Clearing of the Chakras

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The Global Eden Micheals' and ArchAngels call all human beings "Masters" for we are all learning and uncovering our own individual and collective Self-Mastery.  To learn more about Global Eden Event click here

This particular discourse comes from a Global Eden Event participant named Margaret.  It is from a list I belong to.





Just as lack originates within, so does abundance.  To transform the interior landscape from lack or scarcity, to abundance, I share this passage from Archangel Michael which includes a very effective exercise you can perform with ease and grace.  Enjoy the transformation you create within for yourself and enjoy the external evidence of abundance manifesting in your world which is the effect.  Abundance is not limited to money, and it is based (no pun intended) in the root chakra where lack exists when abundance does not.  Please also note that as you balance and raise the lower three chakras to the heart, miracles occur.

"The vibrational resonance of your thoughts determines the colors of energy you will project, while the nature of the thought determines form.  If a person sends out thoughts of selfish greed or envy, a brownish, green color will radiate forth (thus the saying "green with envy").  Anger or rage projects dark clouds of muddy red energy which can almost look like daggers or sharp shafts of projective-shaped energy.  However, if you send forth feelings of pure, unselfish love to a particular person, it is immediately transported to them and enfolds them in an aura of protection.  Feelings of worship, devotion and adoration radiate outward and upward in a wondrous patter of light and color, containing all of the colors of the Rays with all the qualities of godliness.  We of the higher realms see, feel and absorb these blessed gifts from you, dear ones.  Know this and remember: no loving thought or prayer ever goes unnoticed or is ever wasted....As most of you know, the chakras are spinning cone-shaped vortexes of energy located in strategic areas of the human body.  Each of these energy centers resonates to a particulr color (colors which gradually change as you raise your frequencies)

Allow me to give you an exercise to assist you to become more aware of the energies you are projecting.  Not only is it important to monitor your thoughts, but to observe from where in your body, beside your brain, that these energies are emanating. Through observation and intent, you have an opportunity to monitor your thought patters and with determination and assistance of your Higher Self, you will soon be projecting only vibrant, clear colors of peace, love, compassion, abundance and joy.


Focus your consciousness on your root chakra, at the base of the spine, here are stored energies of surviaval and scarcity, or when in balance provides a sense of abundance and plenty, security and connectedness to the Earth - the color is red - see this as a brillant, pure red of power and strength as you tone or chant the words I LIVE.  Hold the sound as long as comfortable and then take a deep breath as you move your hand and consciousness to the second chakra, the navel or the lower abdomen - this is the seat of desire, pleasure, sexual/passionate love tolerance - your goal is to bring your desires into harmony with Spirit for your highest good and the good of all.  Strive to blend your passion and love for another with compassion and a soul union, as well as a physical union.  Tolerance and compassion for all will help you make great strides in balancing this chakra so that it resonates purely and harmoniously.  See this energy as orange and as you focus on this area, take a deep breath and tone I FEEL

Move to the solar plexus, the area of personal power, self-control, and emotions.  In the past, this was the area where you allowed others to tap into your energy source with what looked like dard cords, or you tapped into the energy field of others.  As you become more empowered, this is no longer possible.  The solar plexus along with the heart area has become the power center whereby you project the gift of Christ Light which you have accessed and drawn down from the higher realms.  Sharing this gift with the Earth and humanity should be one of your major missions in Life.  See this energy field resonating to the color of yellow as you take a deep breath and tone I WILL.

Move your hand and consciousness to the heart chakra.  here is your life force, your solar power center, the seat of your Higher Self, your Essence and Divine Love.  If you filter all the feelings of the three lower chakras and their energies through this power source, beloveds, miracles will begin to happen.  See a vibrant, radiant green flowing from your heart center as you tone I LOVE.

The next chakra center is the throat, and this is a most important area at this time.  Many of you are experiencing stress or symptoms of discomfort in the throat area.  That is because it is the power center of the spoken word, communication, discernment, discreation and self-expression.  Too long have you allowed others to decide what would be your truth, and have feared to speak your truth.  It is time, beloveds, to take back your power, and to speak with honor and integrity, with compassion and wisdom.  Take a deep breath as you visualize a brillant bule color and tone the words I SPEAK.

The third eye, or the area of the forehead between the brows, is the next chakra.  As the veil of forgetfulness is lifted and you reclaim your gifts of Spirit, you will regain your clear inner vision, intuition guided by Spirit, clarivoyance and perception beyond the limitations of duality.  See this area resonating with a lovely violet color as you tone the words I SEE.

Finally, move your consciousness to the top of your head, or the crown chakra.  Here the beautiful lotus of Spirit is unfolding to allow the radiance of the Creator to once more flow to and through you.  Here resides Divine Wisdom, Spiritual Will - where you may tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self and "Divine I AM Presence" and where you are, once again, moving into Oneness with all Creation and the Infinite.  See this area radiating an iridescent white as you tone the words "I AM" three times.

As you begin to move more into your mastery, dear hearts, you will begin to see through eyes filtered with love and hear with ears tempered by compassion.  You will project an energy fielld which will enfold you and raidate out further and further, thereby creating peace, love, joy and abundance.  By your example others will learn, and within this force field you will build the vortex by which you will eventually transcend and leave forever the trials and tests of the Earth plane.  It is time for you to remember that there is no death, only a transcendence of Spirit.  Matter, or the stuff your physical body is composed of, may change and decay, but Spirit - the Essence of you - only becomes brighter and stronger as it reunites with mor fragments of itself on the upward spiral to Oneness with our Father/Mother God.

{Please note there is no mistake in the colors given for the exercise above.  In other exercises, the 6th chakra, 3rd eye, is given as the color Indigo, and the Crown as violet, but as AA Michael also stated in the passage above, as the frequencies increase, the color changes -  when you are projecting thought forms which are in accord with your Higher Self, then the colors will be vibrant and pure, as given.)

Bless your Heart

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