Tonight, as I took my little dog out for her evening walk (not necessary but pleasure to her) I, as always glanced at the sky which has been overcast and gray today. The sun was setting in the west with a lovely golden glow surrounded with purple, silver and blue clouds and pure skyblue showing through in spots. I looked back to the east and immediately saw a partial arc of a rainbow forming. Thanking the Creator for his message of the end of rain which we have had for over a week now, I continued to enjoy the spectacle.  I began to walk Heidi back to the house and suddenly noticed nearly a quarter of the way around the horizon the other end of the rainbow, more bright and brilliant than the other portion, then a second arc of rainbow appeared forming a double rainbow. If I had not been standing in a muddy puddle, I think I may have fallen to my knees in gratitude.

Had this rainbow been complete, (the sky was clear in the upper section) it would have been the biggest rainbow I have ever witnessed, extending almost a quarter of the horizon in the eastern sky. WOW!

I take this as  a sign that the flooding in the southeast and the continuous rain we have had in North Texas has at least for the time being come to an end and that the resevoirs are filled.  Thank you, One and Infinite Creator,



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Beautiful!  Thank-you Berry, as one, Rob.

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Thanks for the mental image!!!!! Gorgeous!!!

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I have always had a special joy when being presented with a rainbow. I remember, many years ago, driving down a long, deserted road in the middle of "nowhere" when a rainbow appears and stretched from one side of the road to the other. It was like driving towards a portal.

Joy in the beautiful nature around us keeps us centred.

Love U

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