What Happened Last Night?

September 26, shortly after midnight (Pacific time), my wife and I were
both up late on our computers. We were both at Avalon as a matter of
fact, and I was in the midst of composing a post on Fear, when both of us lost our contact with the Forum.
When I tried to reconnect, my computer told me it couldn't find the
server. Within a few minutes I learned that EVERY alternative
news/information/community site I could find was down, including my own
website, www.indigodave.com.

I checked a series of sites...most commercial sites were
up...international news such as Al-Jazeera, London Daily, Jerusalem
Post and Hindu Times still up.  All the PEERS sites were up, along with Whitley Streiber.

But Rense, PrisonPlanet, Stray Reality,
Conspiracy Planet, Educate Yourself and many forums...all down. The TT Portal was down, so our computers said.  I use Firefox...she tried AOL, MSIE and Firefox with the same results...Server can't be found.

This morning it's all back in place again...ANYBODY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED?


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Sure sounds like a test run in preparation for a controlled info switchover to a select few during a crisis.  I said a bit earlier I feel like something is up, as I have never seen chemtrails like I just saw at noon today, in the Spokane/Spokane Valley area.....

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The energy last night was strange too, did anyone else notice that?

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Since my original observation, I've been in touch with three folks who have dedicated servers for their sites, and all of them were down during the time in question.  Servers across the US and Canada went down, I don't know if anywhere else.

What happened, for those who don't know, is that virtually ALL the servers hosting counterculture/alternative news/truth/new age/conspiracies/UFOs/etc ...all those kinds of sites went down for at least a few hours in the wee hours of Sept. 26.  "Normal" or mainstream sites were unaffected.


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Love it Elizabeth!!!

Made my day/eternity!!!

Welcome to the wonderful birthpangs/contractions of 4th density!!!!!


Love/Light, Chris

P.S.  I was reading in book 5 of L of O last night and came across a place where Don was asking Ra, on behalf of all of them, are their cats in any danger from psychic attack (which Carla had been experiencing constantly during the time of the Ra sessions) while being sedated for teeth cleaning and Gandalf's little surgery (to remove a growth from leg), and Ra said that Gandalf was susceptible to psychic attack because, and I quote, "Gandalf is 3rd density harvestable"!!!!!!

I immediately went and blessed all my many cats and two dogs with the greeting I use so often now, "I greet you and bless you in and with the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator", or any creative variation of said invocation.  It blesses and protects, and binds negative entities to only doing good or nothing at all....

I will never look at domesticated animals quite the same way ever again!  Talk about expanding one's horizons!!!!

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Wonderful affirmation!

Reminds me that we are probably very far into 4th density in many ways already on this planet and at some point many of us, including me, will be saying with Jim Carrey from the Cable Guy, "soooooo I'm the tardy one???"


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Dear Elizabeth,

So glad that you have landed safely in your new home. YAY! Your wishes being answered........so quickly,surprisingly is both awesome and staggering. You see the needs met as soon as you ask......but if someone cuts you off in traffic have a helpful response ready...I would love your driving skills to grow....as opposed to an angry order for the universe to fill. The rub, as you noticed so well. With financal system worrying the masses,keep your light shining bright,they need your help!

Dave,I was not up or online at that time,so I cannot comment on the internt that night. I will say that when bush spent night 2mi from my home my (local) internet provider went down. 5 fighter jets patrolled the sky(each with 2 drones) flying over every 10 min.  At 3am every type of animal started howling,barking,crowing....you get the idea.....this has not happened before or since. Sound waves to block communication is my guess. Talking to a friend on my cordless phone about it the next morning,a small black helicopter hoovered overhead. Gotta go,they don't want me talking about this..I hung up,they flew away. Many people were thrilled by his visit.Others were shot with pepper bullets outside the restaurant he was eating in. Swat team. 4 yrs ago and still not addressed in court. Free country? NO  But we still have more power than them...If we just claim,and use it honerably!   Love,Mary

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Its not another person, its God/Creator cutting you off! Be honored that you had the opportunity of the catalyst it provides for discovery and growth. Thinking about this made me think back on the guy flipping me off a while back when I cut him off more than he was obviously comfortable with. God was flipping me off!

All stimuli/catalyst is an ongoing display of expression safe within the confines (probably poor choice of word) of Unity. Everything is of God/Creator. Anyone saying different is service to self elitist, which is also of God/Creator. Our ultimate balance/liberation/transformation/ascension lies within the integrated understanding of this one single universal truth...

Love/Light, Chris

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You shouldn´t worry when that

 happensWink. Be happy instead, you can read a book, go for a walk, have sex (lol) or do something else. Ps don´t forget to breathe normallyTongue out

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