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Today I got an e-mail from our friend Denni Clarke in Scotland (more on her below) that said of this new film, "This is the kind of horizon-expanding documentary that literally changes the way we see the world around us. Suzanne [Taylor] takes you deeper into the mystery of the crop circle phenomenon than any filmmaker has done before. Gorgeous, haunting, and full of wonder, "What On Earth?  Inside the Crop Circle Mystery" has been hailed as the best crop circle film ever made."

If this whets your interest, here's where you can buy a DVD of this award-winning (3 awards) movie and see a trailer for it:  Taylor offers a very attractive package; it's worth a look.  This sure solves some Christmas shopping problems for us.

My wife and I went to England two years ago for a tour of crop circles. It was quite a paradigm-blowing experience. I recommend a visit because to be in the formations is quite another thing than to look at photos or videos of them (which is amazing enough).  There is definitely an energetic component to these formations as well as a (sacred) geometric one.  We did meditation in several of them.  In one we spent about two and a half hours and it seemed like half an hour.  It's hard to describe; "soaking up the energy" are pretty weak words.  Then at a certain point we both felt OD'd on the energy and left.

Not every formation is "right" for everyone.  Every one of them has a distinct feel, or signature.  And some of them seem more or less neutral.  In any case, using one's feelings and intuition when visiting crop circles is a good thing (as with anything). Is a good site for viewing all the crop circles reported for the current year by the month (free) and for a number of previous years (membership required).  The English locals like this site because it posts each new formation (genuine and bogus) as soon as it's discovered.  Then the "croppies" run out to be among the first inside it.  By the way, the crop circle season is, basically, the crop growing season.  But once in a great while a formation is laid down in snow or sand.

Another great site -- in some ways better than the first -- is .  You can view images of the formations all the way back to 1994 -- for free.

Lastly, I'd like to promote the woman who took us on the tour, Denni Clarke, who has been intimately involved in the crop circles phenomenon for a long time.  Her website is She's a lot of fun and very attuned to the mystery of this phenomenon – without being in the least bit pretentious or "new agey."  She takes only three or four people on a tour, which lasts about a week.  And it's worthwhile having someone who knows the area and the subject as deeply as she does. She leads other great tours, too.  We did a tour with her to the Orkney Islands, Scotland, which was wonderful.  And she wrote a very short, sensitive, and sensible book titled "Crop Circle Wisdom."  It has absolutely no hype; it takes you quietly inward. ...I don't want to say more about it.  You can buy it by e-mailing her (see website), in which case she would get all the proceeds.  Or, you can get it on

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Thanks Bob!!!

Good Greetings Bob:

I am always so excited to read/hear/see people doing that which is aligned with their soul.  Such a grand adventure to lead crop circle tours!  I would LOVE to go on one of these tours and drag my hubby along with me (he is a mostly willing particpant... LOL!).

I will definately look into the book written by Denni Clarke.  I like no-nonsense metaphysical books that are exciting to read... less fluff better stuff...

When I look at the Crop Circles it pulls memories from a time long long ago when sound was used to make stuff happen...



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Hey Bob, thanks for that heads up.  Great.  You said in you post: "But once in a great while a formation is laid down in snow or sand."  I have seen pictures of energetic "crop circles" appearing on still water. I have been searching for those pics but so far have been unable to come up with them.  If I do find them I will link here.


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