How is your heart today?

Hey beautiful people,

I had a most wonderful realization while soaking in the warm waters of a nearby hot springs early yesterday. Instead of asking people "how are you?", when it feels right I want to ask people "how is you heart today?" or "how is your heart right now?" I love that this feels like a way to naturally invite people to open more to sharing their feelings and what's real for them.

For myself, my heart is feeling full but tender today. I had a most rich and amazing relationship with an amazing woman named Zora for a year and a half. She broke up with me about a year ago, but we've managed to stay very close friends. She is my best friend. Now that I'm actively dating for the first time in awhile, she's taking some distance. This is very hard and sad for me, as I am so clear my interest in others has nothing to do with my continued strong love for Zora. I love her deeply and dearly and will likely always love her, even if I end up in a full-on relationship with someone else at some point.

That's the main reason my heart is tender today. Yet my heart is also excited at so many wonderful opportunities I see for transformation both in my life and in our world. I could go into it now, but I'd rather open this dialog and hear from you. How is your heart today?

With abundant love, joy, and tenderness,

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   what timing you have ! I almost started a post here over the last couple of days about relationships,,for a few reasons. I think that I stopped because I felt like I might be indulging myself here by doing so. I just feel the need to get it out, I guess. So much is involved here, every part of me, especially in these special times we are in the middle of.....

   As many of you know, I have been in China again for some time now, and am about to return to the states. It has been an incredible experience, with an added twist. Enough has happened to write a book about, and it ain't over yet !

    I was screwed around by agents coming over here,for the second time in 2 years. I decided to roll with it, and ended up in a great learning situation, and when I finished my contract last week, it was very hard to leave those kids,,,all of them. There is one child that I am hoping to know the rest of my life. A 10 year old girl,ha! I noticed this kid some time back. Although most would never notice her,,I saw her, in the middle of 100 screaming kids, standing there, as calm as still water, unaffected by any of the energy around her. And I mean "soccer fan crazy kids".. I saw this a few times, so started watching her, and think she is something  special, a born leader, with true vision. and on top of that, found out she is already leading her classmates, helping kids from the country who are tossed into the 4th grade, but have had no education whatsoever..We slowly became friends, and I ended up bringing her to the attention of the other teachers there, who all looked at me like I was crazy. Anyways, I am writing a letter to her parents, hopefully to remind them of what they have in her, although they may have no idea. The kids there live at the school most of the time. I would really like to post a picture of her here, but can't seem to get pictures from my own library onto the site....There are other great students to talk about, but she is something special, and hope to be around to find out. I invited her family to stay in touch with me....

    I was in a city here, a small city, only 1.7 million, where they don't see foreigners,,so I have posed for thousands of pictures, and if I stop anywhere for 5 minutes, have a crowd hovering around me , even getting involved, just to see "what the foreigner is doing". Ha! There is much more, but I would have to say that meeting this lady here has taught me more about the culture here than everything else combined....

   I saw a picture of her, and knew I had to track her down. Then I found out we were born on the same day, same year, a couple of hours apart...She was definitely the first person I ever met with my birthday, and definitely the first person I have ever considered marrying. those who know me would recognize this as shocking, ha!  she had a serious injury, and was laid up when we met, and it turns out that happened on the same day as I was injured in New Orleans last January, and decided to go back to China that day. it is uncanny. It is almost like the entanglement they speak of, this instant reaction to each other, no matter what the distance. Reading each other's minds, saying the same words, in different languages at the same time, ha ! it goes on.. Visiting her the first time for 5 days was by far the happiest, and saddest days of my life. To sit next to someone and be so sure,,and to know it has to be mutual,,,yet know that you might not be able to get through to them because of cultural barriers, is the epitomy of duality. Nothing I could say , or translate seemed to get through. In the end, the night before I left, I translated to her that I was exhausted, and had no more words,,,,then, out of the blue, asked her if people here in china ever hugged..Indeed, I had yet to see anyone hug here, other than a mother holding a child..She didn't understand,,,so I slowly, carefully, showed her how to hug,,,and that did it ! boy did it do it !  Once we aligned in a standing position, the wall came down...I had wondered where her heart was,,,,here it wasn't religion that bottled people up,,it was politics, the idea that nothing personal was important, only contributing to the betterment of your country,and it was sickening to me how she sat next to me for a week and resisted what I know she was feeling...

    Anyways, once I returned to my teaching, she reverted,,and had some family issues with a foreigner being involved,,so I said to her one night that I understood, and would give her all the space she needed, but she would have to decide whether to live from her head, or her heart.....And she came back..  

   I am trying to get to answering your question, fred, and my trip back here last week is probably the place to do it. I had a four hour bus ride to start my trip back to wuhan ..i use my ipod then, and had some videos on it,,,I clicked on this one.....      It has been posted here before. Well, you know, I had my bose headphones on, and it went right through me ! I was weeping softly, on that bus, so grateful just be there, in that moment, on my way here , no matter how it turned out...4 years ago, some doctor told me I would die if I didn't have 18 months of chemo. I was very angry at him...Then I realized that that was his truth, not mine. it was all he could come up with after his 8 years of med school...So I went home to educate myself. To go beyond where his education took him..and I did,,,and after that and plenty more to grind me down,,,here I am, on the way to see a mirror of myself that I met, halfway around the world, during this most potentially amazing week , of this incredible year of the most amazing time in the history of man to be alive ! ,,,,,,and I can't talk to her about it ! ha ! it is too much to talk to someone my age about these things over here ! you have to realize how and where they have lived for their whole life..So, I have reached her about what's important,,everyone learning to love each other, taking care of each other, no more starving children, not having to fight to survive every day,,,but all this other stuff that is going on is so unbelievable to someone here, of my age anyways....anyways, it was a spectacular moment there, on the bus, and has carried over,,I still feel like that,,and it's great ! my heart is open, and hers has done the same..other than to see my son in the US, I have no desire to go back right now. If Bill wood's stories manifest this week, it will add to a truly memorable couple of weeks,,,and I might get stuck here ! either way, I'm going with it ! 

         Another thing I have learned about my heart is this..I would of never believed that I could open it to someone who doesn't have a clue about many situations in the world right now. I thought I needed that "conversation", but, being able to see just where she is at,,as I can see my old thoughts in her words, and some fears too,, I can see she is just as full of love as anyone I have ever met, or ever will ! It is truly an amazing experience, and as I learn to see that in more and more people, I know it will benefit me as well.....

         as for your zora, i think she will find her way back, once she finds her comfort zone with it all. If you managed to stay friends after all that, I'm sure this will work out too ! i guess there's no getting around the ups and downs that go along with it though,is there? That's like hardcore duality, the extremes of love are so intense, I guess that is part of what makes it so special......L,,,,T

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Blessings, Boons and Thank You, Thank You. Thank You. You Courageous and Wonderful Men. You are the open doors through which many can now pass......  The thought of Love brings the lover as close as a heart beat.

Just as when the door to the temple is closed, no one may enter and the temple becomes stale, empty and falls into disrepair.....So too ,     When the Heart is pained the Mind is troubled and the body falls into illness.

Love flows from Heart to Heart

Peace Peace Peace

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Wow, what tender places both your hearts are.  I have hope that the love you share with those around you will maintain your strong heart-connections, even when you are physically apart.  In tough times like that, I try to feel the wisdom of "Not Now does not necessarily mean Not Ever", if that helps at all...

For my part, yesterday my heart was suddenly filled with a bright positivity of hope and peace and acceptance.  I wanted to share that light with y'all. <3

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Where is my heart? i came here to wright a response and i feel tremendous movement with in my self, this has hit a core issue, its a loaded question at the moment... i feel like meditating before i get back i need to process... ok im back i had to reconnect with a part of myself, a part is very alone, its want to be seen, a part has not had much stimulation, has not had company and is very alone, and its a part of my heart, my heart know wondrous love, feels it incredibly strongly, actively radiates it forth. But iv not connected with someone heart to heart deeply in a long time, this is relationship wise but that's not the issue, its just the intimacy, that moment that ingrain's itself in you forever, reaches you at your core, where two for a moment become one. i am and my heart are missing this strongly. my heart has been like the tides, it retreats then comes in, sometimes it may come in to overwhelming and forceful that it will overwhelm its company. my heart has been in the middle of my core challenge with rejection... iv not been active with many partners in my life, in truth i can only say 1 i was close with... iv been ignoring this part of myself i realize,(this maybe jumbled but my heart is communicating with my brain and this is how it comes out) ill tell the tale of the last time i felt this connection, and the wonderful company it was held with, i was in massage collage, where i was improving with my rejection issues, when Lisa a women i was starting to get along with but was mainly someone i didn't know started talking about this rainbow family gathering, and invited many of the school students to come along. i talked to Lisa about it and knew i had to go, i was the only one that accepted the invite, (i knew i was going to have fun and she was good company)We rode in her car, the ride up, we opened up to one another talked, i got to know her, and she was beautiful i was glad to be next to her, this ride when out of state took up must of the day and i genuinely enjoyed the entire time, being stuck in a car most of the day, i was amazing to find such a wonderful person and get to know them so fast and little did i know this was just the begging to this trans-formative trip/journey. i would like to explain Lisa better, a very intelligent, open, kind person, i connected with in mind and spirit, both heading to a place that would transform us both (she had gone once before and told me how it moved her, this was something i was looking forward to) i don't see how anyone could not get along with Lisa. After the fun ride it was still nice to get outside. We arrived, truly iv never experienced anything like it before, the atmosphere of the place was unique filled with interesting and diverse brothers and sisters from all walks of life and from the states and out of states. A pone arrival we had to take are gear and hike down this trail deep into the woods(ware we passed a lot of people who gave a genuine greeting and welcome (where we refereed to each other as brother and sister) :)  (iv always loved the woods) and came out onto this long meadow congregation between the forests, where there was the big bongo circle going on and dancers (where i noticed some people were walking around naked, i will say i had a bit of shock not at the nakedness but at the new place i was in, which was different then what i was used to but knew something magical was greeting me here i just had to saddle in. We set up camp by other tents, and she showed me around (she saw me as her company she took along here and i guess she was concerned for me, like i say good person, also we did just have a connection built from the drive that i felt was pretty deep so it took awhile before we separated) day one it was mainly us, i guess we both need to make the shift, we were staying in the same tent and we kept up are connection from the ride, very open with each other, i felt i had no reason to hide myself from her and i feel she felt the same with me, there was acceptance and we talked about all encumbering issues and topics until we fell asleep. day 2 we woke up had a good meal and we eventually went are separate ways we both felt not like leaving the other but also wanting too, the transformation was to take us in different places, where we would eventually bump back into each other. what a place ,while dealing with my issue of rejection many of my fears melted away with the place or at the least shrunk i understood what this place was about, and it was filled with love. i met so many interesting people (the guy that made the chi tea was awesomely good had this wonderful talk with many people at camp chi) btw everything about the place was an area of given and receiving, i never had to pay for anything i got some great meals every day for free. i could go on n on about the place and the people and how it has awaken a part of me, but i wont do that now :)... Lisa i always thought Lisa was pretty but when i got to know her she became the most beautiful person i had ever seen, :) iv always had this in me where the beauty of the outside it recognizable but once i see the inside the sight of them is so beyond looks and me knowing that part of them, Lisa is still the most beautiful person iv seen. Anyway growing a connection like that i realized i could easily love her, in fact i knew i did and still do , i have tremendous respect for her and thru are talks got to know her feeling on what was going on with her and her husband at the time. i felt the best thing i could do for her was not push the issue and let her work it out. i sometimes feel i am a fool when it comes to love, but i did not want to push away are friendship or have her do something that might cause her pain or guilty feeling. one night we ended up snuggling together, being that close to her was driving me (nuts) i guess is the word, i somehow restrained myself from making to many advances, i didn't want to put her in that spot. anyway i loved being by her, i was accepted, trusted, by lovely Lisa. The mourning we woke up to the forest sounds, i cant recall exactly what happened all i remember is her saying something that was extremely powerful and beautiful right at me locked eye to eye that went straight to my core, she looked like an angle at that moment... in relative terms it did not last long, but it was plenty. the rest of the wonderful week when on awakening me to many new things. i remember wanting to let her know how beautiful of a person she was, what i saw in her, i was going to tell her (if you can make words fit such things) but it didn't play out that way.(also on the way back home Lisa threw me one more transformation she put on a audio tape of echart tolli a new earth for a large portion of the ride back and that might have blown me away more then anything else lol) back as school we kept sharing are special connection, that trip is a part of who i am. We are still friends i don't see her much, shes a mom now (i know she will be an awesome mom) i miss my friend. Anyway that was some years ago now and my heart has not had that type of connection sense then or one close to it, manly do to negligence on my part, iv not been paying attention to it, thanks for asking my friend :) otherwise my heart is really good its getting and giving love and is looking forward to creating/finding deeper connections now, and maybe revisiting one's already formed.  with much love


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Thank you for that most beautiful sharing of your heart, Todd! Your words touched me and helped me to experience with you the intense range of emotions on your journey with this special woman. I wish you all the very best in integrating this powerful experience.

With abundant love and gratitude,

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Thanks for sharing that most beautiful story of loving connection, Thomas. I can tell Lisa's presence sits with rich grace in your heart and allows you to have a channel of love to the universe, even if you don't see her often. If more connection like this is something you really want, I invite you to do some kind of ritual or ceremony inviting deep connection. If you do, then after the ceremony I find it is best to let go of any attachment and just open to whatever shows up. You take care, my beloved friend, and thanks for being the love that you are.

With deep love and appreciation,

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I appreciate the honesty of the guys. Fred, if you came up to me and asked I wouldn't tell you this but...You could say I'm heart broken. Can't elaborate too much. I wasn't looking for someone and I still managed to meet someone who found me lacking in every possible category. I actively reject women now to avoid entanglement and avoid another layer of the kind of pain I already feel. Frankly, sex is off the table because I can't help opening my heart to women. Things aren't the same anymore. There's a huge hole in my life I can't fill.

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Brian - I am so sorry to hear that happened.  That truly sucks.  You're completely awesome, and I wish there was something I could do to help remove that yuckiness of rejection/pain that seems to have come looking for you!  But if there's anything I (&we) can offer, please let me (&us!) know.  You deserve so, so much better in life. <3

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   That was a great word to use here Noa......Years ago, I wouldn't go near anyone that reminded me of myself ! ha! Seriously,,,it is all over in my astrological chart as well, western or eastern...I faced that part of me some time ago,,,it had to do with being comfortable with, i came into this one knowing it could be difficult....In a way it is refreshing here, as people have no clue what is going on out there...They are dedicated to their families,(and that can be good or bad), and just live their lives...I know many of us here have wondered if it would be better to not know, and just go on as the guy eating the steak in the matrix, right?

   But, although I can't talk to her about "current events", when I do get to work in subjects like the changes taking place within us,or people learning to care for one another, or,"every person born on the planet receiving food,clothing,shelter,education,etc.,without a pricetag, her comeback is, " Now you are thinking!"..............See what I mean,,,she knows,,,without having received any of the information we all have been lucky enough to use as a tool to transform ourselves.....I really admire her for this,,as life here is very busy. And people her age still hide their personal thoughts, emotions, etc. away,,as they were brought up that way during the time of that political ideology here...this has been a first hand experience of the effects of it...To be able to break through it was a major coup,,I chose all my words very carefully, as I was going through a translator for most of it. It has been very rewarding in many ways. If this is the end of the world of duality, I'm going out with a bang !, because the challenges from day to day have been so extreme. If my temperature changed with my emotions, I would be dead ! ha! I guess I haven't really thought about love relating to duality,,,or, haven't had to experience it ......which leads me to you Brian........

        I have gone through some pretty long periods celibate, sometimes because I thought it just wasn't worth it,other times to store and transfer that energy as part of my practice,and another long stretch during my son's early years...I didn't think I had the time, or energy, to waste on it..You know, you start giving this new part of yourself to your child, and I just didn't think I had anything left after that..It helped me understand why so many couples used to split up after having kids..I did have one relationship when he was little,,,but I sabotaged that one..We were also an hour and a half apart,,and so the problem was obvious..If I spent the time with her, I felt like I should be with my son,,,and vice versa,,,the son won out...My taiji practice also suffered then, the time issue,,but I worked through it, realizing I couldn't be what he needed me to be, if I wasn't whole...That was life changing for me, and a big turning point in the road to becoming happy with myself...Once I could stop feeling "selfish" for making time for myself,,things started happening..Just know that there's nothing wrong with being celibate buddy, it is very empowering,,you just need to make use of that energy that you are saving by not being in a relationship,,,,,Lead it up the spine, up over the crown on your head, and you will explode with new thoughts, creativity, vibrations, etc., and love will find you my friend...If you do chase another woman, it will be for a good reason.....Give up the WTF's, about the past, don't compare the new with those old thoughts,,just feed yourself for a while,,,a new perspective will emerge,,I guarantee it ! Then, if an old pattern pops up, it will stick out like a sore thumb, and you can catch it before you shit, and fall back in it ! ha!  And whatever you do,,don't beat yourself up over it,,that's like stopping the ride,,just glance back over your shoulder at it and say,,,"that was dumb",,,wave goodbye to it, and look back ahead, because the next opportunity is about to hit you in the forehead !  Peace Brian,,,,T

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Thanks Nynia for the gentle, kind words of concern. One middle child can really comfort another...Thanks Tscout for sharing with me an excellent-perfect really-alignment. Really forward looking. I felt like you threw me in the front passenger seat of a fast car and punched it hard. And talk about celibacy with a purpose...and I was thinking celibacy as a fortress against invasion. Wow. I feel embarrassed to be crying about my troubles but I really hadn't been able to bring myself to tell anyone I felt that thanks.  As soon as I finished it and hit save I realised I was/am responsible for what occurred. Same ole same ole...sigh...

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Wow, you guys have really bared your hearts, here.  I wish we could get together in person and really have a heart to heart chat and some hugs.

Todd (tscout), your story resonated with me.  Back when I was in college, I met a man who was born the same year and day as me.  There was an immediate synchronicity between us.  We had an immediate connection.  We were on the same wavelength... he'd be thinking of a song and I'd start singing it.  We spent some wonderful moments together.

But also, there was friction between us.  We lived hundreds of miles apart.  Subsequent visits were disappointing... he was rather aloof and liked to play the field.  Still, I was infactuated with him for 4 years.  I asked a psychic if we were soulmates, and she said "no."  We were something else, (I forget what she said).  Anyway, my feelings for him eventually wore off because there wasn't anything tangible to go along with the feelings. 

Sometimes I think people (consciously or subconsciously) sabatoge a good thing because they're afraid of actually getting what they want.  I'll never know, had we been able to override our ego minds, if things could've been wonderfully different.

Such is life.


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   You Know, I replied to your comment this morning, and right as I tried to post it, the internet here went out again, and I lost the whole thing ! ha ! I am going to reply again, but have some different thoughts about it,,a good example of this roller coaster I am on right now..

     I can see your point about celibacy being a "fortress against invasion". Indeed, you are protecting your heart, and also your life force...It  protects your heart in the sense that,,,you can't get hurt if you aren't putting it out there. Pretty self explanatory. Celibacy also conserves, and builds, your life force, as the energy you expel during the sexual part of a relationship,(at least, for the average male), is your true life force, your, "original essence". I won't go into details, but basically, not "giving it away"  conserves the energy that Taoists talk about using to reach enlightenment. They meditate, and learn to lead it up the spine, over the crown to the pituitary, which distributes energy to all the glands, and organs of the body. This is their secret to slowing the aging process. When the male body stops growing,(around 30 years old), the hormone production level slows. from this point on, there is a little less to go around, to be distributed to the body. Taosists keep the hormone level up with these practices..So, when you are celibate, you are conserving this vital energy. What you do with it is the key.

     If everything is based on either fear, or love, then it is easy to see why the extremes of either can be so powerful. And the heart is right in the middle of it all.

     if this new energy manifests in fear, the results can be devastating emotionally, as this energy comes from your center, and will manifest throughout your being.

   If it manifests in love, and creativity, it can be enlightening !

    I  am no expert on how to do that, believe me ! I have learned to choose love, but it has that duality within itself,,pure joy, and sorrow. Feeling them both at the same time is overwhelming. That's what i'm going through, maybe it's that Gemini twin  thing, ha!  Still, it beats the hell out of giving any of my energy to fear. I have been lucky enough while here to have a solid 2 hour a day practice, and being internal work , I have cultivated quite a bit of this energy. so everything is very intense right now, everything !  

   As far as feeling responsible for whatever has occurred, let it go man. Just acknowledge it , and move on brother. That can turn into a monster, and kill the self esteem, the will to try anything else, etc.. I really like that video "I am grateful" that I mentioned earlier, it really helps me get past beating myself up over all the things I have done to myself. If all that is true, about us doing it all to ourselves, then I guess I agreed to be cut, slashed, burned, broken ,cancered, torn apart at the joints, and heart, so i could learn how to fix myself, as that has been the result for me...To think about it from this dimension sends a chill up my spine one day, and makes me laugh about it another....boy, the things we will do for a good lesson !  Peace Brian, T


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seems to me the law of attraction really works, during a ride to an event i did some meditation in which i aligned in myself to meet/open up to what love will be present at the destination but over all just have a good time and flow with what happens, and what do you know i met a lovely beautiful friend, i became aware of her, once i entered the place something was drawing me to her, felt i could feel an energetic pull (been sensitive to energy lately and yup there was a pull lol) we started talking and we had a great time (she discovered we went to the same preschool, might of been same class there was a familiarity to her) anyways definitely felt alignment with her from the get go, we had to leave but i felt the hesitation from both of us did not want to leaves and on the way out she gave me a little kiss made my day :), going to be seeing her later on... so my heart is full of excitement with the opportunity to be sharing my heart in that way with her, what ever happens ill be ok with, but i see/feel love and excitement on the road ahead, felt the need to share, don't know what it is but when a love interest expresses love towards you, that has the ability to take over my world in a powerful way lols   

in peace with much love your brother

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Thanks for sharing that great news, Thomas! And thanks for being open to the flow of love, however it shows up. Yea!!! Have a great time exporing further into this connection.

With much love and warm wishes,

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i was reflecting on the swell of emotion that has been attached to new love interest in my life that are not established and came to an understanding and a new mantra for my healing in this

to reflect i wrote this "a simple little kiss can have such influence over me guess i would not have it any other way...  the heart can be such a temperamental experience not because the nature of love is that way but because we "sometimes" feel the energy of that vibration that unique acceptance and we get high, see the beauty and there is loves opposite fear, and then we "may" fear losing that love, that vibration, hence its temperamental-able experience, its time for me to let go of that fear, i do not hate you fear, i have nothing but love for you and what you have taught me, but you are no longer needed, be free, will you be my silent companion of that fact that i choose love"

out of this, this struck home   

i do not hate you fear, i have nothing but love for you and what you have taught me, but you are no longer needed, be free, will you be my silent companion of that fact that i choose love   


for a long time iv been afraid to love "not always but a reoccurring theme in my life" i understand it now, im no longer afraid

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And here's one of my key intentions in life:

"Recognize fear as an invitation to growth."

You go, Thomas!!!

With much love and warm wishes,

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when i was trying out that mantra the first time "i do not hate you fear, i have nothing but love for you and all you have taught me, thank you, but you are no longer needed, be free, be my silent companion of that fact that i choose love" it naturally progressed into self ho'oponopono was very healing process all of this was a powerful healing experience for me but a truth came out of this that's beautiful to me, that seemed to top it all off 

that truth is that... the incredibly strong love i feel for others(i was manly focusing on love partner area for thats where most of my healing was orientated) is perfectly fine i can and do love them all, it does not matter if things don't or didn't work out in the ways i may have hoped for, my heart sings love at them and there is nothing wrong with that, its unconditional, and when i have accepted that(unconditional-ness) i feel all of that love still, i think that's nice, its kind of tough for me to put into words i believe iv got a metaphor for it...  you ever (i know everyone has) :) have your love shine forth in bright brilliance and then have what we call are heart broken for what we were shining to, well i just understood and internalized that unconditional nature of that love and all thous areas of hurt are shining forth there brilliant love, i will be that light i will love them but they need not ever accept it and the color of my light may change to them but love them all i still do...{"they need not ever accept it"} interesting thing is they all do, no one is ever unhappy someone loves them its the conditions we attach to it that makes it a form of uncompilable nature to some of them, make it unconditional love to them, for who they are, love them if they just want to be friends, the outcome means little compared to the love i have and that light will shine to them in the form they can accept it and currently need it to support them :) <3 i know that's beautiful

thru much healing, much new light and love shinning to all "i pulled up the shades that were condictions" and i love all your cosmic brother

I bless All with Love. Let Light flow to All Your Light. Let your Light be expanded. Let Love Fill All that is Light. Brian: Repatterning takes dedicated focus and practice. Practice of new patterns makes progress. Center yourself through breathing slowly and deeply 7 times while standingup straight or sitting up straight. This will.assist you in calm. The mind must be occupied with focus in order to create change. Your Heart is beautiful. The Heart opens when your mind is All In the focus of Unity. To focus the mind and train your mind to be your ally do activities centered around unity. A vision board or collage art project are examples of this. Angel Cards are another example of this. One must practice to create progress. The Tarot of Love is another repatterning tool. All will assist you..or use just one or something else that gives you the "Right On" feeling. Focus on your strengths and gifts that you already are. Focus on what you lime about yourself. Build upon your strengths. You have such beauty within you. Use your gifts. My mentor, William, used to say to me, "Use Your Gifts or they will use you!" This is another way of saying the excess energy that you are holding must be focused and used. Energy is Energy. It us neither good nor bad. It is simply energy. When one is holding too much energy it feels very uncomfortable. The body then seek to discharge the excess energy. The mind when unfocused reverts to survival mode and charges the energy to Fear. This then causes one to act in ways that are fearful. And in doing so the focus is on fear. Yhe focus on what you do not wish to experience creates frequency matches of more of what you do not want to experience. This can create quite a charge that takes time to disengage from.

Be Kind to yourself. Focus on your inner strengths and attributes. This will take effort-- It is challenging to repattern to charging Energy with Love. There will be hiccups. It is okay. Practice makes Progress.

To All: such Richness un all that have shared.



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Thanks for sharing Fairy, i dont have the words, love you in unity Namasta

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  "When one is holding too much energy, it feels uncomfortable. The body then seeks to discharge the excess energy.".......This is why qiqong is so good for balancing....Whereas yoga tends to focus on circulating the energy within the body,,,which is fantastic for clearing blockages,,,,,qiqong opens the body to universal, or outside , energies,,,circulates them,,them let's them go ! this is a very important difference between the two...So they both have their place ! I just prefer qiqong for letting go of things,,,and for inviting new things in...If you think about it, you can see how they compliment each other....L,,,,T

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That's interesting, Todd.  I've done a little qigong, but I thought it was about building qi, not letting go of it.  Where can I learn more about about the releasing part of qigong?

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     I  gave up most of my books a couple of years ago,,but the theory is,,,If you are holding a position in yoga,in most cases , it is static,,meaning,,you are circulating what is in your body at this intense level, due to the position...In qiqong, the easiest example I could give is 5 palms breathing...Sit in a chair,,palms up on your thighs..Extend the legs just enough so your feet rest on the heels, so the sole of the foot is not flat on the floor...start a slow meditative breathing, down to the abdomen. Then add the palms of the hands. Breathe in through the channels in your palms and your nose...Then add the soles of the feet,,,,then the crown of the head....this really works,,,in and out through all the points at the same time....If you know reverse breathing. it will come quicker...

     The point is, theoretically, that in qiqong,,you are "borrowing" the energy from the void around you,,,funneling it through your body to heal, purge, whatever your intention is,,,then you give it back on the's cyclic...Of course, you always want a good space to practice in, so you aren't "borrowing" garbage,ha!

     You can find many videos on youtube where the practitioner is making large circles inward,,,for gathering,,,and outward,,,for shedding,,or cleansing.....

     Tree Kung,,,qiqong with a tree,,is another good example...It is really easy to exchange energy with a tree...through the soles of your feet,,it travels down into the ground, and roots,,is cleansed by the tree, and returned and reabsorbed through the crown of the head,,,another cyclic interaction,,,just two torus's overlapping....One of the only things I have ever posted here was by one of my teachers,,,who I stumbled on on youtube...Search Daniel villasenor  on will find two clips of him explaining the difference between yoga and qiqong....He is an amazing man.....L.,,,,,T

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