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Dear friends, brothers and sisters in Spirit.
I urge you to download this mp3 audio recording and listen to it.  I believe that it is important and urgent information regarding what we as a nation and as a world may be experiencing in the next months or weeks.  We have been hearing much similar information in recent months but this recording seems to have clarified what is very possibly on the near horizon.  I told my unaware friends to please don't laugh it off.   The recording is close to 2 hours long so please find time soon to listen to it and give yourself that time.
Blessings of Love and Light,
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I want to share the message of George Green on Project Camelot

When asked when we might expect major changes to occur, his response is to look at his watch. "The moment we launch a strike against Iran is the moment no longer to be in the US," George says. "Pretty soon we'll be waking up one Monday morning to find that the world is no longer the same."

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Something that George didn't have in his information at that time in April, was the Gerogian conflict.  Russia now has a great amount of previously secret information obtained when the American hastily retreated from Georgia on their incurssion, which it will disclose concerning the actions of the U.S., Israel and others. This changed the timeline and momentum toward war on Iran.  The other big difference since that time is the economic shift which we have witnessed this last week.  The U.S. is not now able or willing to commit to an Iran invasion under the circumstances.  Bill and Kerry indicated that what we should expect instead is another 9-11 type of false flag event, wherein the Bush administration can postpone or completely cancel the November elections and declare marshal law.  This is what we have to send light to nullify.  We have been assured by the Federation of Planets and other Cosmic groups that the use of nuclear  weapons WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  

Love and Light in the Oneness of our Infinite Creator


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Thank you so much for the precisions, I had not realized that George's advice dated from last April.

I had listened to Bill and Kerry's tape and I found it quite long and imprecise. However the very last part where they recommand to be part of a local community reached me. This is part of my mission. It is a reason why I do not have the time to participate often in this forum. However I find it very resourceful.

May the light descend on all of us.







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Perhaps a critical mass of people breathing love could slip below the radar and upset the powers that be before they realize what is happening.

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As I began to listen to Bill talk of how him and Kerry got together and began to flow on their new path in synchronous ways that cannot be explained by mere coincidence past a certain point (much like the common experiences of so many of us lately) and how, surprising to them, no one had shut them down yet, I began to think upon the many times that Carla (the channeler from the Ra sessions) was under psychic attack (she now calls it "psychic greetings"), even in danger of actually losing her physical 3rd density life and possibly being innocently attracted away from her chosen positive polarity service to others path to another negative polarity time/space continuum where her progress would be set back a spell until she could build up enough positive polarity with the unassuming help of the negative prison-type elite/slavery environment she would have to be part of in space/time before returning to her chosen service to others path, I am led to wonder if we are really truly worrying the power elite very much when we follow what we are able to follow, as Bill and Kerry are doing so very well?

I firmly believe that psychic attack is an emphatic indicator of someone really being on to something. In the first place, it has been the ongoing "Art of War" tactic of all Governments/shadow govs to reveal/feed just enough to keep the curious ones busy while "they" (the governments/shadow governments) go freely about their real business, many many chess moves ahead of us, utterly unhindered by those that feel they are really on to something. If no one is bothering you about what you are doing, you have good reason to believe you are not really bothering them (as they smile and pat you on top of your head).

In session 16 of the Law of One material Ra says the following in response to Don's questions:

Questioner: Of these first five densities, have all of the planets (67 million in our galaxy alone) progressed from the third density by knowledge and application of the Law of One?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: Then the only way for a planet to get out of the situation that we are in is for the population to become aware of and start practicing the Law of One. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

I was also, like Bill, always amazed that no one was bothering me or my computer (much) while I was digging up very seemingly juicy and damning details concerning our government. Since then I have literally come to find that they are so far ahead of our presumed "messin' 'round in their business" that they have very little need to pay much attention to us at all, while we continue on being so impressed with ourselves for knowing as much as we think we know.

I am not saying not to pay attention, just to realize that we know much less than we think we know. Example: We have flying anti-gravity electromagnetic propulsion craft since at least the early 80's that move at speeds close to half the speed of light. Now go try to tell that to someone who is sure they are quite up to date with what is really going on. Most of them will dismiss you, and they're the ones sincerely looking to discover what is really going on! This is but one example among many and can begin to give one a glimpse of why "they" are not too worried about you discovering what they are really up to. Most of what you think you have discovered about them has more to do with what they are simply allowing you to know than it does with you being a great investigator/researcher.

While we freely trade info like so many baseball cards without being renditioned off to some concentration camp, Carla was being severely "psychic" attacked on a daily basis by the real negative power behind the negative power elite here on earth for simply attempting to be a vessel for Ra to communicate The Way that all developing planets finally come to their senses concerning spiritual evolution and ascension to the next level(s) of experience - The Law of One.

You wanna see real fireworks? Start a big study group sincerely and solemnly studying something the real negative power elite Orion group will sit up and really take notice of the moment you do! True progress will be met with true resistance - all else is little more than romanticized transient noise for one's personal amusement, and causes no concern among the powers that be.

It is just the way it is in this 3rd density that polarity is still so very much a part of. It is an indicator that you are truly on to something that bothers the power elite. Anything else is child's play to them and will go unattended, for there is simply no reason to pay much attention to it. Although I was very intrigued when Bill mentioned that the reason they are not being hassled is "they" may be looking for a way to finally share all of this, and are just plain tired of being the keeper of such a vast mountain of secrets....

Knowledge of transient details of dark forces will not be enough to overcome "them" - that will require the knowledge of the Law of One. Love/Light Light/Love is where we really are, including the so called dark forces. Positive/negative polarities are simply an excellent training aid for ascension, and little more. Dark and negative and shadow is not "evil" or "bad" or "wrong". It is what it is! It is very much a part of the one infinite Creator! Until we understand this we will be fighting our own entrenched illusions/shadows, not the shadow governments of the world. The more people that learn this on this planet, the more we become what we want "them" to become. How can "they" become "it" if we are not even becoming it? I wonder how much longer we will be happy spinning our wheels in the intriguing crumbs of info they give our egos to play with?

Love/Light, Chris

P.S. here is a link of related info video that describes the time travel device "cube" that Bill was having trouble describing, that was found at the Roswell crash in 1947.

and Kerry talked a bit about weather wars, so here is the premier Russian technology that kicks HAARP's butt, called Scalar Wave Technology

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If Ra is speaking the truth about how things have worked for, well, forever basically, that is exactly how we will overcome, rise above, polarize sufficiently to cause spontaneous lifting of the veil that keeps this planet from evolving. I truly believe that the collective we is really starting to get that and we do well to stay out of our own collective way and really enjoy the ride the way it was/is intended to be enjoyed!!!!

Peace starts in each of our hearts first before it changes those we wish would stop doing what they are doing.... WE are truly coming up on a wonderful critical mass!!!!! Come on October 14th!!!!!

Think it - know it - BE IT

Love/Light, Chris

P.S. Project Avalon, Bill and Kerry's new project, sure sounds very very cool!!!!!

P.P.S.S. Hey Berry, did you happen to notice while listening to Kerry's part that she mentions the Orion's as being those in ships stationed above the earth to halt any use of nukes??? Does she have some of her info a little flipped, or is this one more indication of this ongoing battle for hearts and minds by positive STO and negative STS polarities?

Oh, and there was no mention of the earth almost completely moved over now into 4th density (I would imagine because they are dealing mainly with physical info and leaving the metaphysical part to others, although Kerry makes mention of us as being co-creators on this planet and can change our destiny). I have to believe that they really only have half the story, and not even necessarily the most important half, for what is about to happen will trump much of what they are discussing if I understand the latest messages from the Galactic Federation of Light correctly. As always, we live in amazing and very exciting times!  Oh, and loved Bill's closing message about us not knowing how powerful we really are and the false powers that be wanting to keep it that way!!!!!

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Brother Chris,

You are very observant regarding the above comments. Yes, I did indeed catch that conundrum.   Bill and Kerry are dealing with for the most part non-spiritual individual, basic 3-d people observing and reporting what they are doing, seeing and hearing.  David Wilcock is working with them to make them aware of what is going on in the higher realms, but I don't believe they have "got it" yet.   Obviously Kerry was misinformed or not clear on her fact when she said the Orions were preventing nuclear attacts.  They would more than love to see a nuclear conflict.  But at least she was aware that there was someone up there in ships watching and being prepared to prevent an nuclear action of any sort.


Also, Linda, I posted another post regarding the power of positive calling which Ra says doubles  It is in the Law of One thread called Service to Self as compared to Service to Others. In other words is the power of meditation/intention with the intention of service to others/love/light/peace/joy  is squared each time another person joins the process.  If you have the opportunity read what I have posted there.

Love and Light to all.



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Ah, one of my favorite moments of reading the Law of One sessions!  Ra makes mention of the doubling effect at other times too, but the time you are referring to is, I believe, mid to late in book 3 (which I just finished reading last night with, again, tears of joy and awe in my eyes).

As Bill said at the end of the mp3 file you provided for us Berry, the false powers that be (not for much longer) have, for a very long time now, been working to keep us ignorant of the true power we actually possess, one of the key things they learned from ET's and EBE's over the years.

There is definitely a strong welling up right now that will not be stopped, for this planet is scheduled very soon now for transition from 3rd to 4th density heart chakra green ray where harmony and honesty and peace and joy and love and light are the rule of the era.  Those wishing to continue in the 3rd density playground of positive or negative polarity are going to have to go through a catalyst of losing their present bodies (something they would have decided already prior to this incarnation) and find another planet to play on!  This planet is divinely earmarked for 4th density!!!!!!

The Indigo and Crystal children that bend spoons in their sleep, like it was nothing, are already here and more are incarnating in as we speak.  They will be the half and half transitional entities with bodies that are part 3rd and part 4th density.  They will be the ones to lead humanity on Gaia toward total 4th density!  They are biologically more apt to spontaneously change all the way to their 4th density bodies at will, but we ALL have the capability inside us, for all levels of existence happen simultaneously always inside one thought and one moment that is infinite.

Whoever wrote American Beauty new something about all this - just listen to the last line narrated by Kevin Spacey!

If only Christians really knew what Jesus was really saying (about them!) when he said, "I and the Father are One".  So sad that they mistook that to mean that Jesus was claiming some kind of exclusive privileged relationship with the One Infinite Creator.  He was trying to help us understand that when we finally realize and love and accept who we really are, we find we ARE the One Infinite Creator, fully activated, acting upon ItSelf!!!!

I so look forward to October 14th, not because we need someone to save us, but a catalyst like that that would help the vast majority of humanity to understand Infinity is such a short amount of time, all together, can give us just the kick in the collective pants we need to really begin to get it, and part of that "getting it" has to do with understanding that there really is no "they" that are bad or evil or the enemy!  Thinking that creates the very enemy we then need to conquer, the one illusion of that which is never real, entrenched within our own misguided concept of Unity.  God is One.  Absolutely no exceptions!  The grossest or most vile thing you could think of is still, to the One Infinite Creator, just one more experience for expansion of experiencial knowledge.  This is a hard pill to swallow, but that is still the way it really is!  When I really get this, I will no longer even be tempted to judge or find fault with anyone!  There are no mistakes in the Law of One.

There is this new (actually been around for about 20 years I hear) The Society of the Alliance for Humanity that is, I feel, straight from the elitist's negative polarity STS playbook.  I tried to read the first book they make available on line and I almost became nauseous.  I bring this up, not to necessarily warn others concerning their intent that so obviously runs contrary to all we have been hearing lately about the true intentions of the guardians of this planet, but because of what I just said above.  When I really understand what Ra is telling me about the nature of the One Infinite Creator, like some very happy kid on a very large cosmic playground that finds it utterly impossible to see anything but the joy and peace and love and light and happiness it knows eternally, I will not feel sick or neutralized when I read something from the opposite polarity.  I look forward to that time, and that time is not as far away as one might think!!!!!

Love/Light, Chris

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You just said: "When I really understand what Ra is telling me about the nature of the One Infinite Creator, like some very happy kid on a very large cosmic playground that finds it utterly impossible to see anything but the joy and peace and love and light and happiness it knows eternally, I will not feel sick or neutralized when I read something from the opposite polarity.  I look forward to that time, and that time is not as far away as one might think!!!!!"

As you know, I had the same reaction to the A of H material. It made me physically ill when I started reading it.  So it must be that our inborn, inherited, addiction to judgment and bias is telegraphed to our physical structure. I tend to think of myself as non-judgmental but there seems to be evidence that this is not the case when I, indeed you, react physically to the negative side of Oneness.  This is why Ra speaks about the Veil of Forgetfullness as a tool created by the creator to help us learn the lessons of Oneness without interfering with our Free Will. 

I need to gather some notes together about Ra's conversations about the early portion of Creation prior to the use of the Veil of Forgetfullness and also before the negative polarity.  Interesting concepts there.




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