Update on Bill Wood's mututal fallout with Project Camelot

Kerry Cassidy conducted her first two interview with Bill Wood in an uncharacteristically restrained and "allowing" style, but that has now devolved into epic nastiness, which is worth wondering about.

I'm not stating any opinion about the article below (which originally appears here).  I have no way of knowing where the truth lies, but have only gut feelings. 

If you want some background on this fallout, watch the very good Lisa Harrison-Bill Wood interview that is referred to below.   I did not listen to the Cassidy radio interview (the third one) where allegedly the noxious waste matter hit the revolving paddles, but having heard about it, I don't really want to.  ...However, based on this report and my former impressions of Cassidy, I do wonder whether she has a serious personality disorder.  At the very least, the writer of the article does bring up some perspectives on Camelot (and Avalon) that may be worth thinking about.  Here we go...

Shootout At the Camelot Corral-Part 2: Mental Hate Crime

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The Bill Wood Disclosures:

I have now gone through nearly 12 hours of the audio, and the video of the first interview, with Bill Wood from Project Camelot...some of these twice! I have witheld any substanitive judgements of the level of information provided in those interviews, but have commented on the hubris surrounding the "Beyond Looking Glass" marketing campaign launched by Camelot to feature the interviews on their site. 

Even as the videos went viral, it was clear that Kerry Cassidy was unhappy with Bill's performance, so much so that David Wilcock was brought in to shore up the shaky foundations. The problem lies, not in the information Bill Wood provided, but in what was EXPECTED by both the collective of Project Camelot and the audience. Forget for now, the accusations that Brockbrader/Wood was not a SEAL and that he is a registered sex offender...those issues are dealt with effectively on both sides. Forget that when the third Camelot video became an expose of sex rings in Las vegas and a platform for Bill's spiritual pursuit, Wood was "lynched" via chatroom comments.  As I said, I have refrained from any comments until I have spoken with Bill Wood, personally.

What IS clear is that Bill Wood failed to provide the level of "sizzle" required for a whistleblower on Project Camelot. So, Wood was thrown under the bus by Cassidy because he failed to live up to the hype promised by Camelot, who of late have a shortfall of new dislosers. Cassidy's pale "love and light" veneer gave way to outright denunciation after Wood issued some corrections is his subsequent interview with Lisa Harrison on February 7, 2012.

In an email to which I was a recipient, Bill attached a lenghty statement dealing with both substanitive issues and the heightening war of words with Kerry Cassidy. The full statement is posted below as a PDF. What follows is Kerry's reply, and my commments to her recent actions, focusing on her repeated undermining of people with which she has conflict, by invoking a "mind control" epithet.
More Truth Revealed by Bill Brockbrader.pdf 


Mind control, "programming" and other similar terms are MEMES...repeated and regurgitated throughout the internet media, removed from their context. They also act as TRIGGERS for both the victims, and those distinctive varieties of trolls who habituate forums, talk show chatrooms, and blog comments.

The act of bandying these terms around in loose fashion, especially as a means of discrediting a subject is nothing less than a form of mental hate crime! Like racial epithets, gender-based slurs, or derogatory comments on the disabled, the usage of "mind control" and its associated terms as an implied negative character disorder, desensitizes the public perception of these hideous practices, and minimizes the trauma of its victims in favor of a broader, more pragmatic usage to the detriment of everyone who works to END FOREVER these practices.

As I outline below, if Ms. Cassidy wishes to denounce Bill Wood as a "liar", that is her perogative. The term is fairly clear, and perhaps applicable where two parties vary on details. Lies can be addressed in a substantive manner by the readers and listeners with the proper degree of discernment...the world if FULL of liars.

On the other hand, mind control must be understood as a syndrome of violence to the human soul and psyche. In extremis, it is a violent, brutal, and devastating process that strips the subjects abilities to recall or assess their own thoughts and actions. Mind control subjects are VICTIMS...not liars, in the capacity of their particular testimony. Anyone who has ever spent time interviewing subjects of mind control (including abductees), fully knows the precarious nature of both the psyche and the testimony being given.

These factors make any such interview a matter of delicacy and great sensitivity. That sensitivity must never be over-ridden by the subjective whims of the interviewer, or audience, regarding the subjects' moral intentions. To be more succinct: lies are purposeful distortions; mind control is a subjegation of willful response and action. The two are not morally equal, and the latter is involuntary.

As a publicly denounced "liar", Bill Wood should have slunk away. He did not do so, and in fact, roared back with a level statement on the differences with Camelot, the war of words with Navy SEAL, Don Shipley, and an offer of validation by a former SEAL trainer who recalled both Wood and Blackwater founder, Erik Prince

Cassidy, understandably upset (but with no small blame to bear due to her ungraceful handling of the entire Bill Wood debacle), shot back with one phrase that once again demonstrated a lack of integrity as regards the subject of MIND CONTROL:

KERRY at Project Camelot [email protected]

Feb 13 



More lies from you.  Obviously you are re-programmed and no longer trustworthy in any way.
Please do not attempt to contact me or send me further lies regarding me or Camelot.
Thank you.

 For those who are not familiar with Cassidy's prior attempts to smear someone with the "mind control" label I refer you to the article here: Letter To Kerry Cassidy-December 5, 2011  What follows is my response to Cassidy's latest drive-by mind control attack:

Randy Maugans

Feb 13 

to KERRY, Bill, ...

We have Bill's written statement, and Kerry's blog article, we are all grown-ups, let those with ears hear. I have an issue with Kerry---a pattern if you will, that persists: whenever someone turns on her, or those on the INSIDE of Project Camelot, she reverts to accusations of mind control, as she does in both her posts and this email regarding Bill Wood. She did this in the accusations made against Richard Hoagland by Gary Vierre back in December 2011, when she wrote that Gary was likely a mind control subject.

I would have to ask you,  Kerry, what substantive evidence do you have that Bill has been "re-programmed"? What evidence did you ever have about your cruel accusations against Gary---a person with which you had NO contact? 

You may ask why this matters?

Again, it goes to the very core of the work you and Bill did in Project Camelot's early days with whistleblowers who were generally assumed to be both handled, and subjects of some form of mind control. You have had witnesses who acknowledge they are being handled...Barry King comes to mind, as he told me directly he is still handled. 

The problem is one of deploying convenient pejorative labels whenever things turn to shit on your end. So I ask: is being a "mind control" subject a descriptor of a person who is to be treated with compassion, or derision? I don't think you can have it both ways. If you choose the negative connotation (and you have), then you place into disrepute not only those you have so labelled, but your own "body of evidence", and any such future endeavors.  

That those coming out of such projects are subject to surveillance, handling (direct or indirect), and even ultimately being "switched" should not come as a surprise to you, a veteran researcher of these subjects. That you have a repeated pattern of such behavior demonstrates either a double standard towards such subjects, or a naïveté beyond your experience. 

It appears this is your last resort epithet when all else has failed. In a sense, you, being a researcher of mind control, employ mind control by invoking mind control---even where a lack of such is absent. You wonder why your whistleblowers are drying up? Do you not sense that even your own audience is growing fatigued with your sharp elbows and tactless manner in attempting to pry the last ounce of substance from your victims (er, interview subjects)? 

I think you have fairly stated that Bill's testimony was not in line with your standards in this statement:

"...a lack of familiarity with what Project Camelot is all about. And therefore Bill and Eva are not able to assess accurately what is new and what is well known to the Camelot audience."

You also seemed to evoke the proper tenor for a person in your field when you wrote:

"I suggest that rather than judging him you consider the impact that simple mass mind control has had on your own lives and then try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has that and on top of it joins the military and becomes the focus of intense mind manipulation over long periods of time. Then you will begin to understand what it truly means to be a whistleblower, or someone who has chosen to break ranks and come forward to tell the truth about what they have experienced."

That was then, this is now. So there are double standards, or what we would call "conditional love"....nice!

In your haste to rush out the Bill Wood material, did you ever vet his testimony? Did it occur to you that the fact he presented material similar to other whistelblowers was to be considered more "corroborative" than the stunning next big thing that your (perceived) adrenaline-addicted listenership demands? Part of the art of media is knowing how to frame things, and present in a manner appropriate to the presenter. When the first interview failed to yield the appropriate "buzz", did you really need three people to handle a second interview...or is this just Camelot's manner of "handling" a subject?

Kerry, you have a problem: you are completely disingenuous about mind control. IF...I repeat...IF, Bill has been "reprogrammed", then he would not be the culprit, but those who are his handlers. On the other hand, if "mind controlled" "reprogrammed", or other similar terms are to be bandied about in hostility and anger, then it can be presumed you lack the appropriate insight and sensitivity to work with such people.

 I suspect those who have watched these repeated "blow ups", especially witnesses presently not coming forward, are also seeing the big picture in this regard. I suggest you clarify your perceptions and responses with an attunement of sensitivity toward subjects of mind control programs, and resist taking (once again) the "low road" when things go bad. 

Grace under pressure is the real sign of a professional...not the name-calling and hurled implications which you cannot know or prove. 

Randy Maugans-OffPlanet Radio

 In his written article, Bill Wood proposes a serious solution to the constant churning of "information" at Camelot, and one I support: an alternative to the white knuckle atmosphere of Project Camelot-type forums:
"I would only suggest that, as Kerry states, that Project Camelot is not the proper forum for first time whistleblowers and that many people, including myself, agree with her statement. It is my greatest wish to establish a forum in which whistleblowers can disclose seeming unbelievable information and not be discredited simply because they don’t possess a level of proof that nameless, faceless people in the chatrooms and forums

I get a steady flow of emails form listeners and readers who voice concerns over the goings on at Camelot/Avalon, usually of the type that indicates they feel captive to the millieu of such turmoil. YOU HAVE A CHOICE: Dump them and begin to dig out the truth for yourselves! Camelot may be the "big dog" (for now) of truther-type media, but they are certainly not the only one.

In fact, be suspicious of "big dogs"---they are usually "well fed", if you catch the drift. Certainly, the tone of arrogance indicates that Kerry & Co. feel justified in deploying the mind control meme to their advantage whenever it suits them. That arrogance worries me...how about you?


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   into a soap opera of sorts ! It was quite obvious that Bill was much more comfortable around lisa than with kerry....I have never liked camelot's style. I used to prefer conscious Media network, but haven't visited them in some time now. They seemed alot more intelligent to me...

fredburks's picture

Thanks for that update, Bob. I have to say I'm not surprised. When people are looking to make bad guys and good guys, they will find them somewhere, and eventually it will be among their own. I wish everyone involved much love and compassion.

With sacred love and warm wishes,

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What's cool is that the majority of us paying close attention to all the available info are able to parse the information and separate sincerity and integrity from ego nonsense and typical human bullshit.  One of the most inspiring things I come away with from all of those interviews is the synchronicity demonstrated within the budding relationship of Bill Wood and David Wilcock.

Also, I take something from Terence McKenna's research (from which came his Time Wave Zero theory), that we will continue to see what may appear over the top bizarre, or ridiculous, or incredibly amazing.  As we approach the culmination of the Time Wave, in the context of McKenna's (and others') proposition that the Cosmos is a novelty generator by Nature, we will see condensed compacted intense versions of what in the past has been stretched out over longer periods of time.

The amazing part is there is really no way to comprehend where this Time Wave takes us, if we are indeed moving toward something so condensed, towards one amazing moment of singularity, that time itself no longer exists like it did before, if at all.

This is Authentic Novelty at it's best.  Inside the Intentional Momentum of this Novelty Generator we have free will to be co-Creators, but the overall Initiating Primary Intention of this Novelty Generator is bigger than all of us, and bigger than our present imaginations can conceive of, which is fine with me.

What I can be sure of is the understatement, what an amazing thing all of this is!!!!!

What I really like about this take on things is that I do not need to waste any time trying to determine what the hell Cassidy's problem is, LOL (or anyone's for that matter).  I am completely relieved of any assumed notion that I need to take a position for or against.  I can listen to the information and parse it without assuming one is wrong and the other is right.  I can dispel polarity while traveling through this much more dense place in time history...

Cassidy's behavior can be reduced to a more dense version of herself during this time of denser and more compacted manifestation...  The Intelligent Heart can be trusted as faithful guide in these waters...

Bob07's picture

Chris, you are our "resident" Higher-Level Perspective Synthesist (HLPS) -- [I've always wanted to introduce an acronym into the world; now I can die fulfilled].  You pull together big perspective ideas and apply them to the ground-level apparent confusion, which then organizes our perception of that confusion, at least tentatively (until we see how things actually shake out).  So, keep bringing in that Law of One and McKenna and whatever other material you have tucked in your back pocket. 

By the way, I love McKenna's Time Wave Zero and Novelty Generator theory(ies).  There actually is no time, and no way to predict the future beyond relatively small things.  And we could all live that way... we who don't exist either (as discrete entities).  You're right... what freedom there is in all of this, if only we'll just let go of everything that concerns us and that we want to control.  Hey, let's dance.

To Everyone:

About our not existing as discrete entities, have a sublime laugh with Dennis and Mooji (it's genuine): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfvgvDkdG2M

If that perspective doesn't grab you and you still want a high-level laugh, check this out instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKnY8tBLG3g

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   chris's angle simplifies the situation, which is what we should be striving for..I also acknowledge that there is a riff between cassidy and wood. If I ponder it, I will waste alot of my precious energy on something that doesn't matter. This could lead to disengenuine thoughts that could upset the progress we are making as a whole, and there is "no time" for that. After seeing the other interviews, I have gathered the info that was lacking in the cassidy version, and I can move on..The turbulence surrounding it (name calling,whatever) is the sign that there is no more useful info there. They will both work it out, and be fine. So will I...........

       Once again, to me, looking at the bigger picture is operating closer to the planck scale,observing and taking notes, but not engaging some fallout that occurs afterwards. That fallout comes from the part of ourselves we are trying to leave behind.......but,,,,,,Chris said it much better !

Wendy's picture

Hi Tod, Chris,

Chris, I hope Tod is just rewording the same thing you were trying to express here:

What's cool is that the majority of us paying close attention to all the available info are able to parse the information and separate sincerity and integrity from ego nonsense and typical human bullshit.  One of the most inspiring things I come away with from all of those interviews is the synchronicity demonstrated within the budding relationship of Bill Wood and David Wilcock.

because although I listened to most of these interviews (perhaps I'm not paying close attention) I'm still not feeling like I'm able to discern truth from bs however in all this but everything Tod just said makes sense to me. I'll have to wade through all those Terrance McKinna videos or perhaps I just need to take a trip or 2...

Hey Bob, Perhaps we could say Higher Energy Lever Perspective Synthesist so that it actually spells out HELPS?

ChrisBowers's picture

“Shucks, folks, I'm speechless!”

tscout's picture

    Yes Wendy, I was just thinking out loud, and writing it down, deciphering Chris's words so could assimilate them. Once the subject of the interviews turned to conflict, they lacked anything worth assimilating . Hey Chris, I have caught a few more of Terence's lectures here in China. I am able to bypass all the blackouts here so far, and have really been enjoying them..Of course, there is no one here to talk about them with ! ha !

Bob07's picture

Todd, what are you doing in China?

tscout's picture

   I was sent here to negotiate a deal for the return of all that gold we keep hearing about ! Ha ! No, I am teaching 4th and 7th grade English. Of course, I was supposed to be down in Hainan, the carribean of China, but after a month of paperwork, I still got screwed out of that job. I don't seem to have very good luck with agents,ha !  anyways, I am in more of a seattle setting now, but the people are wonderful. today I got mobbed by mmy last class of the day,,,,,they all wanted me to autograph their books 1 Can you believe it ? I am the only American within 150 miles of here. There is one italian lady, and a kid from Ireland, so we stand out in a crowd, ha ! The kids here come from remote towns all over the surrounding area, they live in the school, no heat, and not much else either. The schools are cold and gray, but they are so happy ! they go home every 2 weeks for the weekend. The other weekend,,,they have classes all day Saturday and Sunday. There are almost 8000 kids in this school,,and I have at least 50 in a class.Their jackets say..Dongyuan Experimental School,,,

         I am using proxpn to get through the censors here,,even this site was blacked out last time I was here. Proxpn gives me a US isp number, and shields me from anyone seeing what I am doing. I am using the paid version this time, as it is faster, so I can download and watch videos,,so far, so good...........peace bubble out,,,,,T

"You want to help save the world? Thought, cognition, planning, caring, emotion, communication, intentionality, focus and authenticity are the domains that we have to be in in order to carry this off."
- Terence McKenna

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One last post honoring the life and work of Terence McKenna:

Terence McKenna's Last Trip

The "altered statesman" emerged from Leary's long shadow to push a magical blend of psychedelics, technology, and revelatory rap. He had less time than he knew.

By Erik Davis

In May 1999, the psychedelic bard Terence McKenna returned to his jungle hideaway on Hawaii's Big Island after six weeks on the road. He was relieved to be home. Since claiming the mantle of Tripster King from Timothy Leary, McKenna has earned his keep as a stand-up shaman on the lecture circuit, regaling groups of psychonauts, seekers, and boho intellectuals with tales involving mushrooms, machine consciousness, and the approaching end of history. Weird stuff, and wonderfully told. But the teller was getting tired of the routine. A recluse at heart, McKenna wanted nothing more than to surf the Web, read, polish up some manuscripts, and enjoy the mellow pace of Hawaii with his new girlfriend, Christy Silness, a kind young woman he had met the year before at an ethnobotanical conference in the Yucatán.

Soon after McKenna arrived home, however, he was hit with ferocious headaches. He'd long suffered from migraines, but nothing in his 52 years could match the ice picks now skewering his skull. On May 22, after dragging himself to the john to vomit, McKenna's mind exploded. Hallucinations cut in like shards of glass; taste and smell were bent out of shape; and he was swallowed up by a labyrinth that, as he later put it, "somehow partook of last week's dreams, next week's fears, and a small restaurant in Dublin." Then his blood pressure dropped and he collapsed, the victim of a brain seizure.

When McKenna came to, he was flat on his back, staring at the ceiling as his extremely agitated girlfriend called 911. Then he swooned again. In addition to being much younger than McKenna, Silness is also much shorter, but somehow she managed to load his lanky, 6'2" frame into their truck and drive down the mountain to meet an ambulance. To keep McKenna awake, she coaxed him into reciting a poem his grandfather used to chant, "The Cremation of Sam McGee." But then a grand mal hit, and McKenna was out cold.

The ambulance guys knew McKenna's rep and were convinced he had OD'd. But a CAT scan in Kona revealed the presence of a walnut-sized tumor buried deep in McKenna's right frontal cortex. The growth was diagnosed as a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most malignant of brain tumors. To McKenna's amazement, his doctor described the thing as a "fruiting body" that sent "mycelia" throughout the surrounding tissue - mycological lingo straight out of theMagic Mushroom Grower's Guide that McKenna had published in 1975 with his brother, Dennis, an ethnobotanist. The rest was less amusing: Without treatment, McKenna would die within a month. With treatment, the prognosis was six months. "No one escapes," said the doctor.

McKenna was facing something that no shaman's rattle or peyote button was going to cure. With barely time to breathe, he had to choose from among chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and the gamma knife - a machine that could blast the tumor with 201 converging beams of cobalt radiation.

At the same time, friends and comrades were stalking more ethereal treatments. On the Big Island, Hali Makua, a Grand Kahuna of Polynesia, hiked up the side of the Mauna Loa volcano. He meditated about McKenna and was illuminated with a handful of Hawaiian power words, words that he later phoned in to his ailing friend.

From the wilds of Nevada, paranormal radio jock Art Bell was planning a different kind of intervention. Bell went on the air and asked his 13 million listeners to participate in "great experiment no. 8." At 2 pm Pacific time on Sunday, May 30, Bell's listeners sent McKenna a mass blast of good vibrations. "It's not something I really believe in," says McKenna. "But I am much more sympathetic to the idea of a huge morphogenetic field affecting your health than the idea that one inspired healer could do it."

Even after he went under the gamma knife, McKenna couldn't quite believe what was happening to him. "There are only about 1,000 of these GBMs a year, so it's a rare disease. I never won anything before - why now?" Like everybody else, he suspected a lifetime of exotic drug use may have been to blame.

"So what about it?" he asked his doctors. "You wanna hammer on me about that?" They assured him there was no causal link.

"So what about 35 years of daily dope smoking?" he asked. They pointed to studies suggesting that cannabis may actually shrink tumors.

"Listen," McKenna told them, "if cannabis shrinks tumors, we would not be having this conversation."

TerenceMcKennaTube's Channel - YouTube

I love what Terence says in this 1999 NPR interview (above) from his ever so rational down to earth mind.  He says of the New Age Movement, "We'll try anything, as long as it doesn't work" (Haaaahahahahaha), and of psychedelics, "Once you've tried psychedelics, you're no longer looking for the accelerator, you're looking for the brake".  He cracks me up!!!!  13 months after this interview Terence would be gone.  If I had to pick one 50 minute interview to recommend, it would be this one.

"You want to help save the world? Thought, cognition, planning, caring, emotion, communication, intentionality, focus and authenticity are the domains that we have to be in in order to carry this off."
- Terence McKenna

ChrisBowers's picture

You are so very welcome Elizabeth.  I so treasure McKenna's careful and creative way with words...

Here are a few others...

"Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet."

"The task of discerning shit from Shinola looms very large at the end of history."
"We're playing with half a deck as long as we tolerate that the cardinals of government and science should dictate where human curiousity can legitimately send its attention and where it can not. It's an essentially preposterous situation. It is essentially a civil rights issue, because what we're talking about here is the repression of a religious sensibility. In fact, not a religious sensibility, the religious sensibility. Not built on some con game spun out by eunichs, but based on the symbiotic relationship that was in place for our species for fifty thousand years before the advent of history, writing, priestcraft and propaganda. So it's a clarion call to recover a birthright."
Non-Ordinary States Through Vision Plants (1988)
"I always thought death would come on the freeway in a few horrifying moments, so you'd have no time to sort it out. Having months and months to look at it and think about it and talk to people and hear what they have to say, it's a kind of blessing. It's certainly an opportunity to grow up and get a grip and sort it all out. Just being told by an unsmiling guy in a white coat that you're going to be dead in four months definitely turns on the lights. ... It makes life rich and poignant. When it first happened, and I got these diagnoses, I could see the light of eternity, a la William Blake, shining through every leaf. I mean, a bug walking across the ground moved me to tears."

~Terence McKenna

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Someone posted a John Kettler video the other day on another forum - couldn't find it, but no matter, this one from the same youtube page fits here just fine.  The people discussing Time Wave Zero were very well acquainted with Terence McKenna and his work.  But the real reason I finally decided to post it is because at approx. the 70 minute mark one of them starts talking about their research into WingMakers and it is extensive and very interesting to hear about what he discovered...  Enjoy


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