World of Our Dreams

Good greetings all,

I have completed another Windows (sorry, no Mac version yet...) screen saver here:

This program incorporates the inspirational message:

"the world of our dreams exists now to the exact degree that we behave as if we were already living in it..."

which I have found helpful lately... Smile

I am offering the screen saver free of charge to portal members.  If you try it and want to have it for your very own, send an an email telling me so ( to [email protected] ), and I'll send you the key code which unlocks the trial version.

Happy Holidays & Much Love,


maryc's picture

Dear Bodhi,

Thank you for sharing your art with us! It is a treat for the eyes.I very much like your new tree photo too,but it does make you look alittle older! I send you warm holiday wishes ,these will be useful today as we be sharing a winter storm!

As I write this there is a dusting of snow outside. This is rare on the valley floor!

I expect a beautiful fresh year full of dreams,hope,wonder and LOVE.


Bodhi's picture

Dear Mary,
You are most welcome.  Hoping this reply finds you happy and warm.  Sending warm wishes for happy holidays and a new year filled with bright blessings!
In gratitude, joy, and love,

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