FEMA's Concentration Camps

They are ready; for what and for whom?

Concentration Camps

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They're for US.  Some of us may meet there one day - if we survive the journey there.  The next six months may be the most perilous time our country has ever known.


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I agree.

  No weapon, but packin' the horses and heading into a huge roadless wilderness area. All my life, I've studied for wilderness survival.


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the state of emergency declared after 9-11 has never been lifted has it?

so its mom, hotdogs, apple pie and concentration camps???

Do you have a short list of tips, Tricia?

I am jeallous Tricia. Give us some tips.

But also:

If we get detained this will be different from, say political prisoner detention. This is because what is unique to us isn't our political beliefs. Our political beliefs are more-or-less the same as the rest of the country/world.

We are unique only in what we know. And once they detain us, due to the "six degrees of separation", everybody will know. And this will be the first time that everybody knows.

Except for our beloved Secret Society members, everybody will then be aligned with us - both libertarian and progressive, since all these people express the same beliefs regarding the new direction the country is going in.

But then, even a large segment of the Secret Society members will also side with us. There is great contraversy even in the Secret Societies because, really, the guys at the top have a very extreme position. 50 % percent of the Secret Society, otherwise known as "Master degree" will not go along with any extreme beliefs. That will be true even for a large portion of those higher than Master degree as well.

Then things will truly get interesting. One wonders if they have anticipated this.


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One of my favorite subjects, thanks for bringing it up. I noticed that here in Oregon on that list, there is one in Umatilla where the chemical weapons depot is, hope that is a coincidence! But the more I think about this, it seems to me that if these were to be utilized on a large scale without the most impecable propaganda (Which I don't believe they have been achieving), it could spark a major conflict inside of the power structures, for example, the fragmentation of the military. These guys are fairly clever, I don't know if they would intentionally spark a revolution, unless of course they are completely insane, which is possible, in which case all bets are off hahahaha! It's also possible that they are under the control of some higher elite power that is compelling them to destroy america, I know that's been suggested, good arguments for or against that in this situation.

I don't know, this is one of those things that is just very horrific, I can feel my "fight or flight" instincts coming up right now hahahaha! As was said earlier, these are some very difficult times for all of us, very frightening. I think that's why there's a wave of spirituality sweeping the world right now, as a balancing mechanism so we don't all descend into fear and depression. I just have to constantly remind myself that if everyone gets rounded up, that's sacred, we'll continue to be sacred beings with barbed wire or without it. If it starts a war, that's also sacred and we can learn from it. If it gets exposed and stopped before anyone gets hurt, that's sacred too, and that's of course my preference, but I can't become emotionally attached to it or I get paralyzed and can't take any action.

It didn't feel this way a while ago, but I really don't think they're going to go through with this. I feel like there is something changing inside of the power structure that although we don't see it, that is what we should be greatful for, that we have not seen more of these crazy plots carried out. I get these images of light flowing through previously dark channels of our government, like the entire system is getting an energy treatment lol. An optimistic quote on this subject from a local band, A-Town Infusion: "I got this feeling that it's gonna be alright".

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I think it is their answer to and solution for the aging boomers, maybe...

Their roll out of the new social security and medicare program for those who are so utterly irresponsible as in not being wealthy at the end of their physical tenure. Time will tell...

Oh, and in relation to what you are saying Mark, I have always had this faint hunch that there would be this "hail dorothy" moment that would surprise many to find that so many from the so called "enemy" are really looking for the moment they could be free from the despotic control they were serving out of fear....

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Why don't you drop in on the new Law of One book one forum in "Groups" some time JaiMe?

You sound like you are already there!!!

Love & Light, Day or Night,


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