How to Buy Non GM Food

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Buying non-GM not only helps address you and your family’s health
concerns, it also can influence the decisions of food manufacturers,
distributors, and retailers. Food manufacturers worldwide have switched
to non-GM ingredients to appeal to consumer demand--make a change or
lose the customer. We’re at the top of the food chain and we can move
the market.

The Non-GMO Shopping Guide - How Products Qualify, click here

To learn what foods and food ingredients have been genetically modified, click here.

Look through our tips for avoiding GMOs when shopping, click here.

To learn more about eating non-GM in restaurants, click here.

To find local sources of organic food and GM-free meats, click here.

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Thank you, Dave, Dear. This is excellent information. I am glad you do all the shopping. (Most people here know Dave and I are a couple.) Since we live such a natural life, it can help others make sure their food is not GM modified. If there is anything I dislike, it is having my food messed with!  

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What a GREAT IDEA for a forum BRO!!!!!
I have been wanting to look into this for some time and you just delivered the goods!
Has been sooo weird to be a vegetarian and still have to worry about the vegetable-based food choices because of the despotically-insane Monsantos of genetic engineering....

Thank YOU Thank YOU and Thank YOU, and Dog Bless,

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