Blown Away By EFT

Several weeks ago I contacted Marian after she had offered to coach TT members in Emotional Freedom Techniques. We had a fascinating discussion and I came away with an improvement in one of my emotional issues and a strong curiosity about EFT. Because I have worked with military women for thirty years, I was particularly interested in the use of EFT for those suffering from PTSD.

Then I got a surprise. After a dental flair up that left me terrified because I have a phobia about all conventional health care practitioners, I used EFT on myself to lower my anxiety. Not only did I lose all fear of dentists so I could go for the treatment I needed but I got rid of a chronic jaw clenching that has bothered me for almost thirty years. So then I was on a roll. This week I have gotten over a lot of my computer phobias that had kept me from taking control of my Magical Godmother web page. (Check out the new revised web site at

I don't know if this is related, but after learning EFT, I suddenly attracted several new clients. And today I treated my overweight dentist for his chocolate chip cookie craving. He won't know until he goes home if his lowered interest in the snacks holds. If it does, I think I will have another weight control coaching client.

Anyone on the Portal who does healing or therapy should check this out. Basic training is free and the procedure is simple and painless.

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So glad to find others have discovered EFT. And your personal experience with it is a great validation of its effects on body mind and spirit.

I will definitely check out your website!

Here are 2 other websites for you to explore;

The above site combines EFT with PET (provocative energy techniques) & shows a wonderful simplified version of EFT that can be easily done in public.

The above site describes the EFT CHOICES METHOD

As I have derived great benefits from using this technique on myself and the animals in my family, I would recommend exploring EFT not only to those who do healing or therapy but to all on the portal.

May you continue to be blessed with many new clients!..............Cathy

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Thank you, Cathy.  This is great.  I am still working my way through the first set of DVDs and the EFT manual, but I can see there is a lot of material to study.  I'm having flashbacks to the enthusiasm I had when doing NLP training back in the early 'nineties. Many magical things happened during that training including me finding the house by the water I now live in. After completing the training through the master's level, I somehow did not find opportunities to practice what I learned. I was still teaching history full time at the university, and I never got certified for clinical experience.  Now that I have discovered how to work with clients by phone it is much easier to find people to practice on.

I love Skype.

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