Paradise Found Inside

So much beauty
surrounds me
in this world,
it takes my very breath,
it suspends all my thinking:

There is only this love
for all things
and thanks
for being alive,

Some people call that
I just call it
living life.

Simple as deciding to love,
deciding to be greatful,
deciding to own life.

That is the essence
of what we need to do
to create that new world
of joy and love:

Become it,
all children,
and that's what we shall have:
Paradise lost
inside ourselves
found at last
in our very own depths!

That is how we can transform
what feels like a nightmare
into the most glorious dream
any of us
have ever

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Invocation to Self-activation

and response-ability realization

with the free will discipline

of Conscious intention.

Inspired by the mere mention....

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