Rick Perry's Fall

I was just thinking about the last 2 stories about Rick Perry - the first regarding his overly animated talk in New Hampshire, and now last night's brain fart where he couldn't name the 3 government agencies he wanted to end.  I saw both, and though I haven't followed his campaign, it appeared as though he was impared in both situations.  He seemed giddy and silly - seemingly very out of character for a guy running as a "Texas tough guy".  Just wondering if anyone else has been thinking that Bildeburg's favorite son seems to have fallen out of grace quite quickly.

Love and peace,


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I think this is the 'forgetful' clip you're talking about, Kathy:

The 'giddy' clip can be found here:  http://www.gatheringspot.net/news-article/moneynew-paradigm-finances/rick-perrys-flat-tax-would-raise-taxes-poor-and-lower-taxes-


In answer to your question, I suspect Rick Perry is either:

1.  Organically mentally impaired

2.  Under the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc.

3.  A bad clone  (see the following videos for illustration).



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Hi Kathy-

Are you implying that the PTB may have had a falling out and/or down from their high and mighty position? It is good to see cracks forming in the prison walls.

How about the latest news from Fred's e-mail about the E-cat, cold fusion device done with the development stage and now up for sale?

I'm so excited to see real change happening!Laughing

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It may just be that the Bilderberg clan is very much for Obama to remain in place since he is doing their bidding to near perfection...

What it looks like to me lately is pure entertainment (the debates), eerily similar to many of the mundane reality-based television shows that keep the sleepy masses entertained and dumbed down hypnotized...

Jim Kramer from Mad Money asking the questions at a debate?  IT just keeps getting more and more absurder and absurderer...  That's perfectly fine with me because its the end of the world as we knew it and I feel fine....

When it comes right down to it "they" do very little to us - we do most of "their" work for them by being so damn easy to sway.  Is it any wonder they have so little respect for the mundane masses???  The dark satanic elite forces call us "the dead" (for how happily unconscious and asleep we are) and call the police and military their dogs...

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Really, I was just wondering aloud... just to see what people were thinking. He seemed drunk or drugged to me.  Odd behavior - goofy and eratic.  Sometimes I wonder why these people have "handlers" if they're not going to listen to them.  (Rick, you shouldn't hug the maple syrup when they hand it to you.)

I DO think we're seeing the shift in consciousness that's been in legend, and (speaking for myself) in my heart for years.  Unfortunately, I think we are getting the kind of shift that happens when a young kid hops behind the wheel of their dad's standard transmission car for the first time. :) 

Love and peace,







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I'm posting this here because it relates to the original topic.  Either there's something seriously wrong with the minds of today's politicians, or such lunacy is a ploy to dupe us into believing that our government is too incompetent to be planning world domination. ~ Noa


Video: More Embarrassment For Herman Cain In Front Of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board

November 14, 2011
by dekerivers


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Where does one start?!

There are times I really feel sorry for those who venture so far out of their comfort zone in search of a goal that is way beyond their abilities.

Such is the case with Herman Cain.

I do not like how he treated women, and do not think he is telling the truth.  I have no problem truly disliking that part of the man.

Then there are times like that which took place today before the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board where I feel sorry and embarrassed for the guy.  He is just not ready for anything more than to be a lobbyist.

Which leads me to the question of what type of person gives money to this man who can not seem to answer his way out of a wet paper bag?

Businessman Herman Cain stumbled and appeared confused Monday when asked to describe where he disagreed with President Obama on his handing of the Libyan
revolt during an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board.
“President Obama supported the uprising, correct?” he asked. “President Obama called for the  removal of (Moammar) Gadhafi – just want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing before I say yes I agree, or no I didn’t agree. I do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason – nope, that’s a different

He then paused and said “I got to go back and see, I’ve got all this  stuff twirling around in my head.”

And then there was this….

He also appeared confused when asked whether federal workers should receive
collective bargaining rights.

“They already have it, don’t they?” he asked, and then said they should as long as it doesn’t cause a significant burden on taxpayers.


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Hi Guys,

Ok, I admit it - I saw this as a good way to get you all to watch how well I think Ron Paul did at the last debate but that said, I thought the smiling and winking behavior of Newt Gingrich was both disturbing and odd. At about minute 3:30 Ron Paul is giving him a hard time for taking money as an advisor to Freddie-Mac and he's just smiling and winking at the camera - what's that supposed to mean?

IMHO The energy streaming to the Earth is really making those who are resisting to shifting go completely bonkers and wonky and just plain delusionally crazy.  I think most of those who are running for President, currently in Congress and many of the so called local, state and regional leaders are all looney tunes due to the energies of change that they are resisting.

All that is Ego is falling away.  That is what I see happening.  I could be wrong.  They could all be clones or holograms.  They could all be space aliens too.  But what I do believe imho is they are experiencing a negative reaction to the New Earth Energies.

Today, I am reminded of the Wingmakers.  


I bless you all with Love.


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I'm with you. I think Ron Paul had one of his best debates and I think that is why he is surging so much now. I dont think he is the be all to end all savior, we all need to do our part as well as get others elected like him. But as I get excited about him, I wonder...am I just being naive again and believing another politician. I think RP is different when you look at his voting records, his contributors, etc. but I'm so hesitant to believe it again, even though this feels very different than the past...any thoughts? Am I the only one who gets concerned by being too optimistic for RP? Could he be a fraud too like Obama was? Just curious your opinions/feelings.


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the great many of these career politicians are sociopathic/psychopathic end-justifies-the-means crazy persons...

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to get excited about a political race here in the US is to naively assume we have valid reason to.  If someone gets into office and becomes a darling of the people via the MSM, we can be assured that its another vetted manufactured hoax.  They don't let the Kucinich's in, plain and simple.

Obama was my last Lucy-holding-the-football-for-Charlie-Brown political moment until I see this system come crashing down and a return to more local control instead of national Fed control...

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I agree Chris. It seems like RP would push that agenda to shrink the govt and give the power back to the local govts...but then again, as you, I was fooled once...and you know how the rest of that saying goes!

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Me too, b2golfer & Chris.  Since Obama dashed my hopes, I keep waiting for the next politician to pull the rug out from under us.  I have mixed feelings about Ron Paul, but he seems to be scads above the rest in the ethical department.

If a Paul / Kucinich ticket existed, I'd be tempted to put my faith back into voting.


And Fairy, I feel the same way about the energy shift making people who vibrate at lower levels, more crazy.  It explains a lot, IMO.

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          You have to admit, RP has always been pretty consistent, and could raise some hell in there, but the pres isn't in charge anyways,,soooo, I can't see myself focusing too much on that. Obama had so much support all over the world,,what a hoax,,yet, his actions are probably just what we all needed to confirm what we have all suspected for a long time.....It IS us we have been waiting for.... 

            Think about how hard they have tried to make people feel guilty for not voting ! "If you don't vote, then don't complain". 

             I have to refer to another post that I just looked at before this one...chris mentioned once again that it is WE who make all this possible just by" giving it our attention", in a sense. Noa answered that it is time we took action, and stopped sitting by and watching....Well, depending on what day it is, I agree with both of you. But they are 2 opinions coming from 2 different places. Not because they are from 2 different people, but from 2 different levels on the planck scale...Getting angry and responding by playing their game(which sounds good when things get so overwhelming), and playing their game is what we are doing by resisting, or trying to hold them accountable to their own rules. This is a more 3d response to what we are seeing all around us....and although it sounds very aggressive,and powerful, I believe that on the planck scale, it is not very powerful...

              Chris, i get the greatest feeling whenever you bring this idea up, and I don't think that I am the only one..because,,,It rings true...it doesn't satisfy the anger I feel towards these "Crazy Persons" HA!, but deep down I can feel it's truth.I know that it is a truth that I might not completely understand,,,yet, but it comes from a place closer to the source. I was up on a ladder a couple of days ago,painting an old balcony,in the French Quarter, with my ipod on shuffle, and this great Robbie Robertson song came on, and the words,,"you don't stand a chance, against my prayers,,,,,You don't stand a chance, against my love". I think the song was Ghostdance, from "music for the native americans... every day I am being reminded of this, in one way or another, and it is keeping me sane..I think ! 

            So how do we apply this idea to an election ? Good question ! Thank you ! Do we ignore it,and wonder if it made a difference ? no, I think wondering if it made a difference is still feeding it..No, I think that we just keep on creating our change within. i know it sounds hard, and not that powerful,and I am learning as I go along, so it is a little scary, too, but it is the only thing that has really changed the way I see things so far,,,My other side, taking Noa's advice , would probably put me on a wanted poster ! ha !  I sure would have a good laugh if the end to "fight club" somehow manifested tomorrow......


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   Isn't it freaky, just thinking that Obama walked through a "time jump" and came out on Mars ????

    i went into a poboy shop for lunch last weekend, and the Army/Navy game was on,,and  OBAMA was up in the press box with the announcers small talking,,,,you know, I just stared at him for a few minutes and wondered if that was true,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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if it is true, He should of been saying,,"By the way Bob, I could give 2 shits about your stupid game, i walked into one door, and came out on freakin Mars !!"  

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Come on guys - he was all rhetoric and looks, no action. Obama's wife is a member of the CFR (red flag!). Obama was a newcomer on the scene without much of a voting record.  Giving us a black man whose name happens to rhyme with the guy they were trying to pin 9/11 on who also was probably a complete fabrication? (guilt mind control message - if you're against him you're double prejudiced against blacks and muslims) The whole thing smelled fishy to me from the start. Then there were his advisers - all bankers buddies. When Ron Paul didn't get the nomination in 2008, I voted for Cynthia McKinney and outdid all my guilty liberal friends by voting for a black woman (and yes, I too felt good about doing that because let's face it blacks have had a horrible deal in this country and even for me it was great to see a black man as president, I was wonderfully releived that Bush was out and I did have a little hope that Obama might be better but not much).

This is very different from Ron Paul who always has been a relatively poor speaker, not very good looking but has a consistent 25 year voting record. Even if you don't agree with him on many issues, you know where he stands on that issue because he's never wavered from it and his voting record backs it up.

So I continue to not only play the game but yes, I'm currently very excited about it. Let's think positive and envision all the wonderful changes that could happen with Ron Paul as president. It's almost 2012 - the end of the world as we know it, and time to start a new one!



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I'm with you Wendy...I have to admit, I didnt look deep enough into Oblabla's record so that is my fault, which I'm not doing again. I have looked into RP a lot and cant see any red flags...which just means he likely wont get the nod or if he does, he'll wind up with a fate similar to the others who didnt play along.

And I LOVE Cynthia McKinney! She came to Cleveland over the summer and my buddy and I went to see her talk...she is an amazing woman, just truly amazing! I'd vote for her anywhere or anytime!

love Kucinich also...you know they hate him by how they are "redistricting" his district so he doesn't have a region anymore and has to run in another district...

And tscout, I hear ya...how do you balance moving forward and still live in this world at the same time. I guess how I look at it as I see RP as a guy who can "wake up" a lot more people to the things going on which will hopefully raise the vibrational leveal world wide...just a thought anyway.

Any takers for the Red Pill?  The Matrix is the old game.  The New Earth is the New Game.  The New Game is Love.

Love More and expect miracles.



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thanks for the videos FFG! Always a pleasure when you add in your comments!

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      IF 2012 IS THE END OF THE OLD WORLD ,AND START OF THE NEW, WHY ON EARTH WOULD i WASTE MY ENERGY SUPPORTING AN OLD WORLD VIEW. There has never been a political solution to a political problem, and although I respect RP for the way he has stood by his guns, he has done it within a fixed system that has no intention of changing, with or without him as pres... Still ,if he were to get in,it would be fun to see him try and downsize the military to defense only....

       Once again, following someone in hopes they will save us is the old way, which has never worked,and it is a shallow plan...Let me clarify what I said about the planck scale...Being closer to the planck scale, or closer to the source, is being closer to love, doing the work within is the way to practice it, and the change in the way we bring it to the surface is what is changing the world.....

     I observed the Obama phenomenon, but had friends who were working for his campaign,,,,,they don't talk about that anymore,,but are still waiting for the next guy to come along and take them by the hand......good luck with that ! sooo, I am jumping in the water, but not in the political water, I am trying to be as yielding, yet as strong as water,,it has qualities I truly admire, and alot more experience.. If your supporting RP is how you are manifesting what goes on inside you, I hope he gets elected. We all have our ways,,,,,L,,,T


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Great videos Elizabeth!  So many things rushed through my mind as I was listening to her.  Peter Russell's video, The Primacy of Conscousness came to mind first, and also the thought that those in apparent power to move the masses are simply offering a distraction that serves the collective unwillingness to do exactly what Seane Corn spoke of, to really go inward and deal with ourselves thoroughly and honestly, to totally accept all light and dark aspects.

The distraction that is served up to the masses as an alternative to doing this inner work will not work when the collective we (or at least enough of the collective) get on with and into this inner journey of self acceptance of all aspects of Self.

For me Seane's words gave me a much richer understanding of the noncompliance path and initiative that Max Igan and others speak of so eloquently...  Thanks again Elizabeth for posting Seane Corn, really made my day!

And as Todd (loved that liberated image of you up on the ladder in the French Quarter, most likely a warm day with a great feeling to just be here now) mentioned, what to do concerning the choice of whether to engage the socio-economic-political matrix to fight for change (change of what? the matrix that is designed to morph to accommodate itself with the help of revolutionary movements?) or to begin to practice noncompliance, even if I cannot see too far down that road less traveled?

For me its a no brainer because I am naturally inclined to travel down a new path.  And like most paths, the path itself begins to reveal itself spontaneously with the simple willingness to move on that path.  The blue pill is always so tempting to the majority because it offers the apparent safety of little to no surprises, but it is so obviously a gilded cage.

So again I say, Yes, the Red Pill!  Yes to noncompliance, and all that that reveals as I focus on what that means for me in my life, on my path.  As Peter Russell said in The Primacy of Consciousness, nothing is happening outside of the thoughts and images in your mind.  Everything we perceive is a function of that inner process and remains simply that, an inner process, regardless of the overwhelmingly powerful phenomenon of perceiving things as outside of myself, and perceiving a "them", as Seane said...

Back to the RP question for a moment.  To reason and rationalize why this man this time just might work, I have to wonder, how many times does one need to be kicked in the proverbial balls before abandoning attachment to a romantic notion or unproven premise?  How many times do will allow Lucy to tee up the football?  The answer:  as many times as we want to, LOL...

Plain and simple, there is no rationalization for me that can overcome what I understand about the very disingenuous ruse of a matrix that has been provided, really made to order when we truly understand our own involvement in the process of creating and shaping that socio-economic-political construct/matrix.  Supporting Ron Paul, or even D. Kucinich at this point, is no longer an option for me, not as long as it has anything to do with the current matrix.

Its simple, the one I feed the most is the one that stays alive....  Its never not been simple, but it is in our nature to exercise a natural inclination towards unnecessary confusion, difficulty and complexity.  After all, the ego cares not whether the drama is labeled good or bad, so long as it is drama...

And no Todd, you were not talking to the wind, not as far as I'm concerned.  I love how you are relating this inner process to the planck scale.  Another thing about the planck scale, the further one travels toward the micro within scale of apparent "smallness", the more energy one finds in orders of magnitude that boggles the mind.  There is enough potential mass energy in one cubic centimeter of apparently empty vacuum space to potentially create another known universe like the one we are familiar with.  How does one wrap one's mind around that empirical truth and reality without moving toward and on the journey within?

For me this gets into the value of entheogens to help speed up that process for all of mankind with the assistance of experienced and loving guides, but that's another story for another time....

When I check in with my inner guidance System which I call Fairy Farm Girl and then there is the Emissaries of Love and Light of the Fairy Realm (not Fairy Farm Girl but at the 6D Level that Fairy Farm Girl resides) 

Fairy Farm Girl says Vote Green.  Which can mean the following:

1.  Vote for the Green Party

2.  Before Voting commune with the Inner Guidance System (God Aspect) which is the Green Heart Chakra and then Vote.

3.  Vote Green may mean that the Green Party is the HEART Party.  So is there any candidates running on the HEART motif?

4. Abstain from the Voting process as it is not in resonance with the HEART not a frequency match to Love.  And continue to work on Unifying the HEART within and so throughout all creation becomes Lighter and Brighter and full of Love... Ahhh a Miracle at work.



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These replies just confirmed for me that I'm not on the right wavelength and shouldn't be on this web site right now. I'm signing off for a while now. Maybe I'll come back, but right now doesn't seem likely. I bless you all with love. 

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When we really do the inner work it does manifest in the outer life - both in the individual and the collective. MLK and Ghandi didn't skip the inner work and I agree, the inner work comes first. But look at the good news folks, if RP wins this could be a reflection of collective inner work already done. RP had consistently given the message - he does not want to run your life, he wouldn't know how and he doesn't feel he has the right to. This is a "no leadership" campaign message and his winning could reflect a collective readiness for us all to take on personal responsibility. Perhaps I am allowing myself to be amused too much, and not focusing inward enough. I will mull this over for the nex few days...

Chris- I think it is a shame is that just because you have been burnt many times before, you're ready to write off all politicians. People are people and some are different than others. Even in a new society/local community such as the film Thrive describes or Max Igan talks about, some work will need to be delegated to others and some very small level of local government will always be required. We will always have to hand a small amount of power over to other people and trust them not to abuse this power. RP getting elected IMO would be a huge step toward this Thrive type community.

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    We are all just trying to make sense of our worlds here, and throwing ideas out there...

      For me, it is becoming easier all the time,i only have to look at what emotions are stirred by "playing the game", as opposed to "playing my own game"

    Playing the game stirs mostly negative emotions, as my senses report everything happening around me, and you know what that includes,,,,As Wendy said, MLK and Ghandi did the inner work,,,but they weren't politicians,,,They drew attention with their souls, from speaking from the heart, and didn't "play the game "

    the closer anything gets to the planck scale, as brother Chris added, the more powerful it becomes. the best example I know is the power of a chemical explosion versus a nuclear explosion. The nuclear explosion is thousands of times more powerful because it is so much closer to the planck scale...

   It is the same with everything. The deeper you go within, the more powerful you become, and, the better your chances of seeing how and when you can really make a difference....To me this simplifies things. If something, like politics is waved at me, I only have to see where it is coming from to know it no longer is worth my energy....

   As soon as i get drawn back "out", I get upset at what I see, and let it bother me, Hence the Obama comments earlier, ha ! Then I know I have been drawn back into it, and I "reset"....

 I think everyone's wavelengths get along pretty good here, whether we agree or not,,,if we were all doing the same thing it wouldn't be much fun, would it ? Hope you stick around buddy,,,L,,,T

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Sorry, I have calmed down now, I am just having a bad month and am overly stressed so therefor am overly sensitive. I will be fine. Thanks

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It's in the air, golfer.  You're in good company.

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I am abandoning the bogus political system they operate in.  It is a ruse and designed to keep people in the dark while feeling like they are engaged and doing the right thing politically and socially.  It is designed to keep people polarized instead of united, because god forbid a people ever become united and illuminated at the same time if ya know whatta mean.

Wendy, you are supporting Ron Paul as if he could do anything substantial once in office.  This will not happen in the current despotic fully controlled and vetted system of bogus politics.  The whole thing is a ruse, and I think down deep inside you already know this.

I kinda hope for your sake that Ron Paul actually does get into a position that you are initially happy with just so you can see how all that goes down afterwards.  The political system we have does not need to be saved - it needs to be recognized by the people for what it is, abandoned, and a new one developed in its place.  How all of this actually happens is another question, but the old paradigm has to go.

And like I said in other posts, I actually believe the manifestation we are witnessing is a direct result of the collective mentality of people.  When you take a close look at how things work so easily in "their" (the controller's) favor, you see that they don't need to do much to get the people eating out of their hands.  We do most of the heavy lifting for them.

I truly believe this is primarily why "They" have so little respect and regard for the common people.  You just can't have much respect for someone, anyone that easy, that willfully ignorant, that content with petty nonsense and cheap mundane consumer distractions...

We are the ones we have been looking for, and until we show up, they will continue to manifest like they do.  The us v. them delusion must be abandoned and responsibility internalized before we see a sustained change.  All the external stuff will fall in line.  To approach the external stuff as if it were the problem is to get the cart before the horse....

IMHO The energy feels like the travail in birthing... the point where it is not quite there... but in significant process.  The Travail in birth is the time when most women unless fully supported emotionally and prepared energetically will scream for meds to make the "pain" stop. 

Humankind is in the travail.  It seems like there is no LIGHT in sight and yet... the NEW EARTH is the result of the Travail.

We must all work to recognize the Light that is within and support this process of travail by Loving more and supporting Love in each of us.  IMHO.

Firm and Gentle compassionate and ethical words of encouragement create new pathways to Light in the Travail.


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Chris, you consistently defend the perpetrators and blame the victims in your posts.  The entire globe is being manipulated by these greedy psychopaths.  They dumb us down with fluoride and television, they vaccinate us with mercury when we are only a few weeks old.  We spend our formative years being indoctrinated by their school system, religions, etc.  They poison our food and deplete their nutrients.  Then they drug as many of us as they can with prescriptions.  The list of their manipulations and control tactics go on and on.

You know all this, Chris, yet you keep kicking humanity for being so stupid, when you know full well that the cards are stacked against us from the get-go.  Still, you persist in siding with the bad guys.  What purpose does that attitude serve?

Maybe you should look deep inside and ask yourself why you continually forsake your own brethren.

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FFG, your posts never fail to touch my heart.  Thank you, dear sister.


Much love,


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Thank you Ffg, I really related to your comment about the birthing process.

Tscout - perhaps your comment about speaking to the wind was directed at me? There are 2 Todds here so I'm not sure if you realized my earlier comment was directed to B2Golfer. Anyhow, sorry to all for not being more clear.

Yes, if it takes RP to get elected and fail to bring change for me to learn something or Chris, perhaps he actually brings change and you learn something - either way we win! He is currently 1 percent point behind Newt in Iowa - I love a good game!

Noa - I have found that forgiveness is is a great help to my own personal mental sanity. Blame is not helpful. I've known so many people who get upset after watching Alex Jone's films but after a while of that, most find they are more effective helpers by letting go of the fear his films seem to bring up in people. I found that the most effective way to make the world a better place is to forgive the PTB - for my own sake, not anyone else's. Hope this helps.

Wishing peace to all,


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Sorry for not acknowledging you earlier, Fairy.  Seane Corn is tuned in and tapped on!  I will be looking for more of her teachings.

Absolutely, Wendy.  Forgiving heals us all.




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Noa, I am not saying what I say to be mean to the common folk.  My comments come from observance and typical repeating history and a sincere desire to see us as a common collective finally get over this hurdle.  Nothing is "their" fault.  That generic and very common thinking is delusional, irresponsible, and it just plain has to go before we individually and collectively get where we individually and collectively are trying to go.

And I'm certainly not defending the powers that presume to be.  Put it this way, at present, if we were to remove all those we consider to be the ruling class, powers that be, 13 ancient bloodlines, whatever, someone would come in and fill the vacuum with something similar to what was there because that is the present state of the whole of us.  Getting rid of the "Them" we keep directing blame towards is not the answer as I see it for a new "them" would just gradually and spontaneously pop up to fill the void left by the whole that wont turn off the TV, or stop eating and drinking what is bad for them, that wont stop going into debt via recreational discretional consumerism.  These insane wasteful self-serving western values are a huge problem in the US and are being spread to China, India, anywhere people are willing to go that direction, and that is the REAL problem, that people are willing to go that direction.

We are as much the problem as "they", for it is always and ever a collaboration, regardless of how much delusional denial and projection is being exercised in the equation.  If the Law of One sessions teach us anything, it is that, for we are all essentially One.

Ra from the L of O sessions is admittedly a 6th density social memory complex, once a whole planet of people like you and me and the powers that be.  They now are operating as one, harmoniously.  This is our destiny and it does not necessarily disclude any of the "them" we like to project blame upon.

This is as clear as I can state my earnest position.  There is nothing more I could say to be any clearer.

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Chris, your latest post, IMO, is much more objective than some of your previous ones. Thank you for that.

I agree that the masses are generally blind, asleep, and dumbed-down, but putting the entire responsibility on the common people is like giving a sleeping pill to someone and then blaming them for falling asleep.  The PTTTB (powers that think they be) are culpable and must be held responsible, for without their direct control, I believe human beings are capable of making the right choices to live in peace and harmony.  Believing someone, just as bad, would come along to fill the vacuum once the PTTTB are gone, is conjecture.  To my knowledge, this planet hasn't existed without the PTTTB's interference for millenia.  We'll never really know what the people are capable of until the corrupt powers are usurped.

So, Chris, if you don't think the PTTTB should be stopped and you think the people are too stupid to solve the problem, what do you think the solution is?  Or do you think the situation is hopeless?

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Nor do I think the PTB think they're too stupid.  I think the inherent lack of respect the people receive from those in power is a direct result of the knowing by those in power that the "common folk" are inherently capable of making change for the better, but willfully choose not to.  Enough of us willfully choose to let someone else do it for us, so we get what we get.  This has grown into such a hideous collaboration that we now have fluoride in the water and the Monsantos of the world trying to own and control everything.  I place the responsibility for this end result squarely on the shoulders of the people, for it is us who always have and had the power to do something about it, but choose not to in great enough numbers that we get these kinds of hideous results when this type of collaboration matures.

The jaded cynical cold and calculated part that seems so sinister and hideous is the willingness of those in power to exploit that irresponsibility of the people.  So to answer your question, I truly believe that the alleged PTB would naturally respond to any change the collective made.  They would have to if enough of us moved energy away from them.  If the common folk collective worldwide began to be in sync for that which is better for them and all those around them, the PTB and governments and corporations would have to respond in kind.

But we won't know if my theory is correct unless we see this change in the collaboration from the people.  That is why I put the primary responsibility on the people, because it is we who have the power, have always had the power, and we have chosen to be irresponsible, delusional, and project our problems on a perceived enemy.

Blaming them and railing against their tyrannical exploits, revolutions that just bring new assholes from the revolution into power, only to see that absolute power corrupts absolutely, none of this has worked to date.  This is why I turn now to us the people.  We are more powerful than we can imagine.

It is no one's job to save us, especially since we truly have the Sovereign Divine Sacred Inherent Power.  That's my premise - they will change when we change, for we are a collaborative.  This is the nature of what is being and what is to be.....  This is the way it was designed, and each of us agreed to the conditions of the experiential exercise.  And then we come here and forget how awesomely powerful we really are.  There will always be something that fills the void when we abandon our power.

If we really could be helped in a sustainable way by off world advanced cultures that have already done the work we need to, it would have already happened.  In fact, according to Ra's testimony in the Law of One sessions it has been tried and totally blew up in their proverbial faces.  The powers were misused by some, and the common folk ended up turning the helpers into gods to be worshipped.

The saviorship model has to be abandoned and we have to take our power back, and not by revolution, but by a collective move by the common folk towards not expecting someone else to do it (whatever "it" may be) for them.  If this happens it makes for spontaneous non compliance and directs energy away from those we were previously blaming.  When you stop feeding something, it dies.

Compliance and revolution feeds the beast.  The solution has to be ours, not "theirs"....

Brian's picture

Noa, you and Chris each display thoughts I have had, or similar. Like you, I am filled with anger and disgust and I loathe the feelings of dread and uncertainty that come from learning about the abuses going on. It's so hard for me to learn these things and not become despondent. (Honestly, I don't know how some of us here can stay so engaged with the dark day in and day out. I have to take long breaks!!)
But sometimes, like Chris, (correct me if I'm wrong Chris) I want to understand the nature of what the f*** is going to lead us out of this mess and how to have peace in my heart. Kind of an obsession with "OK- what's next then?" or "How are we gonna work this?"

  Warning: Pure opinion here:) Chris takes a more spiritual view maybe?( I DID NOT say that was better) Fair to say? His style is to wear the binoculars more and look over the hump-past the horror- to seek answers. Maybe that makes him appear to have blinders on? Regardless, I am absolutely certain we need each of your perspectives. We are in need of courage to look into the darkness and in need of courage to look into the light. He is braving a new path just like you. Make room for this because we need each of your skills people!.............OK Opinion over.

Wendy's picture

Thanks Brian,

I love the different perspectives idea. We also have different strengths. I like to think about a group of people, perhaps populating a small village. Some standing at the edges see danger looming and are called to warn the group. Sometimes someone close by doesn't see the same danger simply because there's a tree in their way. Others sit in solitude in the center of the group and dream of ways the group could be better in the future. In the end, diversity of opinion is the group's strength, so it's important for us all to be open to other's perspectives.


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Mine is actually a blend of left and right brain thinking.  The left brain is concluding that what we have tried is not working, and falls in the category of doing the same thing over and over again and new generations continually and romantically expecting different results because not many actually look how much we have been doing the same thing for so much of recorded human history.

The right brain part of the equation for me is the romantic notion, the exciting prospect of actually doing what it takes to disengage from this obvious matrix human mind system that most are so unaware of while being so deeply immersed in it, like fish who are in water but do not realize that its water.  My right brain imagination sees a scenario where the individual and collective "we" are delightfully surprised to find that it was not as huge a struggle to get there as the self-inflicted left brain imagination had us believing.

I strongly feel this path may come via creative methods of non compliance blended with the naturally evolving uprising of self-sustaining resource-based community development that will most likely be a glorious time of spontaneity...  And that it would most likely come out of the ashes of the profit-based despotic construct we are now immersed in...

Struggling "against" "whatever/whoever", thereby reinforcing the projected belief in a "them" that is bad (not like the "us" that is good of course, LOL) is so obviously getting "us" absolutely nowhere (instead of the constant sacred eternal state of "now-here" we essentially reside in absent the phenomenal experience we are/ I am focused upon), and there are obviously "those" who actually dine on that delusional struggling frustrated negative energy imminating from semi-conscious dualistic ritual....

I truly believe we are engaged in a process of awakening, and that many of the things we consider to be hurdles will quite naturally and spontaneously take care of themselves during the evolutionary process, and that Love is the energy we need to focus on while engaged in the process.  What a surprise if we were to find out that we are making it harder than it needs to be - it has been my own personal experience, and my experience of observing others, that that is exactly what we do much of the time.  Oh how the ego loves drama....

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so what you are saying is it's like we're resisting being trapped little runners in the hamster wheel by saying "LETS RUN BACKWARDS!!" and so we're still trapped in the wheel? Where really what we need to do is take a half step to one side and get off? I wonder if Rick Perry was just dizzy from running too long. Actually, I love that this place is a think tank for what to do next. The elites pour billions into funding those big think tanks so there are plenty of ideas lying around for when something happens and people go so what's next? and they can just say "Well Newt has this idea for flat taxes" or "Rick Perry has this idea for increasing executions in all other states" etc etc

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