Facebook page for Gathering Spot

Hey beautiful people,

We now have a facebook page for graduates of our courses. Check out the link below. We'd love to see you there.


With much love and warm wishes,

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     I don't know Zuckerberg works for the Banksters.SurprisedLaughingWinkWinkWink Ha ha ha !!!!!!!




            I love you all , Eric

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what is this "facebook" thing?

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jk.  sorry, gave up on it years ago after no one wanted 2 have "meaningful conversations". ;)  i noticed google has a sub-heading for just that thing in one's mail...  not holding my breath on that one

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Hi Fred-

Thanks for providing us with such a wonderful alternative to Facebook in the Gathering spot.

Maybe someday the gathering spot will be bigger than facebook!

In the meantime, I'm glad to commune with the people just here but hopefully the facebook page will peek bring some more people into the fold.


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I just signed up on the GS Fxcxbook page, but would mush rather use this.
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yes yes....what is this phasebook thing?

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