Smashed by the Logos

This is my first ever blog, so I'm not sure whom I'm writing for. I think, at least in this case, it's just me dealing with the confusing experience of taking some time off for rest at the beach over the Easter break then returning to the net, ERN and the intensity of 'spiritual engagement' No, it's not 'commin at ya in 3D.' It's 5D maybe 6? It was great to reconnect with the amazing discussion of the TT, but at the same time feeling overwhelmed. Smashed. From enjoying the experience of being with family in a very special part of the world with no phone, no net, just the beautiful energy of the ocean and the bush then plunging back into my experience of the net trying to get every bit of information on what's happening and how I can serve at a deeper level. I am privileged to have this space to muse over these thoughts yet I see in me a disconnect between 'being' and 'trying to be'. I know that their is an elephant in the room. I know that I'm standing too close. I want to zoom out and observe the totality. (Worse, I know that I know what the totality is!) Yet I feel drawn to even more zooming in. As I do, the patterns infinitely bifurcate into endlessly more complex patterns, like some sort of Mandlebrot meets Jackson Pollock murder mystery. Where's the body? the 'body without organs' the processor of intensity that mediates the space between knowing and caring? If 3D is, as I suspect, perfect in its imperfection, where karmic energies play out until they reach that neutral state (Mu?) then what is my role? Not leadership, not mastery, only being. The only role for the will must surely be to say 'I surrender' and I do. I greatfully surrender to all that is and to the greater good. As one, Rob.

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Right on fellow seeker, to be-er, I AM-er brotherman! Glad to hear you had an AHHHOOOHHHMMMM time.

In L,L&H,

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