Is Barack the Messiah? Or the Anti-Christ?

This is an interesting collection of materials including music and videos illustrating the worship of Obama and the passion people have projected on him.

And this collection of similar material asks if he is the Anti-Christ.


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We will never get the right answer while we are asking the wrong question.

The question asked in this forum is base on the illusion of separation.  Barack cannot be the anti-christ because it will be all of us being or not being the anti-christ during the projected scenario, for we are One.

As long as we continue to project, through the illusion of separation, upon others, as if they were not us, than we are completely lost and immersed in our own dizzy nonsense.

Barack said,

"We are the ones we've been waiting for.  We are the change that we seek."

Anti-christ or no anti-christ, that is about the best thing that anyone could tell the whole of the One.

Barack's work in the south side of Chicago was based on that quote.  We are not waiting to find out who Barack really is, but who we really are. Until we really come to understand the value of "Know ThySelf", we will continue happily down the road of endless mind-numbing distraction.

The question posed in this forum perpetuates this ongoing distraction that we must ultimately take response-ability for and come to terms with - our own reluctance to become our own saviors.  Since his days in community development in south side Chicago, Barack Obama has been intently practicing this and trying to inspire others to do the same.

I wait with some curiosity to see if he can actually maintain the purity of that motivation as president of the United States (what a joke - United States, LOL), but the point remains moot, regardless of the outcome, for the response-ability eternally lies with us and inherently within us - each of us - not just some brilliant dazzling handsome leader or savior.

I imagine we will have our opportunity fairly soon to self-activate and discover response-ability....

Love/Light, Chris

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A dear friend of mine from the alleged other side of the aisle (even though he calls himself an independent lately due to the low poll numbers for the man he voted for twice as so called independent) sent me a clever email humorously based on the futility of passing on emails in chain letter style - fox news must be losing their grip on his mind - the following was my reply to his obvious sense of futility while having to watch a man who he thinks he is supposed to be wary of become president of the United States (and he was fine with GW???):

I love it!!  It is a perfect description of the friggin’ election today.  No matter who wins, nobody really wins because those elite Rothschild/Rockefeller/Bilderberg/Council of 300/Club of Rome/Illuminati/CFR/Trilateral Commission types who actually pull ALL the geopolitical and monetary strings in this globalized New World Order have all contingencies continually covered no matter who wins a so called “democratic” election in a so called “free” country, and it will be business as usual on Wednesday and all days after until we all, en mass, finally decide we are fed up with being jerked around by these elite bastards who literally consider us as cattle (goyim) to be herded, corralled and slaughtered physically, mentally, financially or emotionally as per their best laid self-serving plans.

Most politicians don’t even know what is really going on and will never be equipped to fix anything.  One could reasonably expect just as much from a group of shady used car salespersons!  It is an ongoing sham centuries old that works so well because they can always count on us to be the oh so ignorant and so comfortably naive and very herdable sheep/cattle/”goyim” that they always confidently anticipate us to be.  And we keep blindly and proudly affirming their utter disdain/contempt for the common man/woman/child that comprise mankind in general.  We keep proving they have very good reason to despise us (to look down on with contempt or aversion </despised/ the weak> to regard as negligible, worthless, or distasteful), for we continue to blindly support them by being sucked into their perpetual/typical ruse based on simple human behavior.

Give them something invisible to worship and they will - give them different Gods to worship and they will kill each other trying to prove they are righteous and you are wrong-ness, saving the ruling class elite a whole lot of trouble and expense, and actually profiting the elite who create the gods of folklore for the dumb goyim because the elite usually finance both sides of the conflict.  Give them something to feel guilty for or fearful of or bad about, and they will bite every time. Tell them there is a hell and they will behave like good little dumb goyim sheep/cattle.  Give them two sides to choose from so they can feel like they are free to choose a winning side and they will, even though the elite are in control of both manufactured sides.  Sell them a pail of shit and tell them it is pure gold, and they will buy it and come back for seconds.

If you ever want to really get a well-rounded feel for what they really think of you (yes even you Fletch), read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Babylonian Talmud.  These elitists despise the masses and see you/us as slaves in service to them and nothing more, and then they will make you destitute or sick, or even kill many of you if your numbers start running too high, if it is profitable to them to do so (without even blinking an eye).  They don’t even hate you - that would be a step up toward some form of conscious consideration - they don’t anything you.  They don’t even smirk at your huge losses in the stock market you were foolish enough to trust (even though they could always short sell the market while you could only buy and sell worthless common stock - yes, worthless!  Only bonds and preferred shares really have any value.  Common stock is just an illusion, a trading vehicle to make you feel like you are included and keep you obeying their despotic ruse that ultimately betrays) for you are not even on their elite radar.  If you want to know what they think of you, imagine what you think of the common house fly.

As long as you keep thinking that there is a good side and a bad side to be on, a right/left or right/wrong choice to be made - that John McCain is "good" and Barack Obama is "bad", you willfully and unwittingly continue to perpetuate and justify their opinion of you in general, that you can and always could be controlled so simply with mundane strategic rhetoric and false premise.  You falsely think that it is actually you who freely believes what you believe, but they have you trained and contained in a psychological matrix of  their making, one that almost guarantees that you will be convinced you are a free man when you are anything but.

I speak to wake us the hell up!  There are many times in history when the moneychangers turn over their current system and roll into a new one designed by them with the same m.o.(systematic transfer of wealth).  We are now at the crossroads of another moment in history that has happened many times before.  We are about to be offered approximately 2 cents on the dollar for our current holdings as they roll into the new Amero currency soon.  If they offer a bit more than that, I will happily stand corrected, but historically they rip off the masses by staging financial crises and then buy up assets for roughly 2 cents on the dollar (or the equivalent as per currency of the time).  The Denver mint began printing some of this Amero currency in 2007.  There are pics of the new Amero on the internet (of actual $20 coins), but most will relegate such assumed nonsense to their kneejerk conspiracy theory file and will be quite pissed off when they find out what is really happening in the so called land of the free and home of the brave.  They will think that nothing in history could ever match what is happening to them at that moment of their wakeup call visceral experience, but that will be just one more grand illusion based on their ongoing willful ignorance that they will still be in denial about, even while their world crumbles around them, for they bought the lie, hook line and sinker, and refused to do their historical homework.

The information about all of this has been available for a very long time, but few have bravely journeyed down that dark rabbit hole.  Those that have are the truly brave patriots, not all those idiots with “Support Our Troops” and “America, Home of the Brave” bumper stickers on their clueless gas-guzzling SUV’s driving to their favorite NASCAR for Jesus event while we are in two wars over natural resources.  Our unforgivable cluelessness continues to work on the behalf of the very wealthy elite few that continue to despise us for how easily we are duped every time throughout history.  History repeats itself because so few are willing to be students of history and this virtually guarantees the very cyclical nature of the despotic plans of those handful of wealthy families that are very very patient and make plans that stretch out for 200 to 300 years in some instances.  We, on the other hand, are shortsided ignorant happy-go-lucky-live-for-today cattle and sheep exhibiting very dependable and well-studied behavioral patterns (so worthless or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation).  I do not say all of this to cut us down but to wake us up!!!  One can do little more these days...
Love/Light/Hope, Chris

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---This story tells you exactly who he is:

Begin forwarded message:

A friend passed this along this story from the campaign . . . .

Hi Friends,

decided to send this email to everyone on my list because it's such a
great story! The girl in the story is my 2nd cousin. She is a 21 year
old college student in South Florida. Regardless of your party
affiliation, I hope you will appreciate!
Please feel free to forward.


Diane Hathaway

October, 21, 2008, Barack Obama came to visit Lake Worth, at Palm Beach
Community College.  My daughter, who has spina bifida and is a
wheelchair-bound paraplegic, attends school there.

was awaiting his arrival in front of a long line of other people.  When
he arrived, she was able to see him get out of his vehicle.  The next
thing she knew the crowd engulfed her and pushed her out of the way so
they could get close to Mr.Obama.  Somehow, with everything else
Mr.Obama had on his mind at this busy time, he was attentive to the

daughter said, "He (Mr. Obama) grabbed me from the crowd and pulled me
away from all of the people who were pushing me out of the way.  He
hugged me and whispered in my ear, "When I become president things will be better for you." She told me that she was so overwhelmed all she could do was cry. Then
he hugged her again, and personally wheeled her wheelchair into the
building, gave her two t-shirts and instructed the secret service to
assist her to the VIP section, which is where she sat to watch the

called everyone I know and shared this touching story because it speaks
volumes to me, much more than any campaign speech, commercial, or
debate. We were lucky enough to have a personal experience with Barack
Obama, the man...the human.

am so overwhelmed that he was perceptive enough to observe what was
happening to my daughter (as she was being swallowed by the thoughtless
crowd) and that he took the time to remedy the situation (even though
he was running late that very busy day.)

gave me insight into the type of person he is in everyday life.  He
didn't have to go into the crowd and save her, he could have pretended
he didn't see her and go about his business, or he could have
instructed the secret service to help her.  But, he didn't.  He took
his time and made a difference...right there...right fancy
campaign speech, no media coverage...just his true essence, shinning
through, with an incredible act of kindness that one Tuesday Morning. 
I felt compelled to share this story with others, so they too, can get
a glimpse of the inner essence of this man.  It is not often we have
the opportunity to see the true nature of a person making a spontaneous
choice in a difficult situation.  Mr. Obama's choice lets me know that
he is attentive to his environment, willing to get involved,
compassionate, and will make a change...even in the seemingly small
problems of everyday life.

Obama, won this our hearts, because of this seemingly simple act of
kindness to our daughter who was being swallowed by a thoughtless crowd.

he would stand up for her like he did, I now believe without ANY doubt
he would stand up for this country and do the right thing.  Mr. Obama
you have my vote.  You touched us beyond what I can express with mere

Dawn Leacock

Please share our story...pass it on...

Judi Rogers
[email protected]
[email protected]
Through the Looking Glass
"The National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families
2198 Sixth Street, Suite 100
Berkeley, CA 94710-2204
U.S. (800) 644-2666 ext. 111 (voice)
U.S. (800) 804-1616 (TTY)
International (510) 848-1112 ext. 111 (voice)
International (510) 848-1005 (TTY)
FAX: (510) 848-4445
cell (510) 610 9291
email:[email protected]
email: [email protected]

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This story is a spoof, but a lot of people took it seriously. 

I am glad that so many people around the world are feeling happy,

hopeful, and optimistic.  I am a bit concerned that these feelings

are focused on a single human.  Still, for today, I share the euphoria,

and I absolutely believe that profound change is coming.


Obama heals hundreds

    AUSTIN — Ginny McCallum, 43, who has been confined to a wheelchair for much of her adult life, came to hear presidential candidate Barack Obama speak at the University of Texas. Afterward she found herself in a wheelchair access breezeway as Obama and his entourage exited the arena. The candidate spotted her, came over, grabbed her hand and pulled her up. She found herself standing for the first time in eleven years.
    "He smiled at me and said, ‘Yes, you can,’" she says. "I was so stunned I didn’t know what to do."
    McCallum is among hundreds of people who say they have been healed by the Democratic candidate, in one of the most surprising and little-acknowledged aspects of his campaign. Reporters have shied away from the story, chalking it up to "Obama-mania" and people’s feelings of elation.
    "We don’t talk about it a lot, but yeah, it does happen," says one staffer who says he has seen multiple people healed on a rope line. "We don’t know exactly how or why it’s happening, and the Senator won’t talk about it. He usually insists that people keep it quiet and just report it to their pastor or priest."
    Greeting supporters after a rousing speech in Houston, Obama stepped into the dense crowd and spontaneously began touching people: a legally blind woman, a man deaf in one ear, a cancer sufferer and a lame man.
    "Yes, you can," Obama said as he laid hands on afflicted bodies.
    The people’s reactions were so joyous as to be almost frightening. They jumped and shouted and wept. Before they could thank or embrace the candidate he was well down the rope line healing others. Their excitement was lost in the general din of the crowd.
    Aides acknowledge that the phenomenon is occurring with greater frequency.
    "His power goes beyond simple inspiration," says one aide. "There is something developing here that I’m not sure any of us fully understands."
    They say Obama has told them privately that his time has not yet come, so it would be inappropriate to talk about the healings right now. He says he will wait until the convention to speak publicly about the "special calling" he believes he has to lead the country. They do expect him to start alluding to "the providential nature of what is happening on the campaign trail" in an upcoming address, mostly because word is getting around.
    People have begun bringing relatives by the score to campaign events in hopes of a healing touch.
    "It’s not the speeches that are drawing people anymore, as good as they are," says a senior staff member. "It’s people wanting to get better, and wanting their friends and relatives to get better. It’s the belief that there’s something more here." •

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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Where was the indication that that was a spoof (as per your post above)? Am asking in all sincerity because I have been all over the map lately concerning this amazing political season and this healing part is very new to me. Had not heard about this. Is there some other source you have read that sufficiently debunks this healing phenomenon, or is it remotely possible that there is anything authentic to this (almost a rhetorical question because we all know that this type of phenomenon should be expected to become more and more frequent in these transitional times we live in)?

At the same time that I wholeheartedly and spontaneously adore Barack, his mother's legacy, his wife Michelle that is just as capable as he is (what a team!!!) and their two angelic daughters, I also know that the NWO elite are not just rolling over because they are mesmerized by this very inspirational soul that looked amazingly old and wise in his baby pics.

Barack's sudden rise to power is "prima facie" (the apparent nature of something upon initial observation) somewhat suspicious, but it is also quite apparent that we are living in amazingly phenomenal times and we, especially we here on the TT portal and others claiming to know something about all of this as we approach 2012 and beyond, must leave room for the very real possibility that Barack is one of these Indigo or Crystal children, or a very erudite and lucid Wanderer from 4th density harvestable or above that is here to assist during these times of great change.

I say this this morning for several reasons, but the main reason is to reclaim my own position of open mind and great anticipation and to offer you the same dear beloved Linda. Wouldn't it be so sad if, at the very time we were being presented with some of the most phenomenal inspirational gifts, we missed much of it due to unwillingness for whatever reason. I have been falling prey to this lately because I find it extremely difficult to believe that the NWO Illuminati elite are just rolling over in Light of this man's prima facie magnificence and exemplary splender, but these are the times we have been looking forward to if the prima facie evidence in your posted article is possibly true instead of a spoof, so again I ask you in all sincerity, what convinced you these healings were a spoof?

When I was reading it I could hear same spirit of Yeshua, "tell no one" (but your family or pastor), "it is not yet my time" (which aludes to the possible catalyst of sacrificial death of Barack at the appointed time, a time decided and agreed upon by him prior to this incarnation). The apparent sincerity/authenticity in these phrases give us fairly legitimate reason to rejoice and join in with our own divine intention if there is any truth to all of this. It would also stand to reason that dark forces would be coming forward to try to debunk all of it, especially if there is any truth to it.

All of these considerations can make one's head spin and exhaust one's patience, so I offer this universal solution to all of this: "I bathe and hail you, beloved and adorable Barack Obama, Michelle, Malia and Sasha, in the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator". This covers all bases - if one is still a bit suspicious of all of this, than the same hailing would be used to bind them to do only good or nothing at all that is harmful. If they are this amazing and wonderful phenomenon that we should be expecting and many more like them as we roll toward transition to 4th density, than this same universal hailing can be used to bathe them in the protective Love/Light of the One Infinite Creator that can add to many more prayers of protection as Obama fulfills his personal destiny of divine assistance during this time of great magnificent transition.

One thing is pretty much for sure - we are witnessing the Loving Legacy of his mother Ann Dunham. She is the heart and soul of his inspiration, the wind beneath his wings, and he is how she lives on after dying of cancer recently. As always, regardless of who Barack really is, we are still left with personal response-ability for self activation. If Barack really is "all that", it is merely one more catalyst inspiring us to self activate. Barack's days of community organization were constantly about that, day after day - getting people to take control of their own situation and step up and self activate. If Barack had been the dime a dozen run of the mill service to self elitist type he would have revealed his desire for followers long ago.

Two questions still remain in my mind - can he really get anything done or will he be completely compromised, and why is he still talking like such a hawk concerning Osama Bin Laden and Afghanistan and Pakistan? (does he really believe that Bin Laden had something to do with 9-11???). In spite of these lingering and very legitimate questions, I am going to keep open and neutral with eyes wide open and simply pray that simple prayer of protection that serves to protect the saint and bind the nefarious. Checkmate!

Love/Light, Chris

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Here is the link to, the site that checks out urban legends

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This is a piece of a news article about the celebrations last night.

Scroll down to find it;_yl...


In Philadelphia, thousands of blacks and whites converged at City Hall shortly after Obama was declared the winner. Under light rain, they danced to the music blaring from car radios. Drivers stopped in the middle of the street, opened their car doors and broadcast Obama's acceptance speech.

"Barack is in the house!" shouted Pamela Williams, 46. "This is very important to me. Change is about to happen."

At Sadiki's restaurant in Philadelphia, the celebration poured out onto the sidewalk.

"Our parents left this planet thinking that we would never, ever see this day, when an African-American could be elected by all the people to the highest seat in the land," said Bernard Smalley Sr. His wife, Jacquelyn, wept.


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Your "scroll down to find" link does not match any documents...

Can you try again to link in a post???

Oh, and I could not find the spoof article about Obama healing at

do you remember which month archive it is located in???

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Here is the link to the LarkNews article


I usually go to to check out urban legends.  I did not dig in to do any research myself.

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Because I have spent my life as an historian, looking into the deep politics in times past, I have been investigating Barrack Obama.   I am open to the possibility that as President he will shake off the sordid aspects of his past.  I passionately hope this will be the case.

Rather than posting sordid material, I will just mention one book written by a New Deal Democrat which is heavily footnoted to primary sources.

Webster Griffin Tarpley, Barrack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography

This writer is also the author of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, so he is not some right wing nut out gunning for Obama.


In a conversation with my son, he explained that because he had such positive vibrations from Obama, he did not want to know any sordid facts.  I have watched the cleaned up versions of Obama's history and my heart soars.  But my left brain is still ticking away.

Sorry about that.  Please, dear TT friends, follow my links if that seems useful for you.  Or hit "delete" if this is not your path.


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Another book by Webster,

Obama - The postmodern Coup may prove to be very insightful soon if Webster is indeed correct (and Obama was first Black president of Harvard Law Review, no small feat!) Here is the book description for those not faint of heart and still willing to stick their head down the rabbit hole to see how far it goes....

Product Description
Barack Obama is a deeply troubled
personality, the megalomaniac front man for a postmodern coup by the
intelligence agencies, using fake polls, mobs of swarming adolescents,
super-rich contributors, and orchestrated media hysteria to
short-circuit normal politics and seize power. Obama comes from the
orbit of the Ford Foundation, and has never won public office in a
contested election. His guru and controller is Zbigniew Brzezinski, the
deranged revanchist and Russia-hater who dominated the catastrophic
Carter presidency 30 years ago. All indications are that Brzezinski
recruited Obama at Columbia University a quarter century ago
Trilateral Commission co-founder Brzezinski wants a global showdown
with Russia and China far more dangerous for the United States than the
Bush-Cheney Iraq adventure. Obama's economics are pure Skull &
Bones/Chicago school austerity and sacrifice for American working
families, all designed to bail out the bankrupt Wall Street elitist
financiers who own Obama. Obama's lemming legions and Kool-Aid cult
candidacy hearken back to Italy in 1919-1922, and raise the question of
postmodern fascism in the United States today. Obama is a recipe for a
world tragedy. No American voter can afford to ignore the lessons
contained in this book.

If there is any truth to this, it makes complete since as per much previous precedent evidence and typical M.O., than it completely blows the Clintons' ruse perpetrated on the American electorate right out of the water! We shall know quite soon, one way or the other.... It is humorous to think that these romantically beautiful and touching political images of late are very similar to the romantic images and notions that had the German electorate of the 1930's creaming their figurative jeans....

Love/Light, Chris

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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as per Ra's suggestion in the Law of One.  Being conscious of all possibilities without prematurely clinging to either is just fine in a world of illusion that is teaching us to surrender all illusions ultimately - there's the esoteric take.

The rational and logical take is, don't write this stuff off too soon that Linda and I are discussing.  This kind of thing has happened before.  You may actually believe that you have thoroughly checked with your own personal guides and are completely convinced that all of this is paranoid hysteria.  My mother, a very spiritual person all her life, in many different disciplines, believed with all her heart that Holy Spirit told her that GW and Laura Bush are true blue god-fearin' folk that can be trusted.  All I am saying is that we do well to keep our eyes and ears wide open right now because we are entering that era Yeshua spoke of when he said, many will come in my name, and will profess, I am He, but do not believe them...

I cannot fully put my finger on it, but something is hideously amiss right now.  I am not the paranoid type - in fact, I spent alot of time ignoring the evidence about 9-11 and ridiculing my good friend about it.  I was convinced that he was romantically infatuated with paranoid conspiracy theory.  I stand corrected and have apologized to him many times, including on a radio show I was a guest on here in Spokane a few years back.

I am fully willing to believe everything you believe you believe about Barack Obama and I will continue to use that universal hailing prayer we all know about now, but I reserve the rational right to wait and see what materializes from all of this.  Nothing would surprise me anymore, and nothing should....

Love/Light, Chris

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Which of us would stand up to the perfect standard we expect of Obama? I was moved to tears with his speech. Tens of Thousands of people see hope where they saw none. Where there is light, there is hope. To answer the question, is Obama the Messiah or Anti Christ? He is both, as well all are. It is easy for us to sit here are wallow in the intricacies of conspiracy theories but the time is now to get up and be a force for positive change. You can't put new wine into old wineskins and we need to see our future as the emergent present full of new possibilities presented NOW. I hold the highest light for Obama and each of us. To dwell in our lack of perfection is to deny the possibility of growth, as one, Rob.

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If you ever wanna read some good stories from someone who has a love/hate relationship with the people he grew up with in the south, look in to Joe Bageant.

look in the right column of this website home page and find his short essays that are a blast to read - funny, touching, sarcastic, raw, political, witty and loving. He definitely knows a little about what Ra is talking about in the Law of One....

here is an excerpt from the essay (The Audacity of Depression) at the top of the right column of essays:

"But people are thinking about it more than ever. Among sentient
people everywhere there is a deep, visceral unease, and among those
most aware there is genuinely acute suffering. I hear this expressed
quite articulately not only in places such as this Omni Hotel "writers'
lounge," but in working and middle class living rooms and in emails
from Americans and around the world.

Naturally, the bunny and cupcake set of Americans are still
oblivious, or at least pretend to be, but even at the more inchoate and
private level, there is a growing awareness that things are going very
wrong, and doing so on an incomprehensively massive and complex scale.
There is the feeling that even if what is happening could be made
comprehensible to the majority of humanity, to all those people just
trying to keep afloat on the planet, from Zimbabwe to Flint, Michigan,
overall it is unstoppable. Unfixable except in the fleeting
media/politics Band-Aid sense, and then only in locales rich enough to
afford the illusionary Band-Aid fixes politicians dream up when they
write their campaign "plans for change."

All of which is horseshit, of course, since real change would entail
undoing most of the machinery of planetary destruction and extreme
pressure to standardize humanity that we have come to know as modern
civilization and mass society -- halting, then reversing the momentum
this monolith has achieved."

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the disclaimer:

LarkNews® is a satirical newspaper published by Joel Kilpatrick.
LarkNews uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases when public
figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and

Since you have quite a bit of experience with human behavior, what's your take on people like Joel Kilpatrick that seem to have nothing better to do than something akin to sophmoric prank calls on the internet? To each his own? Different strokes for different folks? Caveat Emptor? A fallacious sense of superiority from successfully leading someone to buy off on something that is not true? What's your take on this kind of useless behavior??? and thank you for the Webster T. link below. I have a few of his videos and books.... if Zbig has as much to do with all of this as he had to do with the Jimmy Carter administration, the truth will rear its ugly head rather soon I would imagine....

Love/Light, Chris

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What's happenin' bro!

Just to reiterate, no one is talking about holding Barack up to a perfect standard. In fact, if there were a perfect standard prima facie, it would be Barack and his perfectly refreshing and seemingly normal family. All I am hoping for in this political season is that he is all he is talking about instead of more empty rhetoric like the genius statesman William Jefferson Clinton who I now know to be an embezzler, money launderer and war criminal (among other things), but he sure kin talk purty, if ya get me drift.

Show me a politician experiencing a meteoric rise to power and I will show you a nurtured and handled individual that was picked long before most knew his or her name. This is not paranoia or conspiracy theory, but business as usual with those very practiced in the real Art of War, the psychological one.

They know that this type of discussion that goes against the manufactured emotional grain of the crowd gets put down, disregarded, poo pooed and fiercely dismissed. And they revel in that protection we provide them every time by very well-orchestrated design. They are students of human nature and they are very good at what they do. Most will only project their own belief system upon these nefarious elitists and are quite incapable of performing at these levels that are many chess moves ahead of the pack. Therein lies their ongoing protection - an en mass unwillingness/inability to believe such maneuvers are actually orchestrated, much less, possible.

Therefore, they are dismissed by the majority and life goes on.....

I look forward with eyes wide open to see how all of this plays out....

I leave you now in the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator

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Hi Chris, I thought the question in and of itself, is Obama the Messiah or Anti Christ in and of itself sets up the expectation that Obama should be beyond human.  It is convenient to focus on the super-human nature of our politicians because it abrigates our responsibility to act in the highest good in each moment.  i'm not having a go, I'm tierd of negativity and cynicism, i don't care if our ET friends ever visit, I know that i have to act in a way that serves the highest good 9whatever that is) and I'm too tierd to carry the baggage of past ways of thinking. As one, Rob.

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Thank you, Chris, for posting things I was afraid to say myself.


Other TT friends, the issue is not whether Obama is actually the superhuman being that this campaign season has portrayed but whether he may be deeply flawed in ways that will leave him open to blackmail by those who have mentored him.  It is by no means his fault that he is in this bind since much was due to the circumstances of his birth.


There is reason to believe that Obama is the son of Frank Marshall Davis, an early mentor, who in addition to being a civil rights activist and  brilliant poet was a drug dealer, pornographer, and self-confessed sexual abuser of a girl named Anne. 

This gives Obama two native American parents even if  illegitimate.  But there is still the detail of place of birth. There is a Kenyan birth certificate and testimony of witnesses to his birth in Kenya, his Obama "grandmother" and two "siblings". Documents in the United States are sealed.


Aside from the native born issue, when Barrack was two years old his mother married an Indonesian citizen and she and the child became Indonesian citizens when they moved to Indonesia.  Obama was still using an Indonesian passport and using the name Barry Soetoro when he visited Africa as a young man. Unless he later became a naturalized citizen, he is still an illegal alien.


Obama has profited from having outstanding mentors.  There is reason to believe that Bill Ayers did heavy editing for his memoir Dreams of My Father which is much different from Obama's usual rather pedantic style and has curious similarities to some of Keyes's published writing.


All of the mentoring of Obama as a young man as well as the "money trail" of Wall Street and criminal supporters does not in itself mean that Obama cannot be his own man.  Like Saint Paul, he may turn away from his history.  My deepest hope is that this is what will happen and that the Supreme Court will never be ruling on the very basic question of whether Obama is a natural born citizen.  Considering all the Constitutional violations, not just with Bush, that have slipped by without scrutiny, this too may well pass under the radar.






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Surely the Republicans would have expoited this if it had any credibility.  The myspace page looks pretty dodgy.  I wouldn't give this any credibility whatesoever.  As one, Rob.

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I didn't take the title of this forum literally, as I simply do not believe in the supernatural in the sense that everything that is real is natural. I am pretty much breaking my own rule of Law of One, of late, by engaging in specifics and sensational details that ultimately have little to do with the eternal aspects of our evolutionary progress, spiritually and otherwise.

The reason I gave in and engaged in this subject is because I was a delegate for Barack and one of the many happy campers worldwide that saw victory in a successful Barack Obama campaign for the presidency, so in a way I was getting sucked in again to carrying the baggage of past ways of thinking on the positive side, so to speak, so a perfectly appropriate balancing exercise as per Ra's suggestion in several Law of One sessions is to visit the opposite, discover that both exist simultaneously, and be fine with it, via balance.

That is a bit of needless rationalization we both would surely agree, but here I am being attracted to the very real viable possibility that Barack is much more than some White Knight riding in from the outside to save America and restore her image in the world. It would appear, by my sources and some of the choices being made for his administration already being discussed on air, that he is far more connected than any of us would have ever guessed.

I don't see him as nefarious, just extremely capable. Whatever Barack truly is will come to light soon enough. What is just as interesting to me as a discussion of Barack's very possible, even probable darker side connections with a very entrenched and established Illuminati that now comprises 1 to 2% of the world's population, and has infiltrated every 1st world developed institution of mankind, or the seven M's as some call it (money, media, medicine, military, myth, etc.)

is how many are pained by having the balloon of their very popular manufactured romantic illusion of this latest erudite politician popped. That is what I meant when I said, we have been here before. I have experienced both sides of this now emotionally, as per Law of One tactics, courtesy of Ra, another very erudite entity that I trust implicitly for advice while negotiating some of the more confusing aspects of this very polarized 3rd density illusion experience that has been kicked up a notch or two lately. To be honest with you, I have to just realize that I do not have a dog in this hunt, for we are One, and this liberates me and allows me to freely investigate all possibilities and steer clear of entrenched world views that will ultimately get busted and surrendered anyway. It is a very liberated feeling. You of all people know that if you are experiencing any degree of a feeling of being let down by the mere mention of a possibility that we are, once again, being so "had" by this very erudite well-organized well-oiled Iluminati machine. Is there really anything surprising about that???

Which is easier to believe: that Barack Obama, against all odds, beat this very entrenched worldwide geopolitical controller, or that Barack was handpicked 25 years ago, watched, groomed, and brought to the fore in the political lore of "against all odds"? I would tell you that I hope I am wrong, but I am tired of entrenched positions, so I can only say that I simply do not care anymore, and I understand that to be more healthy than I could have ever guessed prior to just recently, LOL.

I had a wonderful conversation with my best athiest friend the other day. He began to rail at his perceived political opposition and I spent a few minutes trying to convince him that the only thing that is happening is his personal entrenched position being proactively developed by himself, that all of the rest is mere catalyst. How he responds to any of it is all him, and the moment he understands that, he will be so liberated to make any choice he wants, instead of being tricked by himself into believing that he is somehow subject to his strong views and rationalizations, that somehow the folks he is upset with are precisely what he is thinking of them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every thought that we have is ours and ours alone. We are not victims of anything, for that is utterly, literally and fundamentally impossible.

Our bad dreams don't come from what we see, but by the misunderstanding of who owns the view. Once claimed, power returns to the dreamer and the dreamer is in control of every thought. These things you already know, but it sure is fun to reiterate from time to time....

Love/Light, Chris

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I linked to the MySpace page mainly because of the collection of photographs indicating the physical resemblance between Obama and Frank Marshall Davis.  Here is a mainstream source about Davis and Obama.

The question of Obama's citizenship has been raised extensively not so much by Republicans as by Clinton Democrats.  It is the subject of several pending lawsuits.  The problem is that it is not up to courts but to political parties to vet their candidates and Obama has kept all personal records, not just his birth certificate, sealed.  Of course like so much of the most interesting news, the lawsuits have not been covered by mainstream media, but there is extensive documentation on the web.

Here is a video of lawyer Phillip Berg explaining his lawsuit

Here is a copy of the complaint filed in court.


Here is news on the current status of the Berg case in the Supreme Court.

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Thank-you all, I defer to your greater knowledge of the facts, as one, Rob.

--- Post removed at author's request ---

--- Post removed at author's request ---

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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I've listened and watched intently as the entire electoral process has unfolded. I've listened more to my own intuition and that of my spirit guides than to every article here or elsewhere because so much of it has seemed flawed and veiled in secrecy and darkness from the beginning. So much propaganda and so many millions of dollars spent it makes me feel ill.

Barack is human just like the rest of us. Our only prayer or hope is that Light has reached him and he is able to convey that light and move it through others to bring us all to a better place. No one man can change anything in the Whitehouse and our hopes and prayers must be that many are awakening even as we are. We must not sit quietly by accepting the limitations on our freedoms and the decisions being made that will affect the next several generations of the world's children.  

I didn't vote for Barack Obama or for John McCain, I've spent the last several elections voting for men I felt were the 'lesser of two evils' and felt no differently about Obama this time around. I cast my ballot for one of the underdogs, even knowing as I did, that it might render my vote essentially null and put someone in office that I don't agree with.

I have prayed for transparency in government, for 'We the people' to be remembered, from the children ravaged by poverty to the corporate ceo's that can afford to make a difference, though for the most part seem not to care.

May the One be with us in our times of trial. May we refuse to judge each other. May we see what is real through all of the illusion. May we strive to act with open hearts and rational minds to the problems facing our world. God by any and all names we call you-help us feed a hungry world, find the ways to global peace, and provide a legacy for our children that leaves the planet a better place than we have seen in our lifetimes. The task is tremendously large. Namaste. kristyne

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Dear Rob,

I do  not believe all this propaganda. I do not praise anyone as messiah or Auntie christ. I am hopeful that this election shows the world that we are not all giving up . That there is still hope . I feel uplifted by this election.


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"The question posed in this forum perpetuates this ongoing distraction
that we must ultimately take response-ability for and come to terms
with - our own reluctance to become our own saviors."

Powerful truth, Chris.

The idea of an Anti-Christ is absurd. If the Christ is united with and one with the All that Is, how can there be an anti All That is? How can there be an anti-infinity or anti omnipresence?

Those that teach such foolishness wallow in the illusion of separation.

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Great piece, Chris, except you forgot Bowling for Blessings

Regarding the Protocols: Israel Shamir, a Russian Jew living in Israel, ( ) has written many profound articles on the Protocols and the Babylonian  Talmud.

Regarding the Protocols, Shamir acknowledges the reality of "the plan" and the validity of the book excepting the references to "Jews." Zionism is a more accurate term that acknowledges the downgraded consciousness level (the Luciferian rebellion, as Hurtak would say) and sidesteps inclinations towards racism.

The success of Zionism is dependent on reduction of consciousness for success. Keep the masses dumbed down with fluoridated water, MSG and Fox news saying it's all good.

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What a refreshing and extremely balanced and very erudite post!!!!!

I am making a PDF of this forum to have as a keepsake to look back at in a few years and see what there is to see in retrospect, regardless of the outcome, it should prove interesting, to say the least....

The cult of personality and cult of celebrity is so entrenched in the world right now, and we do well to calm, neutral and watch carefully to see what any and all politicians do, including a very magical and inspirational Barack Obama!!!!

No free passes this time beloveds!!!!!!

The republicans just got through doing that very thing with the Bush/Cheney nightmare....

Brava Lesley! Brava!!!

Love/Light, Chris

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La IL laha IL Allah

There is no Reality but God

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