prayer request please

I feel it necessary to ask all of you to pray for the highest good in this matter. I as well as many others feel many lives may depend upon it, both here and overseas. Please breathe sacred love into this situation~and thank you, my sisters and brothers. There is much power and light here among us.
Many blessings.
I don't know if you've heard this, you most likely have by now.  
I hope the people involved will have an epiphany and decide against it.
Please pray for wisdom, understanding, mercy~
that acts like this will NOT take place to fuel rage between people anywhere.
We are Peace, we see Peace in the world.  
May these people see Peace as well and act from a place of Peace~
in the highest good for all the world. So be it.
Dove World Outreach Center located in Florida has declared they will burn the Q'uran as a memorial
to Sept. 11 on that day. 
Please pray that Light, Love and Peace will prevail and acts such as the one above never come to fruition.
                                                                  Rev. Kristyne Lemerand
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and was naturally disgusted, but can you imagine a world where those that would otherwise react violently did not?  this is the world I envision, where finally they planned a war and nobody came.  the hidden hand message still rings so true to me, the provision of catalyst until catalyst is no longer responded to as before, and then catalyst fades forever because no energy was supporting it, much like the Amish response to ten girls being shot at the Amish school in Nickel Mines, PA

already there's a remnant leading the way for how we shall ultimately overcome, not by making others stop doing acts of insanity and hatred, but by not responding in kind... giving it no energy for fuel and nowhere to go but fade to black...

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I have been praying on this one since a friend of mine in Atlanta mentioned it on his Facebook page.  At the time I thought they were just some little fringe church that was pumping it's members full of hate to bring in more cash.  Their website is packed with hateful messages about "them".  Quite sad, and so contradictory to their claim to be followers of Jesus.  (Thinking back to Chris' post on Jesus and Jon Stewart. What would Jesus say on this mess?) 

General Petraeus asked the congregation to refrain, as it would put our troops in harm's way.  Eric Holder basically said they were misguided and nutty (he used stronger words).  So why is the media covering this at all?  If it is known that showing this act of violence to the world will create danger for our troops, why is the story being followed by our major media outlets?  Why would they not choose to treat this story with as much attention as they might treat the story of the local little league team winning a game?  Perhaps worth a passing mention on a local level, but certainly not front page news at a national level.  It begs the question... what is it that we are not paying attention to right now, because we are paying attention to this flash in the pan story?  The more I think about this, the more it makes me wonder what's really going on. 

Kristyne, I'm sorry to get off the path with this one.  I pray that something happens in that congregation to help them see that Jesus would NEVER condone this behavior.  I pray that they can redirect their passion and energy to the greater good for all humanity.  I pray that there are Muslims in that community and around the world that understand that we live in difficult times, and that burning a book, however holy and sacred, is only an act of fear on the part of those burning the book - and that it is NOT an act performed by all Americans, but only a few scared and misguided ones.

With sacred love flowing out to all the world, and you, my sisters and brothers,


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Thanks for calling us together on this Kristyne. I'm praying for mutual understanding and coming back to the original values of all religions. It's time for transformation.

With much love and warm wishes,

I join my HEART with these Prayers here and throughout the world. 


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Breathing Sacred Love into this situation and joining my prayers and heart with you and many others. 

May the Highest Good for All be the only result.


With Love,


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my first impulse upon reading about it was to look at their website.  Kathy, I have already thought everything that you speak in the paragraphs above.

My gut reaction was to write to the man that heads up this congregation as a fellow Minister and engage him in conversation about the 'why's of this action. Almost immediately I knew their would be no positive discourse to be had as I have dealt with very fundamentalist 'believers' in the past. In meditating it becomes very clear to me that the only way to deal with this effectively is by way of the 'ethers'.

~consciously creating a different outcome with our unified thoughtforms~

Now that's what a transformation team is for!

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Yes, I join in the prayer for peace amoung people of all faith.

I think this is all about beefing up all the opposition to the hundreds of 9/11 truth activists that will be out and about across the country. I would like to add a prayer for those who will be facing lies with truth this weekend.




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I join you in breathing sacred love into the hearts of all concerned. 

'~consciously creating a different outcome with our unified thoughtforms~' I am with you sister Kristyne.

with sacred love val

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Watch in the background for the signs. This is an excellent example of how evil trips over itself and backfires.


I found it all very amusing and am filled with Fairy Mirth.  Thank you!  That has just made my morning.  The more people shooed the Sign Holders away... the more they were seen and the more exposure they recieved.  I actually stopped listening to the Looney Tunes Pastor and just saw the "signs!"  Laughing

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