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A dear friend of mine Betsy Stang, has a new blog out there, and her current article is about authenticity and daring to be who we are.  I thought you might enjoy it.  It's pretty short, but it has such lovely pictures that I didn't want to just cut and paste the text.  Please click to read.  Betsy is a strong and beautiful woman who has an amazing story.  She has committed her life to the betterment of the Indigenous People.


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Interesting that this matter of authentic living has been creeping into my consciousness lately.  A story in my head says that wealthy people can afford to live authentically in every way (if they're no longer owned by the business(es) that made them rich), but that the rest of us may not be able to.  Of course, I know somewhere in me that this is only a story because having unlimited choices is not the same as living authentically, as we may have responsibilities to fulfill.  So it's about being motivated by and moving toward what is genuine in ourselves, I guess.  ...Just thinking out loud about this.  There are some choices coming up about priorities, lifestyle, how I spend my time.

Good post, Kathy.  Thanks.

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Bob, I thought you'd get a kick out of this...

Betsy does gatherings where she goes around the room and answers a question that you have for your spirit guides.  I went a few years back with a friend, which is where I met Betsy...

Anyway, her reading to me was all about this authentic self stuff.  She was telling me that she couldn't even hear the guides for all the "shoulds" in my head.  She said that it was so imperative for me to get out of that cycle.  She could feel that there was something great there, but that the shoulds were tethering me.  We were sitting in a circle in a living room setting, and I was fairly close to her.  She kept tapping my foot throughout the night telling me to uncross my legs, and keep both my feet planted on the ground.  We shared a big laugh when I told her I couldn't listen to HER shoulds and MY shoulds at the same time. 

This story was an especially good reminder to me.  I'm so glad you enjoyed it, too.  I don't think it's about abandoning your life, but taking small steps each day into your greatness.  Telling your truth.  Being with others that can handle that truth.  Being angry when you need to be... and shedding tears of joy when your spirit calls you to.

I am currently still working on shedding more shoulds... they seem to be sticky.  :)

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from shel silverstein........

All the Woulda Coulda Shouldas layin' in the sun

talkin' bout the things they woulda coulda should done~

but those Woulda Coulda Shouldas all ran and hid

from just one little DID.

So I throw this in, because when it comes to authenticity I think it fits. We have to 'stuff' all that stuff

that everybody else thinks we are, and all that 'stuff' that we think we 'should' do, and get to the

business of just DOING what brings us joy and peace. Then we don't have time for woulda shoulda

couldas~we simply ARE. I AM (so are YOU!).  In oneness and authenticity.....

                                     Love, kristyne

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