Excellent Information about the Cyclical Nature of our Solar System

The following link takes you to a PDF that can be downloaded and passed on to other interested parties and loved ones.  It is from HalfPastHuman.com, Clif High's (one of the Web Bot guys) website. It contains some of the best information I have found to describe what is actually going on in our solar system right now, and the very natural cyclical nature of our electro-magnetic universe.  The earth changes we have been told are due to human activity is better explained in the following information.

MegaSunSpotCycle.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AlternativeHypothesis.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Viddler.com - The Veritas Show - Special - Clif High - Uploaded by webeufobeliever

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This ties in well with all the rest of the above information.  I wrestle with posting stuff like this because it can so easily be interpreted as fearmongering, and the last thing I want to do is cultivate that kind of energy.  But at the same time, I see these things as valid warnings and feel pressed to pass this information on.

The Norwegian politician made reference to Planet X in his initial correspondence, something I would disregard at this time because the earth and solar system cyclical changes that are now in progress, including possible cyclical repeat of pole/crust shift, do not require a Planet X type scenario to take place as they have many times before in earth and solar system history (see first PDF link in forum post above).

YouTube - 2012 Norwegian politition Warning letter UPDATE viron

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I wish I had time to read all the fascinating stuff thats out there right now... This included. I guess I will just keep trying, or maybe stop sleeping so much.

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Thanks Chris - very interesting.

George Green says that the new north pole will be on the Siberian side, not the North American side. It sure would be nice to know which one was correct - I was looking forward to having South Carolina weather right here in Massachusetts, not miles of ice. Anyone have any more details / perspective on this?

I think the idea of an unsinkable boat sounds like a wise investment - I'd like to continue the game here - I'm having fun!

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I heard the same thing a while back Wendy.  Cannot remember if it was G. Green, don't think it was, but I was so glad to hear that a possible crust shift (if one were to survive the vertical elevation change of the crust shift) would put me approx. 1200 miles south, so I did not take any comfort in hearing the other possibility of ending up right smack dab in the middle of the new north pole location, LOL.

What the hell, its all a crap shoot with this kind of cyclical behavior of the physical universe anyway, so it would be good for us to take it in stride since it is all very natural and has happened many times before.  Either way, what a time to be here on this amazing planet!!!!

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Frozen baby mammoths!   I don't think that the polar shift is moving this way. But who knows. From what I have read the shift does seem to be tending toward the Siberian quadrant. Movement has already occured but very gradually thankfully. No tidal waves and major crustal catastrophes at this point.  I have taken sighting of the sunset and it is at this poing quite a number of degrees north of where it should have been. We actually had the azimuth of the summer solstice two weeks ago. That being the location on the horizion where the sun sets!.  It is also rising much farther north than where it should be.

One more comment before I am branded wierd!. LOL  The last full moon was very unique.  I catch my commuter bus to downtown Dallas very early in the morning.  When I was driving to the bus two weeks ago under the full moon setting, it was VERY far south of where it should have been.  I have never seen the moon set so far to the south as was in May.   I am attending a full moon Sacred Drumming Circle on the 26th of this month, and I am bringing my compass so that I can verify where in the heaven the moon is actually rising.  I can check where it should be against my readings.  If the crust has slipped even 3 or 4 degrees it will show on the moon's as well as the sun's rising and setting.

That aside, I am anticipating with great joy the drumming circle on the full moon following the summer solstice. I have even acquired an authentic Native American hand drum and painted an image which symbolizes my energy connection.

Hand Drum painted by Berry

This will be my first Drumming Circle in the physical, and I am excited about it. I have had visions/memories of circles in my past lifes when I was a Plains Indian shaman and integral part of these circles.

Love and Light to all of you


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