Who has time to become involved?

So, now that I've added my two cents about anger over not finding enough active people here in the portal, I've begun finding them. I was heartened by all the responses to my previous post about Lee Iococa's observations.

Tonight one of my friends sent me a link to a short lecture by a man named Clay Shirky. Among other things, Clay is the author of recent book titled "Here Comes Everybody." I just heard of this man tonight, so I've not read his book. But for over 30 years, I've been interested in systems for people to communicate with each other without meeting in one place. Back in the day I ran computer bulletin boards and set up paper-based correspondence clubs. And, I used to publish a newsletter about "networks of people."

So, I watched Mr. Shirky's talk with great interest. He's a bit of a fast speaker, and if this portal is your only online community, you might have trouble following some of his references. But he does reveal where the time for activism which he calls "social surplus" can come from among the larger body of Americans.

If you're curious, follow this link to see his video:


Or if you'd prefer, you can read the text of his speach here:


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