a study of Amish families showed autism rates much like Dr. Eisenstein demonstrates in his practice. Anyone with any common sense would compare these two scientific cohorts against vaccinated populations of children to evidence GENOCIDE that federal officials conservatively estimate strikes 1-in-150 families. (More recent reports put the rate of vaccine-induced mercury-related autistic spectrum disorder at around 1-in-65 families.) 

With the flu vaccines advancing a related genocidal depopulation agenda, the most correct American statute to apply here is US Code Title 18, Crimes and Criminal Procedure, Chapter 50A, Section 1091. Genocide. This direction comes to us from veteran US Constitutional attorney, Larry Becraft. Attorney Becraft's justified concern is that we put our best foot forward and not have pro se plaintiffs who know too little about law and set legal precedents that are unjustified by the evidence of genocide before us.

A correctly crafted lawsuit "can be important, if put together correctly. . . . No federal law exists that even remotely pretends to claim authority to administer some compulsory vaccination program in the States. . . . The legal authority to do all this exists in the States. While they may take cues from Uncle Sam and the WHO, the States are the ultimate authority regarding this issue," attorney Becraft counsels. "Lawsuits seeking temporary restraining orders (TROs) and preliminary injunctions need to be supported by valid, sworn evidence, and not rumors, hearsay, and information pulled from the Net, all of which is inadmissible."

Thus, this SPECIAL LITIGATION REPORT is being sent to you with LOVE from yours truly, along with my colleague Dr. Gabriel Cousins, who with dozens of concerned collaborators contributed so that: 1) you do not do anything stupid, like rushing to your medical deity (MD) or "Safeway" supermarket to get a deadly shot of flu bioweapons; and 2) have the basic information to advance successfullitigation and grassroots activism against government genocidalists.



NOW, you may have noticed at this URGENT time when "We the People" need honest and responsible leadership, it seems every one of our vaccine-risk-awareness "leaders" are being attacked for one reason or another. For example, Jane Burgermeister was recently disparaged by Dr. William Deagle. Likewise, Alex Jones, Dr. Rema Liebow, and I have been attacked for allegedly working for the Illuminatti. My latest detractor, oddly enough, is Dr. Joseph Mercola, who "banned" me from further communication and collaboration following a justified e-mail I sent him concerning Barbara Loe Fisher and the NVIC's forthcoming vaccination conference in which Dr. Mercola is scheduled to speak. 

Ms. Fisher's group is "pro-vaccine pro-choice," and has been since its fraudulent inception. It was substantially directed by Big Pharma interets, and continues to operate today as "controlled opposition." The best example of this deceptive genocidal manipulation is Ms. Fisher's steadfast promotion of her credit for leading the NVIC, "America's Vaccine Safety Watchdog," to advance the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, that has devastated 2-out-of-3 injured families despite billions of dollars in compensation monies are available for these honestly damaged children. 


CLICK HERE TO READ how Ms. Fisher compares with Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, and the letter I sent to Dr. Mercola that moved him to terminate our previously constructive and amicable dialogue. His writing appears at the bottom of this new article: The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC): A Case Study in Deception for Controlled Opposition.

I am not publishing this to air anyone's "dirty laundry," but to exorcise theCONTROLLED OPPOSITION through which you, the American people, and especially leaders in this vaccine risk awareness movement have been harmed. Frankly, only the truth shall set us free. IF the leaders among us can't be trusted to candidly discuss GENOCIDE, and the fundamental constraints of CONTROLLED OPPOSITION that advance it to burden us, this leaves you, exclusively, to develop personal discernment as to who or what you can trust. 

I have said this many times for years, you need to do your due diligence and become an informed person capable of making up your own mind and making your own smartest decisions. This is what is needed to evolve Divinely, psycho-socially and metaphysically. So rather than trust anyone else, seek to trust yourself and your Divinely-guided intuition. 

To discern any topic, you need to READ all the pros and cons about the subject as published by ALL political factions. Then, the "TRUTH" can be discerned because factual consistencies will emerge to form the "whole picture." This has been my main method of discernment for three decades.


Now some great news to tell your doctor about from the world of LOVE/528and legitimate "health care reform."

I am thrilled to announce the availability of a new product in humanity's arsenal against medical madness and the flu fright---OxySilver Professional--the most advanced silver hydrosol ever developed for routine health professional use as an IV broad- spectrum antimicrobial in selected patients.

You have probably heard that dining with sterling silverware prevents infectious diseases since you swallow some silver while eating. You likely heard colloidal silvers made inexpensively are reliable for protection against various biological attacks, even though these are not encouraged for daily use due to skin discolorations from the silver. You heard from me about the new generation of nano-sized silver hydrosols and the mountain of scientific evidence proving silver hydrosol safety and efficacy against nearly every pathogen associated with infectious diseases. In an earlier archived Newsletter from I explained why OxySilver is the most powerful of all silver hydrosols because: 1) its nano-sized silver is actually bonded to the oxygen in water, so it goes intracellular, does its job, and leaves the body rapidly; 2) OxySilver oxygenates tissues AND electrocutes all pathogens causing a powerful germicidal detoxification reaction freeing the immune system to function optimally; and 3) vibrates at 528Hz frequency bringing every cell in your body into Divine harmony, that is, LOVE. So regular OxySilver transmits a powerful prayer that sources from your heart for dramatic immediate relief from what ails you, (i.e., healing).

OXYSILVER PROFESSIONAL is available for use by health professionals exclusively for intravenous use in urgent cases. It is even more concentrated that regular OxySilver, and complies with the FDA (Federal Drug Addictors) requirements for "safety."

In other words, with the coming flu, there are going to be people everywhere crashing and dying from vaccination intoxications "fast-tracked" through the FDA. People's immune systems are going to need serious help dealing with not only flu viruses, but heavy metal poisoning, chemical intoxications, and secondary and tertiary infections that antibiotics will be incapable of treating safely and effectively. Thus, physicians can save lives using OXYSILVER PROFESSIONAL at the cost of $125 per 8oz IV drip bottle.


OXYSILVER PRO at $125/bottle may seem like a lot of money to you, but it pales-by-comparison to what standard IV antibiotic therapies cost along with hospital days in critical care units. You are also well advised to consider lessor quality silver hydrosols purchased by hospital pharmacies for as much as $100 per ounce, $800 for an 8 ounce bottle.

Some people have squawked about the $49.40 retail price of 8 ounces of OxySilver. Become an affiliate! Remember to purchase this in 6 packs to save 20%, and in cases of 18 at 40% discount. This brings the cost per bottle down to only $29.64--that is a lot less than you would pay for a good silver hydrosol in your health food store, IF you can find one there!

My best advice is to register for large savings by participating as a HealthyWorldAffiliate. Healthy World Affiliates will soon have their own store, at, and be able to purchase most of the products in our catalog at large discounts, plus get educated to help save lives as Healthy World Ambassadors. More information is forthcoming on this program in the next newsletter....

Remember  to Breathe, Breathe, and Breathe . . . .

Have you been practicing what I've preached? Are you getting into the habit of opening your chest and loving heart, throwing your shoulders back, and standing tall? This is just another simple reminder.

Much 528 in the aloha Spirit,

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Managing Member
Healthy World Distributing, LLC

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Thanks for this timely information.  I have been telling people, especially those with young children,  at all cost, to avoid taking the h1n1 vaccine.  Bill Deagle indicates the the virus is being forced to get more deadly in its infections. But I am going to stick with the use of Jim Humbles MMS and possible get one of the Oxysilver compounds to get through this, although I think that I may have an immunity as I had the swine flu back in the 70's when the previous big outbreak took place.




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