Great news - A world changing event

This is such important and exciting news!

Fred sent a few articles out last week about the recent test and first sale of Andrea Rossi's cold fusion one megawatt power producion devices. In a personal e-mail with one of our members I found that they had missed the articles so I figured I'd post something here. I'm wondering if I should be talking to our local town officials about starting our own town-wide power company to purchase these devices. According to this website, he has 13 on order already.


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This is good news; however, what we really need to see is a small unit that produces actual electricity in enough quantity to power a home. Then we can unplug from the grid and truly begin to gain independence.

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I wonder if Dr. Steven Greer knows about this.  I believe the Orion Project will help fund anyone with a free energy device.

I'll pass this link on to Occupy Wall Street NYC.  You may have heard that the police recently confiscated their generators and they are looking for alternative ways to keep warm.  Even if the police confiscate this cold fusion device, it could be good PR in the long run, hee, hee!  Laughing



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Hi Kevnkar,

I agree - Adrea Rossi intends to develop a home use unit soon. Can you imagine having a unit in your own home and then buying an electric car to completely fere yourself of our petrol controlled world? I wonder if/when we will be able to develop an electric airplane - no more confusing chemtrails with contrails.

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Have you guys seen the music vid for free energy??(or to free energy to be exact). It's awesome! I know everybody's got a different sense of what is good music but you have to hear first I laughed out loud, then I cried-I was totally thrilled...Bless you Andrea Rossi, Bless you Nicola Tesla.


Thanks for mentioning the E-Cat Wendy-I'm following the progress closely. Here is the page I found the video on. Love and blessings to Sterling for creating the peswiki site for new energy developments. He's kept hope alive for me.

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I thought I'd bring this post to the top again. There are new articles and interviews at the following website. Cold fusion is finally recognized by the mainstream scientific community - a week long course offering at MIT.

I remember in the late 1980's-early 1990's there were some Scientists and the University of Utah discovered cold fusion.  They  were discredited for discovering Cold Fusion by the scientific community.  They were made to recant.  I remember seeing their eyes and the sadness there--- it was on the news at the time.... I just remember it and believed that they had indeed found a way to create Cold Fusion but were being supressed.  After other scientists could not reproduce Cold Fusion using thier methods.


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