The Truth about Facebook- ?

Saw this short video the other day (link below).  I hope it wasn't here...   It claims corporate and CIA connections to Facebook, and that it's used as an information gathering tool for the government.  I haven't had time to check the veracity of the connections it mentions and probably won't.   But my gut tells me that it's could well be true.   For the government to not mine Facebook would be like a child having the self-discipline to keep out of the cookie jar.  I've never felt comfortable about opening a Facebook account.  I won't even use the "EZ" automated toll lanes on toll roads.  Will anonymity ever be possible again?


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I've read other similar stories about FB so I believe it.  I have an account and I made everything private for my eyes only, but I didnt put a lot of the information in there that they wanted.  I'm very careful with it, but it still scares me!

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Hi, Bob.

I know we talked about this on G-Spot, not sure I've ever seen the video. 

I have been in a series of conversations over the past few weeks about this very topic.  My sense is that it might not have started out as a data mining tool, but it certainly is a ripe source of personal information for anyone out there.  I would not have even had a big issue with it, except for the most recent set of privacy concerns (Facebook selling not only YOUR name and info, but your FRIENDS names and info, WITHOUT SPECIFIC CONSENT).  This is a big deal.  And when you set your privacy settings to the most stringent settings available, they will sometimes revert to the default settings without your knowing it. 

If you are on Facebook, you can Google your own name (even if you have strict privacy settings), and see recent posts you have made to other people who do not have strict privacy settings.  I'm pretty sure whatever info the government wants on me, they can get, but my personal privacy is also a concern, and I just don't want random people to know that I'm even on Facebook - noless what I'm commenting on, etc... 

I have similar questions about Google, and the fact that I can open a personal email in my Google account - say it's about Vermont.  All of a sudden, all the advertisements on the top and right side of the email are about Vermont.  It feels creepy to me.  I don't know if it's anything more sinister than them trying to sell you stuff you might want, but it just feels icky. 

Lots of love,



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As I read comments my mind rushed with analogies, the matrix and a mouth full of cake.  My favorite is the mouth full of cake.  Complaining about the cake recipe with a mouth full of cake, LOL.  Sorry, couldn't understand what you were saying with all that cake in your mouth, haaahahahaha.

Sometimes humor helps during these frustrating moments of awakening and realization.  The other analogy, the first one, the matrix, all I could think is that we seem to be talking about fixing the matrix program sometimes when we really need to abandon the current "matrix" altogether.  Not sure we have to go that far, but the thought definitely came to mind like a pop up ad.

The other thing that has been coming to mind a lot lately, regarding many comments, is our old friend Riversong.  Say what you will about his feisty argumentative style, but he was true to himself concerning the abandoning of this current socio-economic construct, living somewhere in the woods in Vermont, and very skilled at many things that will and are helping him survive while disengaging from the current "matrix".

Don't want to be entangled in all the privacy (or lack thereof) issues of engaging the WWW, unplug.  None of these things that we take so much for granted these days, that have become so much a part of our day to day experience, are our rightful due.  Nor are they vital to our existence and survival.  They simply remain choices we make, and they are not the only choices we have by a longshot.  I sincerely feel like the art of convenience has taken it's toll on imagination these days.

Can you imagine the natural skills people would be exhibiting in their day to day lives if "convenience" and "leisure" had not been the primary driving motive for all these many years?  Uh oh, I smell conspiracy theory again!  Remember the Star Trek episode where the android servants' plan to take over and rule was to "serve" "them" into submission and compliance?  Gotta love Gene Roddenberry's imagination!!!

When we all are Telepathic... will any of this matter.  (hehehehehe LOL).

The internet is a glorious place of learning.  Don't want to be overheard simply say no thing... LOL

There is this story that comes to mind... I do not remember if it is true or not...

The Story of the Man and the Cultural Revolution

In China there was a cultural revolution--- so called because it was a war on culture and thoughts.  Thousands of people died. 

There was a man that was an artist and cultured.  He gave up all he had and was arrested for being cultured. 

The only way he could see that he would not have to endure humilation and be sent off to a reeducation camp was to feign being dumb.  He simply stopped speaking.

Everyone was concerned because he just ceased to communicate.  They sent him to Doctors, who despite all their modern tools could no discern why he had lost his ability to speak.

Many years passed and the man who was dumb simply stayed dumb.  And after time, the government stopped trying to understand how he lost his ability to speak. 

He did not lose anything.  He made a choice.  And that choice was to be silent.

The best protection for avoiding being heard is to simply not speak



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I dropped my facebook account for these reasons but I have left all kinds of personal information up here at the g-spot. I suppose we shouldn't assume this place is immune from prying eyes. There you go, NSA we know you are here !!!!


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Does anyone remember seeing the locked door to the NSA room at one of the major telecom companies a few years ago?  Can't remember if I saw it on a news special or what, but remember vividly the locked NSA door being shown where the NSA had their own routers for tracking all communications.

I would imagine they have tracking/filtering programs that key in on specific words and phrases to handle all that data.  May they overwhelm themselves to keep them busy being busy and out of our hair, LOL

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Check out the post I just made about reversing the spelling of Illuminati!


Yeah Chris I remember seeing that video. And if I remember properly it was Google which housed that NSA room.   I avoid using Google as much as possible, but I admit that I do watch You tube alot and that is Google too.

Facebook,  I have put as little as possible about personal stuff on there, except for the messages I send but I don't use facebook for communicating that much. I use my yahoo email for that or my phone.

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I have to admit that I have the same kinds of reservations about non-resident e-mail servers (is that the right terminology for servers that keep your e-mails on their computers somewhere?)  So I've never gone with yahoo or gmail.  I feel better with my stuff stored right here on my desk -- not that it couldn't be accessed there, but at least there are a couple of barriers government hackers would have to get through.  Why hand Big Brother (yes I know, he's our Big Brother) everything on a platter?  Let's make it as hard as possible for this personification of the the deluded sociopaths who collectively represent the projection of our shadow selves but who are also only fellow souls journeying on the Path back to the Source, bless their freeze-dried hearts, and may they experience profound remorse and severe diarrhea (preferably in reverse order).  

Now, having enjoyed that little dualistic bonbon, back to Unity Consciousness.   Ah, that's better.  But still no g-mail.

Hi Guys,

I think it was in the course where I saw a lady get driven through a riot but because she had no fear she moved through untouched....

At times Fred has received threatening emails suggesting he should stop doing what he is doing....he has posted his replies and shows zero fear...

If we fear something we make it real....we manifest it in our lives....

If someone wants to look into you, they can and there is nothing you can do to slow or stop them or even make it difficult......

When someone is carrying drugs through an airport it is often there fear that gives them away...fear will make you stand out...draw attention to you....

If you want to be invisible....have no open and transparent......


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I let all my info available to anyone who wants it....Stressing over info gets you nowhere...If they want it they will get it....What are they going to do to me? You can do the Hokie Pokie and turn yourself around..What is that is what it is all about? LOL

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Chris - I loved that comment about cake.  I never heard it before but think it is hilarious. 

I really enjoyed how the little bits of humor really added to this thread.  

While looking at this thread - once again I find myself asking... what is the fear that many are experiencing when they think someone is taking, gathering or using information about them?   Why are we so secretive, and afraid for others to know who we really are?  This year, 2010, has been the year touted as "Secrets Revealed".  Did we really think it would only be other peoples secrets... or the bad guys secrets that were going to be revealed?  What it if meant your secrets too?  I would say to spend some time with your secrets.   We may very well be moving into a place where ALL will be revealed.   Taking a good hard, long look at our secrets will lead us in the direction of our integrity.   We don't need to hide who we are anymore.

I put my left foot in.... I take my left foot out.... I put my left foot in and I shake it all around... (and hope it doesn't end up in my mouth somehow... while I'm eating cake.)

With love,



Hence-- Will all this matter when we are transparent and telepathic?

SealedTongue outSurprised


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I kinda like what Jez said in another forum post, that a select few of those freeze dried hearts are actually some of the most courageous souls, strategically positioned in some of the most dark corners of collective humanity, scheduled to wake up at some preincarnete soul contract agreed upon advantageous point.

It could just be my romantically inclined wishful thinking, but I have a feeling that the Bush/Cheney fiasco was kind of a forerunner glimpse of how this ruling elite arrogance & hubris may very well be humbled and transformed (you know, like Darth Vader).

If you look at humankind as one person, this person has many wonderful good qualities and is also quite delusional & arrogant with one hell of a shadow side.  So we can look at it as the humbling of that one person who has a huge heart to return to once relieved of such strong delusion and insane desire for controlling "others" (since there essentially is no "others")

Here's a toast to wishful thinking!!!

p.s. but then again, there's always this wild stuff to consider,

And Phil Schneider's last recorded speaking engagement before being "terminated" one year later

And Phil's talk about the 1979 Dulce firefight

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While I  essentially agree with your perspective(s) on openness and fearlessness, Jez, Billy (UKFan), Mary, Chris, and Elizabeth (ffg), there is the matter of dealing with the world as it is today, which is hopefully very different from what we believe it will evolve into soon (soon? What is "soon"?).  And in the matter of our daily lives, doing what we have to do or feel that we must do, absolutely to go forward forthrightly and fearlessly (or if there is fear, in spite of it) is the only sane way, the way of the warrior (we've recently posted about Rainbow/Shambhala Warriors).  To live this way is risk enough, but it isn't necessary (and I speak for myself alone here) to take additional risks.  I see publishing my private information without need as just such an unnecessary risk.  I, too, believe that there will be a time in our evolution when there will be absolutely no reason to conceal anything from any of the rest of us.  But we are not there yet.  Jesus said something like:  Be as gentle as lambs but as wary as serpents.  Granted, that was at the time of the brutal Roman Empire, but we are essentially still in that Empire, although a new world is also beginning to emerge from its wreckage.  The power is starting to shift, but the barbarians are still largely in control.

So, someone like Fred is taking risks at doing what he does for a greater good -- and he has a Facebook page.  I would do the same -- and have; for a few years I was intensely involved in the 911 Truth movement via large e-mail mailings and letter writing and I put up a website.   My wife and others were getting worried that I was becoming too visible.  I didn't agree with them about that, but I cut way back because my health was seriously heading south.  If I'd thought that a Facebook account would have helped, I'd have had one.  But it wasn't and isn't. 

Hopefully you've seen my posts recently on Jane Burgermeister, who took enormous risks to publicize the whole Swine Flu and weaponized vaccine scheme to the world.  Fearlessly.  Now the authorities may be about to neutralize her one way or another.  That was the risk she willingly took in doing what she had to do.  The story about the lady who was driven safely through a riot is a good story, and surely true, but it doesn't always work out that way in the world the way it is.  I surely will not walk through the ghetto at night -- riot or no -- unless I absolutely have to.  So, coming down to everyday reality, do you have enough trust in your own fearlessness to actually try this or something like it?  It's easy to talk about fearlessness as an ideal, but in fact we do have fear sometimes and it seems important to take a good hard look at ourselves and admit to ourselves what we see.  That's the primary openness.

(Two paranthetical thoughts:  If we have fear, it can be emowering to act in spite of it.  Caution is not necessarily the result of fear.)

And yes, we are all one family, including the NWO chiefs, lieutenants, and foot soldiers, among whom there are surely some Rainbow/Shambhala Warriors who will do their parts from the inside.  And in the big picture, yes, everyone may well be just playing a necessary role in the unfolding drama of human evolution on this planet.  That drama can be seen as a game.  A game is a good analogy for the working out of this common evolution.  A game with sides is a dualistic construct, which is appropriate given the (still) dualistic world that we live in.  Collectively, we're not at Oneness -- yet.  For most of us it's a foreign idea, for a few of us it's a beautiful idea that we superimpose impose on our dualistic world, and for fewer still it's a fact of perception.  But the world of Western Civilization (the standard for most of the planet) is dualistic.  So, playing the game with courage and openness (where it is wise) and wariness (where it is wise) seems, well, wise.  We each have to decide what's appropriate for us.

-- All this while we open to Oneness within our own selves as a fact of perception, not just a beautiful idea (although the beautiful idea has to come first).  And when enough of us are actually doing this, we'll have a different world.

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That was hilarious Bob, but can I say maybe followed a little too close behind the diarrhea comment? 

Transparent and telepathic - we are truly living through the time of Revelations!  Maybe it is that these revelations are not only old truths and wisdoms being returned to us but some real hard honest truths and revelations about ourselves as well.  I have heard it said that all the wisdom we could ever hope to attain is held within each and every one of our cells.  If this is true then revelation is nothing more than a rediscovering of ourselves and our true potential and maybe once we are able to "be like children," in that we no longer have any secrets to hide, our worlds will truly transform for the better.  Let us all dive into our deepest, darkest secrets and emerge laughing carefree like a child who's been snuck up on and scared bonbonless by a loving parent!

Hey Bob,

I can't speak for the others but I am most definitely speaking of dealing with the world as it exists today.

No I do not advocate irrationally throwing your info and bank details out into the public domain but if you are doing something or want to do something...don't give up because of a fear...yes fear can propel us forward, give your fears light, let them be and they lose they're power...the power they have is they trick us into screwing's not the fear that gets us, it's how we react and handle it....

Do I have enough trust (understanding) to attempt this....yep......when you "get" it, there really is no other way...remember we are all responsible for everything that happens to us and around us....

I used to know a guy who had an amazing day his girlfriend was walking to his house and she went past a house that had a group of drunk men sitting out front drinking...they ended up taking her cigarettes....this is a pretty rough area and the guys were looking for something to entertain them...

So yeah...when my mates girlfriend arrived she told him what happened...he laughed and went to get the mate had no trouble getting the cigarettes fact they ended up giving him a beer and in the end his girlfriend had to drag him away.....other people would have gone to get the cigarettes and all hell would have broken loose...this guy taught me that you can approach anybody, walk through the roughest getto's...and if you know how to handle "yourself" you will be fine......

Another mate I have came back from Amsterdam last's legal to smoke there...he had 2 grams in his pocket and walked it straight through the airport...Lol...not the first time either....he has NO FEAR of it...I'm not sure I could, but yeah...he does and so can get away with it...




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Walking right in and through potential danger like that with no fear is a great way to live.  And I have even done that at times (although I can think of three times when it was because I was too naive to realize the danger).  So I don't naysay this at all.  I guess what I'm balking at is the potential of getting into a kind of fantasy where if someone believes they have no fear they will just walk through any danger unscathed.  I know that's not what you're saying, but that's what popped up for me.  The two guys you mentioned as examples are admirable.  And I know that there are people who live entirely without fear; I know two personally.  You may be one of them.  If you are, more power to you.  I am not.  I have to admit that when I look I still have some fears, although far fewer that I used to.  I also know that when faced with real danger, I tend to get calm and flip into a different mode of being where fear doesn't seem to be there.  But I certainly would not tempt fate by trying to go through customs with a couple of grams on me, because that's unnecessary.  If your travel companion had been subjected to a random search or a sniffing dog, his fearlessness would have been irrelevant.  Maybe what you're saying is that the random check and dog would never be there for him because he creates his reality by the way he is/thinks.  Well... maybe so, I'm not sure just how that works in actual life situations.  But I think using judgment is a damned good thing.

Hey Bob,

Have you seen the T-shirts, bumper stickers etc with the slogan...No FEAR..?.....

I see it closely associated with that younger generation who like to flip upside down and inside out on there skate boards, BMX's...they get right into the whole NO FEAR thing...

The choose to not let fear stop them.....they challenge their own fear...we all have fears but it is about how we deal with them.....I love the ways these kids are not stopped by their fears and they challenge the fear within themselves instead of challenging  each other.....they compete and use each other to inspire themselves....

And yeah...thats what I am saying, we manifest our dogs for my mate because they are not part of his reality...


Reality and the Perception of Reality are two very different things. 

Perception is built upon the illusion of a holographic construct (all reality is holographic)... The illusion is that you have no power and the powers that be are stronger, smarter, better than you... so you better be afraid.

The reality is we are Powerful.  We are all knowing.  We are smart and we are good.  We are Cosmic Love and that is powerful stuff.

A shifting of focus to what else is possible in constructing a reality of Love--- that is the key... a shift in focus.  For where attention goes creation flows.


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