Fulford on Economy, NWO "Cabal", Swine Flu Vaccine

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Here is the English rendition of Benjamin Fulford's blog for 8/27/09 (at http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/benjaminfulford/):

Answers to questions from a reader:

Q:  People are wondering how the Queen fits in with all this. What her power might be to intervene, is she a player for the Coalition* or a part of the Cabal?*

A: The queen has been flipping and flopping back and forth but our latest intelligence has it that she fully supports the new financial system* and a new Marshall plan for the planet earth.

Q: The Vatican is another question mark. Did you have plans to meet with them; did that happen already?

A: So far there has only been the meeting with Leo Zagami. However, the pope has come out publicly in support of the new financial system. The Italians also confiscated the $134.5 billion the Federal Reserve was trying to fraudulently launder. So, it seems the Vatican is with the good guys now.

Q: There is a lot of speculation about whether the dollar will be devalued here in America: This along with rumored plans again of a NAU.

A: A dollar devaluation would be equivalent to the US unilaterally defaulting on its debt to the rest of the world: the rest of the world will not allow that to happen. The US could not pull that one off because 90% of dollars ever created are not owned by Americans. Those dollars are now backed by gold. All Fed dollars created after September 11 2008 are not.  [I don't know what he means by this last statement.  Anyone?  -- B.]

Q: Everyone is waiting for the Bank Holiday which has not materialized.

A: Be patient, my sources and other people’s sources still expect something by the end of September but it could be delayed even a bit longer after that date.

Q: Is there going to be immunity for the Presidents and others?

A: It might be a good idea if that is what is necessary to get the cabal to step aside peacefully. However, they have killed a lot of people and there is a lot of anger towards them so I would be very scared if I was one of them.

Q: What about this vaccine? Will this Cabal fall before any of this can be realized?

A: There is no chance whatsoever they will be allowed to carry out genocide by vaccine.


*Note: by "Cabal" Fulford means the NWO elite.  By "Coalition" he means a powerful association of people and groups (including the Chinese "Mafia") which he says is working internationally (and behind the scenes) against the Cabal.  By "new financial system" he's referring to a new financial-monetary system being devised that's based on sound economic principles, intended to be for the benefit of everyone equally. 

He writes the blog chiefly in Japanese but supplies English translations for most of what he posts.  His blog is interesting; you can go back in time and see what he's posted before.

So who is Benjamin Fulford?  An American living in Japan with Japanese citizenship.  An interesting and even unlikely character, who apparently has connections in both very high and very low places.  To lend credibility to his claims, he has been photographed and filmed with such people as high-ups in the Japanese government and David Rockefeller.  He appears often on Japanese TV.  Colbert even mentioned him. 

...Maybe it's best just to "google" him and pick a few leads.  Rense.com has a lot of Fulford material concentrated in one place.  Judge for yourself.  At the very least you will not be bored.

-- I'm feeling that all is essentially well, even if it hurts.


Yep, friends... this is what the Angels have been saying as well... Gotta love the interGalactic Community.



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I really have to say I am excited about all of this chaotic development!  This has to happen before change will come that brings change for the better toward a totally new and non-profit oriented worldwide economy The Venus Project calls, a "Resource-Based" economy.  I was watching a few clips on cymatics yesterday, and the behavior of the material used to demonstrate the sacred geometry governing all motion via sound/frequency is absolutely fascinating to watch.  If it is true that everything at every scale is indicative of the whole, the One, than cymatics is an excellent place to look to try to understand why apparant chaos would always precede re-organization as is stated in chaos theory.

When viewing the material vibrating into progressively different patterns via different frequencies applied to the material you see apparant calm, apparant emptiness and apparant chaos within centimeters of each other.  If you were residing in just the area that was momentarily chaotic, you would perceive the whole universe as unfriendly and chaotic, but right next to you is an area of relative calm and another area of apparant emptiness, or very light activity anyway.

It would be slightly overly simplistic to say that we can be reduced to one of these cymatic patterns, but it is still not very far from the truth.  I think maybe one of the only differences is that we have inherent within us, individually and collectively, the divine ability to utilize coherent self-referencing focused intention to alter the frequencies of the present pattern, as is happening with the growing community of Lightworkers on the planet right now.  To try to change those in the current paradigm is one way of approaching things, but that has not worked well over the last 6 -13 thousand years, for we are still in the same relative paradigm.  To intend to transcend this current paradigm is another way of approaching this, which is actually more in accord with the natural process of evolving to higher less dense levels of Being and Understanding, as we progress back toward the "Upper Light" from where we originate and reside, even now, while participating in this grand journey of garnering experiential knowledge.  In short (too late, LOL), this is friggin exciting to no end when viewed and understood in the context of our Being in an infallible, unassailable, inviolate place, as we are.  To get a vivid image of just how far we are from presently understanding Reality as it is, noumenal vs. phenomenal via 5 human senses, think about the fact that there is absolutely nothing outside of you, even though that is exactly what you seem to perceive via the 5 navigating senses for this particular density...  LLP, Chris

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Yes, thank you for the perspective...  As Edgar Cayce said, "Mind is the creator."  And as Buddhism says, everything is Mind.  It truly is all us.  And so we write this play as we breathe, as it unfolds... it isn't written for us.  And how empowering is that?  As we go along, if we can remain aware, positive, and powerful within, how can we lose... no matter what the outcome?  After all, we're both temporary and eternal.  There's no sense in taking it all too seriously.  So I agree with you, let's enjoy it, even if it hurts.



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Your wonderful affirmation of optional perspectives inspired me to think, "if we could just stop thinking that its someone else's fault"  There is such a temptation to do that, but there is no "someone else"...  Like you said so perfectly and infinitely appropriately, "and how empowering is that"!!!!!!!!

May we begin to see together, shining a light in through the liberating perspective that revolution has never worked, for it is utterly destined to remain in the paradigm it aims to conquer.  Makes me think of the old money European bankers who have loved financing both sides for so long now.  We transcend to a new paradigm created by our collective willingness to do so, absent the tempting entanglement of wrestling with the current one, and yet engage as necessary in this one.  While knowing the big picture (or at least getting to know), we love ALL right where they are at, even those we may have to be, at its worst, physically violent with in such drastic circumstances, and still know that we are One, even as my reptilian portion of my limbic brain is kicking in, LOL...  We strive to know at those moments we want to be the snarling reptile, dancing with perceived dark and light, right through and beyond duality....  Thank you Bob for the much appreciated inspiration of your forum post and recent post.....

Love/Light, and Peace with no opposite, Chris

"Dear Pixie, Thank you for your questions."

"It is always easier to bring forth truth when direct questions are asked of us. I say ask because I am just one part of collective of beings, but for the purpose of our communication you see me as being just one being. Like yourself you are also part of a collective, but that is a whole other issue. For now I will answer your direct questions."

"Firstly, you ask if the Ascension of Planet Earth is true?"

"Well, there is no simple answer to that. Let me explain, it really depends on how you view Ascension. If you see Ascension as a process whereby in great being in touch with God can accomplish a state of being far beyond most of our comprehension, a state to where by he or she is surrounded by brilliant white light and is carried off into a blissful reunion with the One, well that is only one view of the person.This may well be the experience some beings have, but for the majority the experience is quite different. It can be exciting and beautiful and transformative for some, and very painful for others depending on their mindset at the time. You see, earth can only ascend when every single being on the planet wills it to be so. However, earth is currently on a set course for an Ascension process, but how that process actually manifests is up to humanity on earth and their thought processes and actions."

"There are many degrees of Ascension but the main objective is to Create Balance. Ascension is a planetary process, not something that is exclusively for Earth. Having said that, Ascension is a very individual process for each being currently resident on Earth at this time. So to sum this answer up Earth is on a course for Ascension but how that actually manifest is up to humanity."

That was an excerpt from directly below the first video (transcript of 1st video) at:

Videos 1 - 5 - The GoldRing-Game of Enlightenment

you really will enjoy listening and reading along to the rest of that.....

Also, here is a link to key topical points featured from the Phyllis Schlemmer channelings of "Tom", spokeperson/entity/orb for the Council of Nine.  It reveals a very practical and well-rounded approach that is more grounded in regular common sense than one might expect from some lofty channeled source, but I have found the best sources are not lofty at all, but are very practical and understandable. Enjoy!

The Only Planet of Choice - The Council of Nine via Phyllis Schlemmer

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