Watch calmly as the fear level ratchets up....


U.S. Headed for 'Heightened Alert' Stage

Exclusive: Major Events on the Horizon Prompt a Surge in Anti-Terror

officials have been quietly stepping up counterterror efforts out of a growing
concern that al Qaeda or similar organizations might try to capitalize on the
spate of extremely high-profile events in the coming months, sources tell ABC

Click here: See Full Article in ABC

or paste this URL in your browser:


We may need our
grounding and centering techniques more than ever in the coming months, IMO.

I'm guessing there’ll
be a continuous buildup of tension until just before the election (or
alternatively, the inauguration), and then the big paper bag will be popped
behind our heads. We'll all be expected to collapse in heaps of fear, begging
to be told what to do, eager to sign away any rights we thought we had..

As we all remember,
it is very hard to stay centered when you know loss of human life is being used
to manipulate. When you fully realize
that the end really justifies the means to some people with huge power
structures at their disposal, we tend to go primal: fear, hate, anger.

We will need to
keep generating love and find ways to heal our planet and its inhabitants
through love, not power or fear or strife.

tool a teacher gave me has helped me a
lot, whenever I begin to think of someone as evil, is to remember to say
“confused.” Now I can even see that
Hitler was very confused. He probably
believed that he was doing good for the world. We know we must do whatever we must to stop the abuser from
abusing. But hatred and anger will
accomplish no good. Only what is done
lovingly will flower into beautiful results.

I'm guessing most
who’d read this (in the Transition Team Forum) have at least heard passing
references to our nice boys from Blackwater (they're so "Mom and Pop"
it could make a person sick):

Misrepresents Itself as Mom and Pop Inc. to get Government Contracts -- A BuzzFlash News Alert

These will be the
"Mom and Pop" folks in your face if you don’t “cooperate” with FEMA
during times of “emergency.” It seems
reasonable to assume they could drum up a good bit of fear, what? (Even if FEMA itself didn’t.)

Should the bag pop,
how much easier it will be to properly see to higher interests if we are
emotionally prepared. Our families,
friends, neighbors, communities, will need our love more than ever if times are

If, instead of
focusing on any loss of life, regardless how dreadful, we immediately focus on
how best to use our energies, rather than automatically panicking into a
fight-or-flight reaction, obviously we can use higher wisdoms than base animal

matter what happens, we will have co-created it, and we can stay more centered
if we take responsibility for it, heal it, and move on to other loving
events. Blaming and generating
suffering will not help anyone. If we
can get justice, so much the better.

hope those who can discuss these issues without generating fear can come
together here (on the TT portal) and inform each other in ways that help us all
be more prepared for what is to come.

Namaste, Love to all,

Tampa DAve

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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Good briefing for preparing for a possible nightmare that signifies absolutely nothing, save our realization of nothing that prepares us for ascension from our emotional/psychological investments in nothing.

Nothing is keeping us from everything.....

The upside of catastrophe may very well be the integration of that realization.....

Again, thanks for the reminder....

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I keep hearing things like Something's About To Happen and It's Coming.  Honestly, I have my doubts about some of it, although I think that sure, we might all get rounded up and eliminated.  Next year, maybe.

The Khmer Rouge eliminated all intellectuals - to them that not only included writers, artists and students, but anyone who wore glasses.  Unfortunately, people have been getting caught up in crap like that since God told Joshua to leave nothing alive.  Empires rise and fall; there are Solomons and there are Neros.  What can I say?

At the same time all this is going on, dimensional barriers seem to be coming down.  Earth is apparently being visited so often and so regularly that some kind of contact would appear imminent.  People in every land are tuning in to a higher frequency than the one being beamed by Authorized Sources.  It's a dramatic time.  No one knows how it will turn out.  It'd be dumb to ignore all the scary stuff.  But that doesn't mean we have to be scared, or at least we needn't be paralyzed by fear.  There are many positive avenues to explore, and I think it's more important to be for something than to be against something.  I keep seeing potentials for people to break through the illusions, to become better.  And you know what?  Some do.


--- Post removed at author's request ---

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on a more positive note, here is a link to a handful of short videos that Ursula sent me yesterday that feature the recent discoveries concerning the vital role and basic role that electromagnetic energy plays in and throughout the universe, in matter and so called "empty space" (that is anything but empty!).  It is amazingly simple and explains much..... Enjoy!,17.0.html

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thanks for the thread and warning:)


i sent an email to blackwaters tactical director and asked them if they could help us get NESARA

no reply yet.




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Interesting link, Chris.  I've been out of touch with Talbot and Thornhill for a few years.  I used to be in their Thoth forum, but have been too busy in the past few years.

Those interested in the topics raised in the "electric universe" video will likely be fascinated by the Kronia and Thunderbolts sites:

As Talbot explains in his video "Remembering the End of the World", he (like myself) became interested in this topic as a result of a epiphany triggered by Immanuel Velikovsky.

Velikovsky was the 20th century counterpart of Copernicus.  When his understanding of the earth became greater than that of the religious and scientific lights of the day, he was figuratively "put to death" in a gruesome and disgusting repeat of the closed-mindedness of the Inquisition.  To his lasting shame, Carl Sagan was one of the early major stone-throwers.

Scientists ridiculed and hounded Velikovsky to the grave.  Yet modern science continues to validate his truths.  As an example, Velikovsky was able to determine that there is an electromagnetic interaction between planetary bodies when they approach each other closely.  Thus he postulated that heavenly bodies, in general, contain magnetic fields.  Haw, haw, haw, went the scientists.  "You will find radio noises from Jupiter if you listen" Velikovsky responded.  The derisive cries were loud and cruel.  When radio noise WAS accidentally discovered to be coming from Jupiter, scientists said "Every charlatan guesses right once in a while."  This kind of twaddle was the general response to Velikovsky, ad nauseum.

There is a huge Velikovsky archive, with thousands of pages of his writing.  I found everything there interesting (after probably 100 hours of reading at that site, I felt I had pretty well surveyed the site, though I hadn't read everything there).

TampaDave's picture


I'm holding my breath... have they replied yet?  Laughing

TampaDave's picture


I'm holding my breath... have they replied yet? Laughing

Shaun75's picture


no not yet,but i think i'll try again for fun and for us all:)



maybe i'll try a different email addy

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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Thanks for the links TD, and the reminder of the amazing work of Velikovsky! My mother turned me on to him some 25 years ago. If I remember right, his father (Simon Yehiel) was a self-taught Jewish historian (and a very pro Zionist dear friend and associate of Theodor Herzl, father of the Zionist movement) and those erudite investigative research skills obviously rubbed off on Immanuel to ultimately give us Worlds in Collision and Ages in Chaos, among others.

two other interesting opinions from the conjecture spectrum:

You are quite right about Sagan and his disgraceful
performance. I didn't attend the AAAS meeting but Sagan replicated his
non-refutation in his book "Scientists Confront Velikovsky". A
better title for it would have been "A Scientist Refuses to Confront
Velikovsky." I think Sagan's oral and written non-response did as much
as anything to lend an aura of respectibility to the Doc's views and
perpetuate the controversy. It's as if he accepted the con side of the
debate and then defaulted on purpose.

At the time Velikovsky seemed very reasonable and even
heroic to me. But his pose as the "Lone Ranger crusading for scientific
truth and free academic inquiry" is very far from reality. Further
study of Velikovsky's works showed me that he had several hidden agendas at

Velikovsky and His Agendas.

1. A Historical and Archeological Justification for
Zionism. The ultimate theme of his ancient history work is best summarized
as: "An Archeological and Historical Title Search for the Modern State
of Israel." He accomplished that by bringing the fields of archeology
and ancient history into complete concord with Exodus, Joshua, Judges and
through to II Kings.

Along these lines two points ought to be remembered by
anyone considering ancient history according to the Doc:

a. Velikovsky's father, Simon Yehiel Velikovsky was,
with Theodore Herzl, one of the founders of modern political Zionism and an
early Zionist pioneer in Palestine. He died there in 1937 aged 78. See the
Dedication in "Ages In Chaos".

b. One of Velikovsky's admirers interviewed him in the
late 1960s at Princeton. After a long discussion on several points this
supporter was directly and very forcefully reminded by the 'Doc' not to
forget what was really most important. And that was the modern State of

Certainly the conduct of Shapely's campaign was not
his finest hour. Sagan definitely hit new lows without adding anything

Given the time "Worlds In Collision" first
appeared (1950) and the context of recent Holocaust, Israeli independence,
Stalinist Lysenkoism and other politicizations of science, Shapely &;
Company's response is understandable if unfortunate. I have no doubt Shapely
and others largely viewed Velikovsky's work as another attempt to distort
science to the service of partisan political goals. But contemporary events
made it impolitic for them to directly say so.

2. Anti-anti-Semitism. Among what I consider the Doc's
'stretchers' was ascribing the origins of anti-Semitism to the 3d Century
B.C. Egpytian priest Manetho and an alleged scholastic error of Manetho's
that supposedly led to the identification of the Jews with the Amalekites in
the Greco-Roman world. This probably worked on anyone who hadn't read the
Book of Esther in the Old Testament.

3. Apologia for Freudianism. "Oedipus and
Akhnaton" appeared in the 1970s when the entire concept of Freudian
psychoanalytics was coming under increasingly heavy attack in the
psychiatric and general medical field. As you yourself pointed out, the
"Doc" was a junior associate of Freud himself.

Velikovsky was far from the guileless crusader for
Pure Academic Truth he costumed himself as being. This guy had strong hidden
agendas at work and pursued them with vigor.

Yours Truly, Mark A. Gallmeier Port Charlotte, FL

The end product of Dr. Velikovsky’s work encouraged two things, which were not
encouraged in the 1950’s and early 1960’s when his more controversial books were
most popular.

First, he encouraged broadening educational horizons within university curricula. This
has resulted in the merging of several disciplines and the creation of more general
studies programs. This has also encouraged students of the sciences to broaden their
endeavors to include other disciplines so that serendipitous discovery would become a more
regular occurrence in the various disciplines. The best outworking of that ideal to date is
the Human Genome Project, which brings together molecular chemistry and biology into
molecular biology and further fuses that with cybernetics and computer programming, as
well as database design.

Interdisciplinary study has become more common.

Second, his theories, whether wrong or right, backed up by fact or speculation,
encouraged us to think of a planet that may have experienced catastrophic changes in the
past—and perhaps the "recent" past. Present theories of dinosaur extinction
presently include giant meteor impact. No one would have ever thought to look for the
evidence found just off the Yucatan Penninsula of a large, glancing impact that is
included in the most recent theory of extinction if scientists were determined to continue
to assume a slowly-evolving never changing planet Earth.

As Velikovsky wrote, "I lit many fires in the halls of science, but the torch I
carried was only for illumination."

Thank you for your commentary.

-Mark Hollis

and one from Einstein himself (from correspondence archived at

July 8, 1946

Dear Mr. Velikovsky:

I have read the whole book about the planet Venus. There is much of
interest in the book which proves that in fact catastrophes have taken
place which must be attributed to extraterrestrial causes. However it
is evident to every sensible physicist that these catastrophes can have
nothing to do with the planet Venus and that also the direction of the
inclination of the terrestrial axis towards the ecliptic could not have
undergone a considerable change without the total destruction of the
entire earth’s crust. Your arguments in this regard are so weak
as opposed to the mechanical-astronomical ones, that no expert
will be able to take them seriously. It were best in my opinion
if you would in this way revise your books, which contain truly valuable
material. If you cannot decide on this, then what is valuable in your
deliberations will become ineffective, and it may be difficult finding
a sensible publisher who would take the risk of such a heavy fiasco
upon himself.

I tell you this in writing and return to you your manuscript, since
I will not be free on the considered days.

With friendly greetings, also to your daughter,


Albert Einstein

and this link will intimately introduce you to Simon, Immanuel's father, and will have you wondering if you really know and understand everything there is to know about a very romantic altruistic dream called "Zion". I am taking no position here because the whole Zionist story and Jewish question is too darn interesting to limit awareness and fluid intelligence by an emotional investment in one side or the other of the ongoing question and apparent moral dilemma, and is there possibly some kind of intriguing credible point to "chosen people" myth(?) and what does that really mean....

In an odd/interesting way, all this talk about "Zion-ism" really kind of ties back into the original intent of this forum due to the extremely probable/likely involvement of the Jewish state with anything, false flag or otherwise (attack on Iran?) about to happen as per the warning of the forum post. Fun question: Did the original romantic dream of "Zion" get hijacked for geopolitical purposes by Eastern European "Ashkenazi "white Jews" who may very well not be real Jews at all, but decendants of the Khazars that converted to Judaism and the very exclusive precepts of the Babylonian Talmud for political purposes in 740AD???

ChrisBowers's picture

This video loosely fits here and I will be posting it on as many
relative forums as possible as we must continue to familiarize
ourselves intimately with the sacred geometry that is the vehicle of
our individual and collective ascension, especially during these unsettling times as we approach 2013.  It really is time to get ready and not be too distracted by disturbing behavior of the myopic and uninformed power brokers desperately trying to maintain their temporal power base. Free will is not the right to
change how things work in the universe/omniverse - just the right to
disregard and deny it (which has cause and effect consequences), or learn, recognize and accept it for what it is
- it just is and that is enough already.  Not really that big a deal - just that we have been away
so long that we perceive it as a really big deal.  Here is the
geometric description of the Merkabah, the Star Tetrahedron and the
Chariot of your Ascension (remember:  Not broke? Don't fix it)

also, here is the George Kavassilas video that Shaun posted on
another forum that led me to look up more stuff about the Merkabah

TampaDave's picture

What a fascinating collection of info.

Yes, Simon believed in buying property in the "Holy Land" to create communities of faith, which were suject to strange programs called pogroms in their neighborhoods.  As I remember, he was an early leader at the turn of the 20th century in this idea of Zionism. I wonder how the project would have progressed had all the participants in the project made sure to create new opportunity for everyone, not just the settlers. "Displaced persons" live in among the worst conditions, have the least hope for their children's futures, and create a large pool of potential suicide bombers, etc.

I would like to discuss many points in your post, but have insufficient time right now. One thing I would like to mention, is that Velikovsky gradually convinced Einstein of more and more of his points. When the great relativist died, he had a Velikovsky open on his desk, replete with tags and margin notes. Obviously he never dismissed V's ideas completely.

There are a number of books that refute, claim by claim, practically every charge made about V. His daughter in Israel sent me a copy of one of the best, Stephen Jay Gould and Immanuel Velikovsky (see:

As far as Dr Siggy goes, V did indeed study under and admire the Father of the Hasty Conclusion, but found more and more to disagree with him about as time went by. I believe his first book was Edipus and Akhnaton, which was written to dispute what Freud had written in Moses and Monotheism.  As I remember, he finally split with Freud and his ideas completely when he stopped practicing as a therapist.

Though V had been trained as a Talmudic scholar, he did not argue blindly. Finding historical evidence trumped biblical interpretations. In Edipus and Akhnaton, Velikovsky argues that the Egyptian Emperor Akhnaton invented monotheism, and passed the ideas on to his ward, Moses. That an Egyptian Emperor "invented" monotheism would have been a strange argument for someone who tries to scientifically prove the bible. In the book, V shows that the myth of Edipus was not a myth at all.  In every detail that can be verified, the Edipus of myth was the Akhnaton of reality, down to exactly the same (complicated) familial structure.

We may speak more of this anon. I too rarely find people who know about Velikovsky.

Love to all,


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ChrisBowers's picture

Great links! Loved the comments from "anonymous" too!

and thanks for the Sorcha Faal references/stories on the other link. What a source!!!!

In any case, do you have any thoughts about the ongoing balancing act of staying informed while knowing that the other best tool (may be the best) in our tool bags is to not go negative and depressed and futilistic, but remain sober and very confident of what is really and truly real about Life in this universe - the marriage of the cosmic view and the "down to earth" view of day to day "apparent" reality so to speak.....

any philosophical thoughts about the art of juggling those two paradigms???

below is the first 2 of 4 messages from the Pleiadians on youtube that address the juggling act quite well I think.

let me know what you think.....

quote from part 2: "the real people in power are never on TV,

and they are elected from their own family members"

another quote from part 2:

"imagine a world without violence,

without military, without politicians,

or sanctimonious priests,

without superstition, without belief systems and without lies.

imagine a world where only love rules,

where everybody has everything they need,

where knowledge is available for everybody

and the contact to a higher-evolved planet is a natural thing."

"you have to build this strong inner wish to live in such a world"

"The more people can imagine and send these thoughts, the easier

you can steer the evolution of this planet in a positive direction."

Hi Chris,

In response to your inquiry about balancing the Oneness Cosmic View and Everyday life as a complicated human, I return again to this recent talk from Integral Naked with Ken Wilber and Diane Musho Hamilton, (she has received transmission from Genpo Roshi:

"...Consider this: just about anyone is capable of having an experience of mystical union with the world around them, prompting them to say the following six deceptively simple words: 'I am one woth the world.' But these same six words can carry acutely divergent meanings from person to person--after all, who is the 'I' that is making the statement, and which world are you feeling at one with? The fundamentalist world as strictly written and interpreted by the book and believers of the 'one true faith'? The physical world of atoms, molecules. and squishy machinery of biology? The planet itself, as a single interconnected 'web of life' threading us all together? There is not a single, pregiven world 'out there' that we can experience spiritual communion with, but a succession of worldviews that can only be perceived by the stages of consciousness capable of enacting them. Enlightenment is not a static experience--though the empty side of the street may ultimately remain unchanged, the nondual union of form and emptiness is an endlessly moving target, as the manifest world perpetually twists, billows, and slides across the effortless lens of eternity, with new and novel perspectives being born every moment.

"The integration of horizontal states of ever-present consciousness with the vertical stages of conscious development does much to help situate our experiences with reality, as well as offering some much-needed insight as to how an otherwise enlightened Zen master  could retain the seemingly 'unenlightened' biases of racism, nationalism, or homophobia. Or how a heroin addict can experience states of spiritual communion with the world. Or how Charles Manson could attempt to justify his derangement by asking 'If all is One, then what could be wrong?' Each of these individuals would likely insist that their experiences of emptiness, transcendent unity, and at-one-ment with the world were very real and authentic, and they very well could have been. But it becomes increasingly obvious which worlds--which morals, perspectives, and ideals--they are actually feeling at one with, and which worlds they are completely unable to feel united with, by virtue of these 'higher' worlds being, in every sense, over their heads.

"Integral Zen is the very first attempt within the tradition to account for both states and stages of consciousness, as well as the other components of the Integral approach: quadrants (or perspectives), developmental lines ( or multiple intelligences). and types (eg. masculine/feminine, enneagram, etc.) By taking all of these dimensions of ourselves and the world around us into account--not only acknowledging them as they manifest in our experience, but beginning to recognize how they all inform and influence each other--we begin to see the elegance of an integrated world, allowing a newly-integrated self to find atonement with more of the manifest world that ever before possible--until this moment is inevitably swept up by the persistent gush of Eros, supplanted by something unimaginably deeper and better than us all--yet, somehow, unmistakably the same..."

Always sensing your journey, Chris


lefty-dave's picture

Greetings Chris

  I get your message here....and I support the idea of peace on earth and good will to all...and as an old "Wingmaker" adoptee...I follow the gratitude principles...seeing our Source in all around me...and honoring all life...all creation...even that part of creation that seems to want to control my every breath....


however, I can not turn my back on that 'reality' you speak of....nor can I ignore what's truly going on here...on earth...and has been for thousands of years...


The enemy is ignorance...the enemy is fear.


Sugar coating it doesn't make it go down any easier for me...and thinking someone is going to come in ships and save me is....well...not my way either...


I postulate that these entities that communicate with us...are from here...deep inside our earth  (or moon)......and have been here for thousands of years...

I refer you to the Emerald tablets of Thoth....Gilgemesh...Vedas...etc., anf how many times your Bible refers to beings IN the compared to how many times it refers to beings ON the earth...


I don't know where our 'spirit light' goes when our human instrument stops working and turns back into 'dust',....or even if there is such a soul-spirit...

I'd like to think we are something more....but most evidence for this is speculative at best....

I know this one I ever knew who died...came back to tell me anything...(despite lifelong plans to do so)....

I know that for my first thirty years I thought (believed!) that there was a God who loves us....but I never had a single prayer answered...never heard him,.. ( that 'voice in the wilderness' ) talk to me or give me advice...for which I have prayed for  half my I don't do that anymore.


Though I thought for years that my duty to the Supreme was to gather  life's information and report same to the Creator upon my 'surrender',.....I'm pretty sure we are just animals being raised for 'beasts of burden' and slaughter...plain and simple....I find no  visible evidence  otherwise....

Sometimes I feel that many of us are deluding ourselves, thinking we're something special....

Are we treated like something special?  Or do we have to fight and scratch tooth and nail...just to find some love and beauty and peace  while here on this realm...and the only display of goodness is the 'unconditional love' a parent will show to thier offspring...or is that instinct?   I dunno....







Shaun75's picture



c'mon bro we are special! will see around 2012 when we go to 4d:)


we do have spirit/soul..that is who we really are..this body is just that...

you will remember this eventually..



much love to you and all

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In the Wall Street Journal, columnist Brett Arends warned, "Maybe it's time for Americans to start stockpiling food.

"No, this is not a drill," he wrote.

His concern was about various food shortages around the globe, and the fact that in a global market, prices in the U.S. reflect difficulties in other parts of the world quickly.

Hopkins raised some of the same concerns, suggesting a military conflict could cause oil supplies to plummet, triggering a huge increase in the cost of food ˆ when it would be available ˆ because of the transportation issues.

The ABC report from just a few weeks ago quoted Jim Rawles, a former U.S. intelligence officer who runs a survival blog, saying food shortages soon could become a matter of survival in the U.S.

"I think that families should be prepared for times of crisis, whether it's a man-made disaster or a natural disaster, and I think it's wise and prudent to stock up on food," he told ABC.


Are feds stockpiling survival food?

'These circumstances certainly raise red flags'

July 24, 2008

A Wall Street Journal columnist has advised people to "start stockpiling food" and an ABC News Report says "there are worrying signs appearing in the United States where some · locals are beginning to hoard supplies." Now there's concern that the U.S. Government may be competing with consumers for stocks of storable food.

"We're told that the feds bought the entire container of canned butter when it hit the California docks. (Something's up!)," said
officials at Best Prices Storable Foods in an advisory to customers

Spokesman Bruce Hopkins told WND he also has had trouble obtaining No. 10 cans of various products from one of the world's larger suppliers of food stores, Oregon Freeze Dry.

He said a company official told him on the telephone when he discussed the status of his order that it was because the government had purchased massive quantities of products, leaving none for other customers.

That, however, was denied by Oregon Freeze Dry. In a website statement, the company confirmed it cannot assure supplying some items to customers.

"We regret to inform you Oregon Freeze Dry cannot satisfy all Mountain House #10 can orders and we have removed #10 cans from our website temporarily," the company tells frustrated customers. "The reason for this is sales of #10 cans have continued to increase. OFD is allocating as much production capacity as possible to this market segment, but we must maintain capacity for our other market segments as well."

The company statement continues, "We want to clarify inaccurate information we‚ve seen on the Internet. This situation is not due to sales to the government domestically or in Iraq. We do sell products to this market, but we also sell other market segments · The reason for this decision is solely due to an unprecedented sales spike in #10 cans sales.

"We expect this situation to be necessary for several months although this isn‚t a guarantee. We will update this information as soon as we know more. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience. We sincerely hope you will continue to be Mountain House customers in the future," the company statement said.

But Hopkins wasn't backing away from his concerns.

"The government just came in and said they're buying it. They did pay for it," he told WND about the summertime shipment of long-term storage butter. "They took it and no one else could have it.

"We don't know why. The feds then went to freeze dried companies, and bought most of their canned stock," he said.

A spokeswoman for Oregon Freeze Dry, sales manager Melanie Cornutt, told WND that the increasing demand for food that can be stored has been on the rise since Hurricane Katrina devastated large sections of the Gulf Coast, cutting off ordinary supply routes.

"We are currently out of stock on our cans. We are not selling any of our cans," she confirmed.

She then raised the issue of government purchases herself.

"We do sell to the government [but] it is not the reason [for company sales limits]," she said.

Officials with the Federal Emergency Management Agency told WND whatever government agency is buying in a surge it isn't them. They reported a stockpile of about six million meals which has not changed significantly in an extended period.

But Hopkins said it was his opinion the government is purchasing huge quantities of food for stockpiles, and Americans will have to surmise why.

"We don't have shelters that [are being] stocked with food. We're not doing this for the public. My only conclusion is that they're stocking up for themselves," he said of government officials.

Blogger Holly Deyo issued an alert this week announcing, "Unprecedented demand cleans out major storable food supplier through 2009."

"It came to our attention today, that the world's largest producer of storable foods, Mountain House, is currently out of stock of ALL #10 cans of freeze dried foods, not just the Turkey Tetrazzini. They will NOT have product now through 2009," she said.

"This information was learned by a Mountain House dealer who shared it with me this morning. In personally talking with the company immediately after, Mountain House verified the information is true. Customer service stated, 'I'm surprised they don't have this posted on the website yet.' She said they have such a backlog of orders, Mountain House will not be taking any #10 can food requests through the remainder of this year and all of the next.

"Mountain House claims this situation is due to a backlog of orders, which may very well be true, but who is purchasing all of their food? This is a massive global corporation.

"One idea: the military. Tensions are ramping up with Iran and news segments debate whether or not we will implement a preemptive strike in conjunction with Israel," she wrote.

Hopkins raised some of the same concerns, suggesting a military conflict could cause oil supplies to plummet, triggering a huge increase in the cost of food ˆ when it would be available ˆ because of the transportation issues.

The ABC report from just a few weeks ago quoted Jim Rawles, a former U.S. intelligence officer who runs a survival blog, saying food shortages soon could become a matter of survival in the U.S.

"I think that families should be prepared for times of crisis, whether it's a man-made disaster or a natural disaster, and I think it's wise and prudent to stock up on food," he told ABC.

"If you get into a situation where fuel supplies are disrupted or even if the power grid were to go down for short periods of time, people can work around that," he said. "But you can't work around a lack of food ˆ people starve, people panic and you end up with chaos in the streets."

At his California ranch, the location of which is kept secret, he said, "We have more than a three-year supply of food here."

In the Wall Street Journal, columnist Brett Arends warned, "Maybe it's time for Americans to start stockpiling food.

"No, this is not a drill," he wrote.

His concern was about various food shortages around the globe, and the fact that in a global market, prices in the U.S. reflect difficulties in other parts of the world quickly.

Professor Lawrence F. Roberge, a biologist who has worked with a number of universities and has taught online courses, told WND he's been following the growing concern over food supplies.

He also confirmed to WND reports of the government purchasing vast quantities of long-term storable foods.

He said that naturally would be kept secret to avoid panicking the public, such as when word leaks out to customers that a bank may be insolvent, and depositors frantically try to retrieve their cash.

"[These] circumstances certainly raise red flags," he said.


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Wasn't sure I even wanted to enter the discussion and yet this theme has been ongoing in my life!  Years ago I wanted to talk to my good friends about what the gov'ment was up to, they we're of the opinion that staying positive was more beneficial. I now think that staying positive WHILE looking at the negative IS more beneficial.

This concept was driven home to me while going through the TT course, in fact it was probably the most important part of the course to me.  In that, it allowed me to go even deeper into the darkness that our 'evil' empire has perp-ed us with, like jumping into cold water the sensation was both shocking AND enlightening.  But the surprising part was what came up in ME!  My darkness and my part of the evil that exists in this dimension (Here I refer to the issue of paedophelia that the Big Boys and Girls perpetrate on kids through mind control for use in all sorts of sexual perversions AND state secrets - re; Cathy Obrien et. all.  Now juxtaposition that to the history of the Church where they are still sexually molesting kids and you can imagine as I have, a past life where I was part of that.)

The lesson here is that - I hope you're ready for this - we need to take responsibility for the darkness AS IF we were the ones causing it!  If and when we do that we are then empowering ourselves with the ability to CHANGE the outcome!

(Please reference Paul Levy's article The Madness of George Bush)

Once we've walked through the F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) and befriended the dragon (forgive, embrace and Love the evil one), we've reclaimed our power and now have the ability to change the out picturing of reality.  In fact my guess is that we can desist and release duality completely.  The non-dual state, in my opinion, is a higher dimensional state where our Oneness is re-membered, remembered and Lived.

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Zack, if I had to choose a single post since I joined the Portal that made me jump out of my chair and shout, "Right on!" yours is it.

I now think that staying positive WHILE looking at the negative IS more beneficial.

I do, too.  As I said in one of my posts, it's dumb not to look at the scary stuff.  How else you gonna know if it's real?  The trouble with F.E.A.R. is that it bypasses the upper lobes of the brain and is centered in the limbic system - so instead of thinking, "OK, what's the plan?" we're thinking "What will happen?"  We have to balance that visceral engagement with centered detachment.

This concept was driven home to me while going through the TT course...we need to take responsibility for the darkness AS IF we were the ones causing it!

Exactly.  Isn't that the lesson on Total Responsibility?  When I read through that one, my first thought was that I had to completely own how my ex-wife set me up.  My second thought was that OMG I am responsible for CheneyBush, and I own that too!  The question as with everything else is, what am I going to do about it?  Seems to me that for now the best I can do is try to shine a light. guess is that we can desist and release duality completely.  The
non-dual state, in my opinion, is a higher dimensional state where our
Oneness is re-membered...

Here's a topic we could debate, because I think there are some paradoxes implicit in unity vs duality.  Keep writing, Zack!


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You write:

"If, instead of
focusing on any loss of life, regardless how dreadful, we immediately focus on
how best to use our energies, rather than automatically panicking into a
fight-or-flight reaction, obviously we can use higher wisdoms than base animal


I recently read a wonderful book by Clare Heartsong which is a metaphysically sophisticated retelling of the Christ story.  It is called ANNA, GRANDMOTHER OF JESUS."


In it, it describes the crucifixion of Jesus (I'm loosely paraphrasing) as a time in which He focused solely on his Oneness with His Father God (and the Oneness with All That Is) instead of what appeared to be occuring on the 3D level.

This I understood to be a lesson for me during these times, and perhaps for others as well.




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If we are more aware now of the corruption of the governments and corporations it is because some people in the world were courageous enough to let the truth out, even if they were risking in doing it to lose their jobs, lose money, sometimes lose their life..

You cannot be conscious and not act according to your consciousness..

There is always a danger to hide under the cover of a false spirituality and pretend everything will be fine.

The Christ did not hide, he gave his life to let the truth out.

In the second world war, the people who stayed silent were as responsible as Hitler.

Consciousness is demanding.

I received a mail the other day without mention of the author. If anyone recognizes the writing, please oblige me this author. It resonated as a way to communicate that delicate balance we walk as complicated humans.

"...There is a method to this madness. As mentioned in earlier sections of this book, there is a hierarchy to energetic levels and dimensions. When we reach higher realities, it is very difficult to reside or spend time in the lower realities. We are simply not a match anymore. This response also has other benefits. The intolerance greatly encourages us to create more on the outside that matches how we are vibrating, feeling and being on the inside. If our outside reality feels downright awful, we will most assuredly be inspired to save ourselves through our need to feel better by creating higher ways of living and being. And by not tolerating and refusing to be a part of the old reality, as we literally cannot stomach it anymore, it makes us literally refuse to participate, therefore withdrawing any energy of support. If we do not become involved in something and negate it, it cannot survive because there is no energy to make it real and alive. It will simply cease to be as it will not be residing in anyone's consciousness.

"Through this intolerance we are also being very direct. As we progress into higher vibrating beings, we find that we can no longer beat around the bush, sit by and watch, or take a long and winding road to get anywhere. Higher energy moves in a straight shot. It does not go here and there, make excuses and support friends and family even though they are in unhealthy situations, or sit blindly by. It is simple and direct. No wishy washy uncertainty and passivity. The time is up for tolerating the old and for waiting. It's the higher way or no way. At some level we know this, and at times can find ourselves addressing the lower vibrations very directly. In this way, this is a higher form of love. It involves an inability to support the lower vibrations in anything. We are actually being spiritual warriors of higher truth and greatly helping others."

Tricia  11D wanna be

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It is quoted at

For your reading pleasure from The Ascension Primer:

"Letting Go Through Intolerance And Apath"

no author given



  I knew someone would recognize that .  What a great resource this community is!

  Still a wanna be 11-D


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"suffering" from a little anger and disappointment in your initially-taught concept of "God" in earlier years, a concept that was slowly but surely disproven through years of seemingly cold silence and unanswered prayers. If there is even a little truth to this, I can sure relate! I think part of the answer we may be seeking lies in something Tricia was getting to so well in her post above - that the "thing" getting in our way may very well be our own personal, adopted and self-inflicted concepts. For example, that Charlie Manson's beliefs, actions, behavior is not really the "evil" and badness we seek to eradicate, but our own disappointed and fixed worldviews that would label Charlie Manson as something evil. This is a hard one for me to swallow, as it will be for most sane people, but I have a very strong hunch that our liberation lies somewhere in the understanding of this concept of liberating one's "self" from taking a position in a "world" of illusions, in a universe/omniverse of limitless abstract potential and development of consciousness awareness.

Something sticks in my mind constantly now from "sunday school" so long ago - "judge not lest ye be judged".

I now understand that as a universal and simple law of nature, of the natural process of elevating conscious awareness by loving through a temptation of an adopted judgment or worldview, a gentle warning or sorts that keeps us from getting "stuck" in any illusion of this world of holograms as we journey through it. Did we consciously decide to come into this world for certain experiencial knowledge? Who or what is the we or I that decided to do this? Wouldn't it be so wierd to find out that the choice to enter a world of suffering and transcend it is the key to experiential knowledge that greatly expands consciousness? I got some very interesting answers back from a theoretical physicist this morning. One thing that really stood out in his answers to my questions was that everything throughout all that is is based on "angular momentum". It is why the water swirls in a little tornado down the drain, why a tornado or hurricane or a black hole or galaxies swirl the way they do. All things seen and unseen operate in accord with this very basic principle. It is why certain cultures practice the art of spinning and why children spin around. My point here is I think there is a philosophical truth that accompanies this fundamental truth/reality - that when we get fixed/static on any concept we have lost our way and must return to the fluid spinning motion of our existence to be back on our way of a collective and seemingly individual very natural process of ascension. Getting stuck on a concept of personal judgment, disagreeing/disapproving of "anything", sets us back a bit or puts us in a self-inflicted psychological stasis coma so to speak, thus proactively retarding our progress for the sake of how much we choose to cherish some particular conceptual judgment that has nothing to do with anything real in the end. This is just one big hunch I am working on, so I put it out there for ongoing discussion and affirmation by other sources more learned than "i".....

Love & Light, Day or Night, Chris

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Perfectly said Zack!!!!

"The lesson here is that - I hope you're ready for this - we need to
take responsibility for the darkness AS IF we were the ones causing
(because WE ARE every time we delude ourselves into believing we are not)! If and when we do that we are then empowering ourselves with the
ability to CHANGE the outcome

This gives us a way to see clearly our own involvement, and the positive proactive and more sober attitude to want to do something about it after realizing we really are part of the problem when we see "evil" as something someone else is doing (but not me, of course! I'm one of the good guys, right?). Everyone thinks they're one of the good guys from both sides of two sides calling the other side the evil side!!!! This self-righteous delusion is the heart and soul of war from the bowels of a false light of self-inflicted misdirection - an ancient desire for autonomy, for being right at someone else's expense, as if that were legitimate proof of being the righteous one..... what a crock! and yet it happens over and over again. Now that we now and understand the concept, "how do we proceed?" is the big question???

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"If we do not become involved in something and negate it, it cannot
survive because there is no energy to make it real and alive. It will
simply cease to be as it will not be residing in anyone's consciousness"

All of us have seen this liberating and efficient seemingly gracious and polite intolerance at work at one time or another during our lives.  Nonengagment takes the wind right out of the sails of the potential engagment/battle/whatever.

So arguing the point (whatever worldview point it may be at the time) is not a display of intolerant behavior, but an obvious display of tolerant behavior, behavior begging for the fight or engagment!  Makes it much more difficult to fool ourselves into some kind of bogus self-righteous position once this is really understood and consolidated....

That's just gotta be a good thing!!!!  Love all we are learning and discussing in this forum thread while we take care to prepare to some degree in this physical world in flux....

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