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This would be my first forum topic submission since I joined the group earlier this year.  Thanks to peacemkr, whose mention of the name "Anastasia" in a posting here spurred me to buy the books I had no money for when I wanted to years ago, I am now literally blown away.  (I had heard about Anastasia five years ago, and since I could not buy the books then, had forgotten about her.)  Thanks again, Doris, for you have helped change everything for me.

Those of you who have read Vladimir Megre's "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series know what I mean.  I'd love to discuss and share my insights with you about Anastasia and what she has done.  To everyone who hasn't heard of her, or have heard but haven't read the books, I cannot urge you strongly enough- get them!  I have read literally hundreds of books, and none of them can compare with these.  As a TT member, I have declared myself as aspiring to be part of the solution to the crisis humanity finds itself in during these times.  By reading Megre's books, not only have all my questions- past and present- been answered, but now I know exactly what I can do to bring about a peaceful world.

For me, the books and their message have been nothing short of transformational.  My dreams have purpose, I am inspired, and I will do my part toward their manifestation to my dying breath.  And that's a commitment I've never made before- except to my husband- simply because I really didn't know what I really, really wanted in this life, or what I could do to change the world for the better.  Now that I know, I feel compelled to share with all of you the sublime hope and joy I have found.  Indeed, word of mouth- both person-to-person and via the internet- has been the only way these books have been promoted and sold.  Now published in several languages, the books written by this most unlikely man have inspired millions of hearts and set in motion an unstoppable wave of peace on earth.  (Though the website lists only five of the books in English, all nine of them have been translated and published- just call to order them.)

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You, of all people here, don't surprise me in that you know of Anastasia!  Thanks for the good suggestions- since I want to share with as many as I can, buying more books for others and local libraries makes perfect sense!  Though I am squirreling away $ for a kin's domain fund, I think I can "squander" some of that in buying more books.

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