Light Workers Stand United 10-13-08

On October 13th at 11:11pm, Light workers, you are being summoned to assist us in manifesting a timeline to welcome the Federation of Light to our world!

At 11:11pm, we will repeat the following statement 11 times to allow it to manifest:



Stand United and Fulfill your Destiny so we can welcome our intergalactic family and open the doors to Earth for them on October 14th.



share with everyone you know:)


much love to you all:)



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this is at 11:11 UTC time




i love you all:)



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Thanks for posting, very inspiring and touching. Love!

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David posted a blog today on his Divine Cosmos website that is very enlightening regarding the Oct. 14 excitement.  Here is a link to that blog incase you want to read it, which I would suggest as it covers a lot of other important information.


I want to excerpt and copy one section here which is for me the definitive answer to the Light Ship appearance.


"Many civilizations of non-terrestrial humans have gathered here to guide and assist us through this change. Very similar to the "Prime Directive" in Star Trek, these people follow a strict code of non-intervention in our affairs in any overt form, such as the proverbial "Landing on the White House Lawn."

Once or twice a year, someone claims to channel a message that motherships are going to fill our skies and formally announce themselves. This one just happened to be a lot more popular than most of them ever get, thanks in large part to the videos that were created, infusing this prophecy with all the Hollywood glitz, glam and ‘story’ that we’re used to seeing in the movies.

Until we, as a planet, wish to be contacted — by a unanimous consensus — it simply will not happen. UFO fans would be thrilled, but many, many others would have their free will completely invaded.

There are, however, two caveats worth mentioning.

First, if a nuclear war of any sufficient level of destructiveness were about to begin, it would be stopped. The prevention of the event would would necessitate such a mass sighting. At that point our collective free will, shaped by our political leaders, would have steered us into an annihilation that, in this case, will not be permitted.

Secondly, the event at the end of 2012 will require intervention to properly guide and nurture the process. This will involve a massive, worldwide arrival of UFOs, as many people have foreseen. Again, laugh if you will, but there is a compelling stack of evidence that must be addressed if you wish to credibly pick apart this concept. "


This tantalizing excerpt should give you an appetite to read the whole blog.  By the way, the link at the end of that blog is to a series of articles called  2012 Politics which is also a must read.


Blessing of love and light to all,


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A very good summary for an excellemt blog, Berry. Thanks so much for posting this!


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The reason I was following this prediction of an appearance in the sky for three days, was, like David's reasons concerning the rule of non-intervention, base entirely upon what I read in the Law of One sessions. Without giving "chapter and verse" specifics, suffice it to say that Ra made it perfectly clear that, with permission from the Council of Nine, there have been similar sightings in the past human history specifically designed to alter thinking on a macro level to more clearly consider "infinity", to get people to think outside the box more than they were presently doing so as to gently nudge them to move in a better direction as per learning the Law of One that would help the life forms on this planet evolve instead of being stuck in a history-repeating cycle of futility like a skipping record.

Ra also made it clear, as per some answers to Don's questions regarding this subject of permitted intervention, that there could very well be more of these types of sightings in the future, just like the one described for the October 14th 3-day sighting. There would be no space man getting out of a ship to announce itself, no particle beams emitting from the craft, just one enormous craft stationed in the sky for three days that the "authorities" and military could do absolutely nothing about. This would be a catalyst that would draw a world away from despotic fear and loathing, and toward the inspiration of hope. And I do not mean the wishful meaning of hope - I mean the Hope that causes spontaneous things to happen en mass because it has the great potential of awakening the sleeping giant "white magician" in each of us which is the very thing that the NWO elites are most afraid of, a mass awakening to that inherent potential just lying there dormant, awaiting an alignment of free will agreement with reality.

The other thing from the Law of One is the "doubling" principle that Ra speaks of on several occasions. This principle is key for understanding why we have far more inherent collective power than the NWO elitists negative polarity service to self types can ever muster. As per the Law of One Unity doubling principle, the first prayerful request for (in this particular case) an appearance from otherworldly friends and allies is the Cornerstone of the collective request. In a very very real way, it only really takes one request! The doubling principle is a geometric parabolic curve of support for the original request, and so the 2nd person requesting in agreement with the first makes a 2, the 3rd person in a 17 second or longer agreement makes 4 (not 3), the 4th, 8, 5th, 16, 6th, 32, 7th, 64, and by the time you get to the 30th person, you have a power of over one million. By the time you get to just 100 people in agreement with the cornerstone request, well the number boggles the mind. Unity quickly and efficiently gets to the googol figure which is a 1 with 100 zeros behind it. That is the power of the request that has been sent out from planet earth! The figures are staggering and mind-blowing! Much of this due to the facilitating potential of the internet. David may be considering the potential for mass delusion as a very real possibility relating to the inherent potential of the internet, but I see it as a wonderful facilitator of many minds that are not in the least deluded or confused, but are thinking and intuitively feeling heart chakra green ray and golden light more clearly right now than they have ever in their whole lives, including their lifetimes prior to this incarnation!!!

I contend that this did not go down on this arbitrary date of October 14th, not because we did not make it clear that we are prepared to receive their well thought out contingency planning of this event (for we made it perfectly clear I am very sure), but because the event itself is scheduled to happen as a balancing positive distraction to offset some despotic negative false flag pretext to horror negative polarity distraction the NWO's have planned. This is not over by a long shot! One thing that David is so very correct on is we need to give up the notion of knowing this or that arbitrary date in time, which is an illusion itself, and serves only to further entrench seekers in the illusion of specifics as regarding times and dates. We need to see past all of that to the "why" and not be caught up in the "when".

That, I strongly feel, we can take to the bank....

Do not be tempted to be disappointed and keep looking for what the October 14th appearance is intended to be when it happens, no longer concerned with when, but the glorious why!!!

Love/Light, Chris

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