Barack Obama Conclusively Outed as CIA Creation

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I'm posting this important information as an illustration of the extent to which the mass media and our current government is under the control of a secret government, largely executed by the CIA and other 3 letter agencies. This post does a lot of Barack Obama bashing but that's not the point - all this stuff equally applies to George Bush Senior and much of it applies to many other recent presidents. I haven't done more than actually skim the text version, it's quite lengthy but Alex Jone's interview with Wayne Madsen seems to cover the main points, the text is just being posted to illustrate the detailed research that backs these accusations and for those who are more studious than I.


Alex Jone's interview with Wayne Madsen - part 1/3

Alex Jone's interview with Wayne Madsen - part 2/3

Alex Jone's interview with Wayne Madsen - part 3/3

Text of Wayne Madsen's detailed report

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at the 3:00 mark in the 3rd segment,

"you don't get into the White House without having a reason to be there"

this is the "Bush" moment for the emotionally invested Left...

at what point to both sides finally look across the aisle and realize (with that deer in the headlights look, or the dog on the RCA label, LOL) they are ALL being equally duped.  I'm not voting anymore.  I am going to keep leaning toward thinking of ways to disengage this present construct matrix, not to run away, but to get a better view (from the grassy knoll in my mind, LOL).

Thanks Wendy, this is difficult to digest, but I ate it (as a delegate for the gentleman from Chicago)...  I hope and pray this catalyst works for many many more sincere seekers.  I hope and pray they see the game for what it is... and then smile, with that clever appreciation for utter genius.

I hope and pray this finds its way to the MSM... one can hope...

oops, I fergot, "the revolution will not be televised" (important to keep in mind...)

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I've had a few recent conversations with my husband and others about whether the Ron Paul campaign was real or also compromised, possibly by his campaign manager or even Ron Paul himself.  Being deeply invested in that campaign, we watched the media do everything in it's power to stop him and Barack Obama basically come out of no where to be in the lead. We felt that internet search numbers were the best indication of real grass roots support. Ron Paul's numbers were far and above any other candidates right from the beginning. He had this excellent  network of meet-up groups across the country and people that were quitting their jobs for Pete's sake just to volunteer 24/7 for the campaign. Then we saw 2 public moments where Ron Paul briefly waved the illuminatti hand sign. That gave us all pause but Alex Jones assured his listeners that this was simply an arthritic problem and people were seeing things that weren't real. The meet-up groups and all the talented people that were donating all their free time to the campaign had come up with excellent, creative - just beautiful You Tube video's promoting Ron Paul's candidacy but the campaign proceded to create it's own TV ads in New Hampshire rather than use the absolutely spectacular ads that had already been created on You Tube. The campaign ads were dry and boring with bad acting - they chose to use his supporters rather than paying professional actors. Even the supporters who were in the ads were saying how awful they were and upset that they were being used.

So the point of this story is - Was it all part of the control mechanism plot? Was the Ron Paul campaign just a diversion for the people who just wanted honest government, peace, liberty and prosperity? Anybody here know if perhaps the Kuccinich or Mike Gravel campaigns were equally compromised? I guess we'll never know for sure but I am reluctant to get involved again after what I saw happen.

I also want to mention, that there's lots of evidence to indicate that John McCain had all the same problems with his background that Obama did. No one knew if while his time as a POW he was brainwashed to be the Manchurian Candidate. He also was not technically a native born U.S. citizen but born in Panama on a U.S. military base. Interesting how these facts came out during the campaign for him but not for Barack. Obviously, he didn't have the intelligence or oratorical skills Barack did. But his campaign was such a joke - did he really have to come off as such a war monger buffoon or was he playing it all up? When he ran against Bush in 2000 he came across much better. Was this also part of the show?



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McCain's was (to me) so obviously a fained gesture of a candidate propped up by the GOP toward the end of that silly joke of an election cycle.  The only gray area, was he aware of the part he was playing (to lose to Obama)?  Was Hillary Clinton aware of the part she was playing?  And god forbid, was Dennis Kucinich aware of what was really going on?  Were we just in the process of waking up?  Have they all been this silly since a certain time in US history?  The whole time?  The only thing I know for sure is that nothing should surprise us anymore...

But just like 9-11, the Barack Obama staged event was right there in front of us, while so many, so relieved by the prospect of Bush going away, didn't suspect a thing.  I should have since I truly believed McCain was propped up there to lose.  But the emotional content, moments of great investment of belief and hope, do wonders for keeping us in the feel-good dark.

Bush is still my favorite prop, attracting the simple minded yee haws with big hearts for god and country, daydreamin' the blinding dream of drinkin' a beer with ma buddy GW at ma back yard BBQ.  Obama's is much more insidious, but maybe not.  What's insidious and pitiful is these social engineers know exactly what to throw at the general public now to get the job done.

And they obviously have all the silent strategic weapons they require in their arsenal bag of tricks...  We had a discussion (early on during the end of the election cycle or beginning of his admin.) here at the G-Spot about the possibility that Barack Obama was not all he is/was propped up to be.  It became fairly polarized and heated at one point.

What it revealed to me was that Obama had become our GW.  And here we were, some of us anyway, blindly sticking to our emotional investment, just like the Bush/Cheney supporters did for their guy GW.  And as we saw, they had the same level of disdain for Obama (maybe more) that we did for Bush.  Could part of this strategy be about keeping a nation polarized, one against another?

God forbid we actually figure this out and become a nation peacefully and skillfully united against the real insidious enemy of open honesty, equity and fair play...  I love what Richard Sauder was saying about this peaceful disengagement (from the current ruse) in the closing segments of that Aug. 11 interview on Coast to Coast....

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I personally have been greatly confused by the apparent sincerity of people like Obama and how it didn't jive(in my mind) with a depiction of a CIA plant or other control pattern.

But I just don't get it. I see politicians my gut tells me are living with both feet planted in the consensus reality of politics and the general US lifestyle yet after they take office things get really f'd up with secrets, furthering of a police-state, maintenance or expansion of illegal warfare blah blah blah and I get this scene running in my head like this:

It's his first day in office and the new president is sat down in a sound-proof room and has the riot act read to him about how he's not in control, there are things he better allow or cooperate on or his family will be ... You know what I mean? (actually, that would make a great movie scene...)

UGH! This is because I can't go so far as to think they are going into office AWARE of the crap they're going to witness. 

Hey Fred: if you're listening, did Bush Jr seem like a CIA plant to you?

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Hi Brian-

I hope this helps - what comes to mind is the biblical phrase "Ye shall judge them by their fruits".  I'm hoping you gave this peice a very critical eye and did some fact checking as I know you are good about that. I think the important thing is to do the same for the smooth sounding politians.

Here's a vote checking website I found


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