International World Peace Day  September 21

I am creating inner peace by learning about Peace... It all begins on the inside.  I am doing a teaching series on list I belong to and I would like to share it with you as well.  --fairyfarmgirl



 The web site with more information and the Prayer-Meditation as a downloadable
MP3 audio file is here:

Imagine a G20 Summit where:

The highest outcome and benefit for all is the overarching consciousness from
where all decisions are made.

World leaders hear one another.

Cultural differences are respected.

Peaceful exchange of divergent views occurs.

Each leader finds the courage to connect within themselves to their deepest
power and capacity and act from here.

Imagine a world lived from here!


Here is the shared intention we are invited to hold in heart and mind between
now and September 25th:

The Gathering of One: The Oneness Prayer/Meditation

"We now open our hearts to the unity and interconnectedness of all people. This
unity transcends beliefs systems and political polarities. We affirm the
inherent divinity within every individual, and that We Are All One -- one
planet, one world, one body of humanity, one Spirit. We support and encourage
peaceful, creative collaboration at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh and in
interactions large and small everywhere. We hold the vision that everyone is
heard and no one is hurt.

With conscious intention in prayer and meditation, we connect in love and
embrace all people in heart, mind and spirit, creating a wave of uplifting
energy that radiates across the planet. We envision citizens and leaders from
all countries opening to their innate wisdom and awakening new pathways for
global peace, prosperity, and sustainability. In deep gratitude, love and
peace, we honor the truth of our divinity. And so it is."








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And so it always was, and always has been, in spite of our very earnest, polarized and dualistic attempts to prove otherwise for a 'spell'....  Beautiful prayer/meditation...., another of those amazing "" sites popping up everywhere now, like SaviorsofEarth, NaturallyUniversal, twinpsychics, mepeace and ipeace... This is so exciting to watch and be part of all that is taking shape worldwide right here and now...  LLP, Chris

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Oh yes!  Count me in.  I'll be including the prayer in my daily meditaions.

OH MY GOD!  What beautiful people!  I am already in Heaven!

Let's send ho' oponopono healing to all of us who don't realize it.



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Is is OK if I copy this message and send it to all my friends and family?


Good Greetings Bob:


Thank you for asking!  Absolutely copy this series on Peace!  Spread the Fabric of Peace as we each are a thread unto the cloth of Peace.





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Hi Fairyfarmgirl... for your information, I sent the message to my friends and family with the following intro:

"Dear friends and family,

I trust all is well with you, your family and your neighbors.

Below is a message I got from one of my colleagues at the "Transformation Team".  I think you'll enjoy it.

Please remember:

"The world is not made of brick and mortar
(or steel, concrete,  plastic or even nano-technology for that matter)
The world is made of stories"

and this one is a story who's time has come!

The Gathering Spot is a PEERS empowerment website
"Dedicated to the greatest good of all who share our beautiful world"