It's transition time for me

Oh, my.
So, no, we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto, too.
I burned a bridge to my past recently. And am still reeling a bit. I had a sense of myself as a teacher of a specific meditative practice, and nourished my story around this bit of my persona for many years.
Once I burned the bridge to the story, and the concomitant behaviors, I was free to see how I had been shackling myself with expectations of how I wanted the world to respond to my story.
The story does not matter that much. What matters is the freedom I am now experiencing.
Enlightenment is still my passion. It just will look very different, that is: how I offer that (my passion and my experience) up to the world.
My Teacher had achieved the fullness of human consciousness.
He told us we would too. I'm still experiencing boundaries.
And I'm still experiencing The Unbounded at the same time.
I won't go any further for now.
I still feel tired some. However un-enlightened that may sound.

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I am tired every day dear brother and have never felt so enlightened at such an accellerated pace in these times we find ourselves in (this time).  I told my father the other day that it felt like surfing a wave (even though I have never been surfing) and I may fall off the board once in a while, but I plan to keep paddling out and look for the next set.  Welcome to the retreat where you can recharge your batteries, realign your focus of intent, or whatever......

Love just Being, Chris

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Thank you, Himavat for sharing your vulnerable spaces so beautifully. I get caught up in my identity which wants to save the world at times, yet a big part of me is soooooo done with that. But it's still there. Thankfully that part and me are learning to dance better all the time. Though we still step on some toes. Much love and gratitude, Fred

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Dear One, So now the teacher again becomes the student.....who is also the teacher. Enjoy your new freedom! Love,Mary

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Another thing that came to mind this morning while considering the things you said comes from the movie "The Karate Kid". The boy was complaining that he had learned nothing and was just being a slave to do the teacher's chores, and then the teacher says,

"Show me, Sand de floor!"

"Show me, Paint de fence!"

"Show me, wax on, wax off!

The boy had no idea how much he had actually learned from those seemingly mundane chores until that moment of revelation. I'm not quite sure why I thought of that in relation to your post, but maybe it makes some kind of sense to you.

Let me know,


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And yet there wants to be a healing.

Subtle difference between healing and saving.

Saving implies judgment, that something is wrong.

Healing implies discernment, that something wants to evolve.

And that we can help.

Much more freedom in healing.

Judgment maintains the separation, illusion, ego stuff.

Healing opens the door to possibilities.

Funny how we get those confused.

Thanks for your note.

I will be making a friend request of you any minute now.

Gratitude to you for all you have been a part of creating!


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Thanks for your notes.

It makes perfect sense, the Karate Kid stuff.

The Universe is always offering us lessons, as the master was offering to the kid in that movie.

When we evolve to the point that we get the lessons, then life gets easier: we are not so busy condemning God or people or whatever for our "misfortune."

The sooner I get what the Universe is telling me, the happier I am.

Thanks for sharing.


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Sooooooo True!!! And there's sooooo much great stuff to learn once I finally decide to get "the hell" out of my own way! I love that about the way things are, and how unassailable reality really really is.

I had another thought about all the wonderful events/discoveries and awful events/denials paralleling in this oh so very interesting time we find ourselves in (this time round). My mind's vivid image in a pic lately is "High Tide". We can sit on the beach and watch it all from there, or we are so free to "view" it as an opportunity to paddle out there on our boards and look for some killer sets. My core thought on this was, like you, I find I am very tired almost every day the past so many years (Bush Admin. coughed out subtly) and I was remembering how many times I have continued to do something fun in my life, in spite of how tired I was at the time. Been trying to keep my spirits up with thoughts like that and am slowly being rewired to think only those kinda things. I find it amazing how the brain is so cooperative with simple intent to do something different in that so very awesome 4D holographic organic metaphysical computer we came equipped with.

Had another trippy mini-vision last night as I was looking out over the land in the distance and immediately got the very real sense of what all that "empty space" between me and the view really is like at the quantum level. There is absolutely no space at all! Everything was/is connected, but never confined (as one might feel confined to any given "space"). It was real quick, but very very delicious. I'll take what I can get and seek more as I go. I so love that you're here dear brother of ours! I really meant everything I said about how your image inspired/inspires me. Please forgive for the bit of "spotlight" on your countenance......

Living, Loving and Laughing as if "One" is all there is........

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