Q'uo thru Carla Sept.27, 2008

I have excerpted a portion of the above channeling of Q'uo thru Carla Reuckart which deals specifically with the Shift and 2012.  I find the information about the Harvest and the timing very interesting and pertenant.



We are those of Q'uo. Is there another query at this time?

G: Yes, Q'uo, thank you. This next query comes from T3. T3 asks, "Is
it likely that this timeframe of December 21, 2012, give or take, will
be delayed by an increase in positive polarity? And if delayed, is the
length of delay likely to be negligible?"

We are those of Q'uo, and are aware of your query. There are two
layers to that query and we would answer both of them. Firstly, in
terms of the planetary situation, there is no variance possible in the
turning of the age. It is a mathematical, geometrical design that
works like a clock. When the age is done, another age moves in and
this is what is occurring with Planet Earth at this time. This will
indeed occur, as you say, in 2011, 2012, in that vicinity. We would be
delighted to be completely accurate but although the mathematics of
Planet Earth turn to a specific date of December 21, 2012, there are
metaphysical corrections to be made to the Earthly mathematics which
indicate that the clock will turn somewhat before that, somewhere in
the summer preceding the winter solstice of 2012.

Be that as it may, this is only one layer of our answer. What impacts
the questioner, and all of those upon Planet Earth, far more is the
harvest that is occurring concomitantly with this turning of the age.
The harvest has already begun. It began in your year 1987 in that
period called "Harmonic Convergence. " [4] Entities began being
harvested when they died from the physical at that time. All were
offered the steps of light. Many of those you now call "Indigo
Children" are those who have graduated from Planet Earth in the
positive sense, have now gone on to acquaint themselves with their new
fourth-density homes and have asked for permission to return to third
density as wanderers.

The concern here is duple. Firstly, the wanderers wish to lighten the
consciousness of the planet that there may be the largest possible
harvest upon Planet Earth at this time. They are aware, once they have
entered fourth density and have been able to look at the situation
from a larger point of view, that one person can make a difference by
the way he thinks and by the way he lives. So they have given up their
newly won fourth-density living to come back to what this instrument
would call "spiritual boot camp" in order to get into the thick of the
fray and, in the heart of disharmony, create harmony; in the heart of
fear, create love; in the heart of judgment, create compassion.

There is another powerful motive for such entities to return to
third-density Planet Earth, and that is the love and concern that they
feel for Gaia, Planet Earth herself. There is much restitution that
can be made: trees planted, wastes cleansed, habits changed, so that
the earth begins to thrive and people begin to live with the earth
instead of on the earth. These motives are powerful in bringing many
new wanderers to Planet Earth.

As wanderers have come in to Planet Earth for incarnation, and as the
population of the planet from whatever source has slowly begun to
hunger and thirst for the new paradigm of love and understanding, the
Earth has been able to take hold and to respond to this lightening
that is ongoing. It is easy to look at the many extreme weather
problems that your globe has been experiencing and cry doom, but we
would suggest to you that these frequent catastrophes are a very good
sign. They are the sign that Planet Earth has regained enough strength
to do the balancing that she must do in order to absorb and eliminate
this aggressive and hostile energy that has been pumped into her for
so long, in stages, rather than all at once.

You will notice that the magnetic change that needed to be made has
not been made by a pole shift, but rather has been made by small
increments and even now, magnetic north, as this instrument would call
it, is almost precisely at the place it needs to be in order to
welcome fourth density.

Thusly, we may say that indeed, in terms of the harvesting being
prolonged past 2012, this was always a possibility if a pole shift did
not have to occur, and it is now a near certainty, since the
lightening of the planet has continued to take place, mostly
unnoticeably and beneath the radar of politics and the larger
consciousness of the society as a whole.

However, when one pulls the attention away from the news, which
focuses upon those in power and those who have caused destruction and
points it at the home front, at friends and neighbors and the local
situation, we would suggest that you can find good things happening
everywhere, people caring for and loving each other and reaching out
to each other in kindness and compassion.

This means that each who is hearing these words or who may read them
shall undoubtedly be able to live their incarnation through and be, at
the end of it, invited to walk those steps of light that the harvest
times offer to souls who seek the one infinite Creator.



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For those who are unfamiliar with the principle of Q'uo,  They are part of the Confederation of Planets in service to the One Infinite Creator. Ra and Latwii and Hatonn are all part of Q'uo and the Confederation. The transmissions from these entities are in complete alignment with the Ra Material and the Law of One.


With Light and Love shining into Shadows and Fear


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I will email the material I recieved and check to see if it is on the L/LResearch site.  I also resonate with this material. Glad you vibrated with it too.

With Light and Love shining into Shadows and Fear Berry

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Here is a link to the original source on L/L Research.com .



With Light and Love shining into Shadows and Fear Berry

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I feel like we are listening to Ra again, which makes perfect sense since the Confederation members would be in perfect alignment/harmony.

"It is easy to look at the many extreme weather problems that your globe has been experiencing and cry doom, but we would suggest to you that these frequent catastrophes are a very good sign"

The much more calm pole shift is very interesting also...

I have been working on two very close athiest friends of mine, to consider the possibilities from this vantage point:  It was not so long ago that the status quo scientific community believed the earth was flat and the sun revolved around the earth.  In light of our natural predisposition for haughty stubborn "religious" ignorance with a side of blind ferver, remember this well-known historical fact the next time you feel yourself welling up with that same old worn out oh so static haughty reluctance to accept or research new information, just because it does not yet fit into your fixed entrenched world view at the moment of personal introduction.  I told them, whenever you find yourself inwardly scoffing at and resisting new information like this, you are, once again, proudly proclaiming that the earth is flat.

All of this was in the context our discussion concerning the Roswell UFO incident so well covered by Colonel Philip J. Corso in his amazing book, The Day After Roswell, and our discussion of it yesterday.

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