Our Moral Code

http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/dan_ariely_on_our_buggy_moral_code.html  The test variables are very telling.  Interesting that people exercised their own restraint in regards to their degree of cheating irrespective of the amount of reward or likelihood of getting caught.

I just realized that the moral questions raised in this video are not unique to human nature.  For instance, my dog (who is otherwise very well-behaved) will sneak and steal food out of the trash when I'm not home, but will leave it untouched if he knows I'm around to catch and scold him.

Lots of other great videos on this site.  Check it out!


Very interesting and very telling!  I immediately thought of my relation to hiway speed limits.  By myself I fudge a little - maybe 5 mph but when in traffic traveling even more over the limit, I enlarge my fudge factor as well.

I can also apply this to my activities or projects - I have an ideal in mind but I have my own built-in fudge factor.  Looking at this video I am reminded that my fudge factors contribute to the overall debilitation of our world and society.  The weaknesses and failures are supported by my fudging and not living up to the standards that I know(and that I tell people I try to adhere to).

Thank you for this reminder of what I am here for.



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