Clouds with Silver Linings

I never cared for that saying about clouds having silver linings. It sounded like another big cover up so I wouldn't mind the hurts. But I do continue to be convinced that events have a purpose behind them.

I've written a couple of times in the past of how much I love my home up here in The Evergreen State. It was like a fairytale cottage in the far woods when I first saw it. All those tall trees; pine, juniper, fir, hemlock, birch, and vine maple reaching up into the sky. Can you imagine how this all looked to a "Desert Rat" from dry, sunny Arizona? Now I would finally have my own place where I could make gardens to grow both flowers and vegetables, and maybe some fruit trees to go with the blueberry bushes I put in the ground first. I planted asparagus quickly, knowing it would be three years before I could eat any of it. So I dug down deep, fertilized with natural stuff, etc. Only a few spindly spears came up. Then someone told me I planted them too deep. This is not Arizona! The peas, beans, carrots, tried but failed. The problem was those wonderful trees I loved so much.

This past week has been filled with the racket of logging trucks, machinery, chain saws, and huge trees slamming to the ground. All of the green-belt and two lots next to and behind mine are now clear cut. Since I'm used to a relatively quite existence up here, I felt anxious and even a little worried that some tree or skip-loader might crash into the cedar fence I prodly had installed across the back. Whenever the sounds changed, I could not resist going to the window to see what they were doing. Before long I knew the difference between digging rock away from tree roots, chainsaws limbing the trees on the ground, or loading the heavy logs onto the trucks. My dear trees were on their way to the saw mills and undoubtedly, there would be a nice profit for the owner of the land, even after paying for all that equipment and the men doing the work.

Well, times are not easy now for anyone and why shouldn't he take the profits from his investment. Lumber, and even firewood, brings a good price these days.

Yesterday, the sun finally showed his face, and I couldn't believe what my eyes were showing me. Two areas of my yard were bathed in bright sunlight, where before, it had always been shaded. My lot sits at an angle, so now trees have been cleared from part of the east, due south, and part of the west. I eagerly wait for the weather to warm up a little more, in spite climate changes Cry, and this year I will have a garden, especially if I remember to ask the garden spirits to help me out and learn what the crops need in this place. I had begun asking for help with this garden, and have to wonder a bit.… We need to be vigilent about what we ask for. Then the thought occured, is this gift an omen of what may be ahead of us sooner than any of us can be ready for?

I don't know about that. Things will happen as they must, and while I want to do whatever I can to provide for myself and any others around me, I am learning to go with just one day at a time. The Power of Now.

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The trees,and their birds and animal creatures get evicted.The sound,look and feel of your space is changed.The property owner will get a tax break to replant,you will have new trees to watch grow.......or maybe a master gardener will plant a house next door.The yard will thrive, I am so proud of you for seeing the other side of the story. The sun will shine bright for you.Your local garden center can recommend varieties of veggies that will do good in your zone. Bless you and your garden.   Love, Mary

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