The Christmas Bomber TV show!!

So Discovery Channel is playing this show right now about the terrorist bombing attempt and it's a whitewash. Discovery my ass.

1) They announced part way in they would omit critical information due to Nat. Security...

2) They don't interview or mention the American couple(both lawyers from Colorado) on the flight who saw and heard a well dressed man assist the bomber in getting thru security. (they reported this to FBI and were never contacted again)

3) They mentioned that "U.S. authorities" were arguing with the Dutch authorities about the use of the full body scanners and so they weren't being used at that time. This is of course not questioned.

4) They claim the US anti-terror data center only flags him as unacceptable after it was airborne. And then say they didn't turn the plane around-but don't explain why. Only that he will be questioned very, very sternly upon landing!

5) There was no mention of the US government's having admitting they allowed him to fly "so they could catch a bigger fish". Does anyone know where I can find that statement again?

6) A man was video recording the bomber during the attack-not mentioned.

7) Pundits then said we will be patted down, 200 body scanners are ordered and then profiling and passenger tattle-tales were encouraged..

......The next show came on: it was "The Flight That Fought Back" and was narrated by are you ready for this?... Keiffer Southerland!! That's right-JACK BAUER-the guy who always catches the terrorists (and even tortures them-often!) on "24" the Fox fear-mongering show...hooray!

Wikipedia says about "24": "A recurring theme is characters being forced to allow tragic events to happen for the sake of a greater good. In Season 2 a defense staffer has the chance to warn CTU of an imminent attack, but avoids this as it would alert the culprits, and allow a valuable trail to go cold. The sitting President is often faced with dilemmas. For example in Season 6 President Palmer asks Jack Bauer to sacrifice himself in exchange for the location of a known terrorist."also: "Jack and others frequently employ torture or threats of torture to extract information."

Am I the paranoid one or does anyone else find this all sounds like thought control? Damned murderers.





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Definitely propoganda. Now if they'd played Jess Ventura's special on Manchurian Candidates afterwards, that woulda been objective reporting.

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