Outbreak of Revolution in 2009 Predicted

I'm going to be lazy and just paste the announcement I just sent out to my e-list.  Here it is:

"When people lose everything and they
have nothing to lose, they lose it." -- Gerald Celente
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As you can hear yourself in the radio
interview linked below, legendary forecaster Gerald Celente of the
Trends Research Institute sees 2009 as the year that a real people's global Revolution
will begin to manifest
, which will come full flower in 2012 or so.
 [The Revolution is against the continued consolidation of financial and
political power in the hands of the banking and corporate Elite, with the end
goal of a one world oligarchy at the profound expense of 99% of the people on
the Earth.]  The first outbreaks, he says, will likely come this winter
in the form of demonstrations and riots in response to food shortages and the
decreasing ability of people of little means to pay for the necessities of
He sees the Revolution being fought on many levels by many
different groups of people, working both in the open and underground, and
growing in strength as these next few years unfold -- and as the Elite continues
to try to consolidate financial and political power worldwide in their
own hands.  After a monumental struggle on the part of the people of the
Earth, Celente says, the New World Order will come apart and a new Renaissance
will begin
on this planet.  Two important keys to negotiating this
change successfully will be self-sufficiency and co-operation at local and
regional levels (as opposed to feeding and relying on central control of all of
our needs), and sprititual nourishment/growth.  (See Catherine Austin Fitts' www.solari.com for specifics; it's a valuable
I have to say that I agree with
Celente on all of these points.  What we're seeing playing out on the global
theater is at least a ten-thousand-year-old struggle between the prevailing
mindset of everything for "Me" and "Mine," and the need to work for the the
wellbeing of "All of Us."  Things are coming to a culmination at this
point in history, and the tide is beginning to turn.
It's a disturbing
time, and also a hopeful time.  It is THE time we have been waiting for to
launch us (the human race) into the next necessary phase of our collective
evolution.  And we all have a part to play -- otherwise we wouldn't be here
I urge you to take an hour
and listen to radio and Internet journalist Alex Jones interview Gerald
at this link: http://www.radiodujour.com/people/celente_gerald/; select the
first item.  Or, go directly to the radio link: http://www.radiodujour.com/people/celente_gerald/mp3/20081218_alexjones_geraldcelente.mp3
Celente's Trends Research Institute
website is at http://www.trendsresearch.com/.  You
can see his track record of
forecasts at http://www.trendsresearch.com/forecast.html; scroll down the page.  It is impressive.  For
those interested, his Report comes out quarterly and costs $99 per year.  I just
subscribed; I think it will be a valuable tool to help navigate the coming times
-- hopefully to avoid pitfalls (survive) and take advantage of opportunities
(thrive).  -- B. Brown
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I took your advice and listened- wow.  I cannot say I am happy that the "fringe" element, of which I've been part for many years, is no longer marginalized as a bunch of hysterical "Chicken Little" types.  More and more people, as they experience the harsh realities of the current- and coming- times, have come to realize the sky is falling after all.  Over the years, I've read about what life will be like on the other side.  Called the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Peace, as well as other names, it has been described as a time when people live in harmony with each other and the planet.  For the longest time I wondered, who among us would be around to see this, and how would we get to that point?  Thanks to the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series, and Anastasia, I now know.  Plant your victory gardens, folks- and do what you can to go "off the grid."  The best way to not be victimized by the collapsing system is to opt out of it.

Pax, Lux, Agape- Deb

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