Our Own Holy Child

Below you will find a short story that I sent to a friend on Christmas day, the year of 2004. I realize that Christmas has come and gone for this year. But lets just say that this is another present I found again that I decided to open and to ponder again the deeper meaning of this experience. 

"I want to share a dream with you that I had on the night of December 24, 2004. It contains something that is very special.


I dreamed I was walking in a woodland area. It was winter and the trees had no leaves. There was no snow on the ground so the pathway was clear. The area was open so I could see easily through the trees, as there was no overgrowth. Quite suddenly, a small child, about three years old was walking toward me. He was blond and was wearing tan bib overalls with a very nice long sleeved white shirt with a wide white collar. He look immaculate and clean and I was sure he must be with someone because he was so young. He walked right up to me so I knelt down to his height, and as I did he reached out with his arms to greet me.


I talked gently to him and asked if he was lost, as I could not see anyone anywhere. I wondered what I should do, as I could not leave him there. I saw that there was a small bench on the side of the path, so I sat there for a while with him on my lap. We waited but still no one came by. I talked to him but he did not say anything to me. Finally I said, "well, I am going to have to find out where you belong". And he did not speak, but came close to my ear and suddenly words formed in my mind as he said very clearly, "I came to be with you." I looked at him in astonishment. He had not spoken yet in my mind I understood him clearly.


Now I felt I was in a bit of a dilemma. I remembered a small store I had passed as I entered the woodland. It was getting late, so I picked him up and started walking out of the area. I figured if I saw anyone, I could ask them if they knew who this child was. And as I carried him, he smiled and held on to me. Once we stopped for a moment to rest and I suddenly heard someone behind me that was sort of cooing and giggling, and the child in my arms began playing a sort of hide and seek with who ever this was, and I was sure it must be someone the child knew as he was smiling and looking over my shoulder. So I turned around expecting to see someone there, but there was no one, no one anywhere that I could see. And now I was becoming a bit concerned as this whole event was becoming very strange.


By the time we got to the store, it was starting to get dark, and now I was sure this child was lost and I knew I would need some help on this. I walked in and asked the clerk if he could call 911, because I was sure this child was lost, and someone must be looking for him. When I said this, the child again came close to my ear and I heard the words in my mind, "No, I will stay with you."


Shortly, two police cars came. A Woman officer took the child and the other officer told me he would like to take me in for some questioning, so I was placed in the back of his car. The two cars started off towards the Police station and I suddenly realized the child who had been taken from me, was sitting next to me on the back seat of the car. He wanted to sit on my lap and when he did he again came close to me and I heard, "I will stay with you."


When we got to the police station the woman officer rushed to the car opened the door and grabbed the child away, who now became visibly upset by this ordeal. Now they were sure there was something amiss going on so they put me in a holding cell. No sooner had they left me when the child appeared next to me and immediately wanted me to hold him, and again I heard in my mind, "I will stay with you."


Because this cell had a video camera for their observation, they immediately saw that the child was there with me, and rushed in to remove him. I was then taken in for interrogation. I no sooner had I started to explain what had happened when the child again appeared next to me, climb up on my lap to the astonishment of the interrogator and put his arms around my neck, and this time I heard myself saying, "I want my child to stay with me."  And they looked at me and could do nothing, so they stopped the proceeding.


Again they took the child away and I was permitted to leave and was given a court date to appear.

I didn't know what to think at this point, so I just went home wondering what all of this meant. When I entered my apartment, there was my little child waiting for me with a beautiful smile to greet me. I asked if he was hungry, and when he came close to me, I heard in my mind, "no, I do not need any food, I will just stay with you." I made something to eat and then just before I was going to bed, my apartment buzzer sounded, I answered it and realized it was the police. This time I said nothing and realized they were here to take the boy. When they came in, they didn't say anything to me, they just looked everywhere in my apartment and all I could say was what was very evident, "The child is not here, he had been taken from me at the police station."


They finally left, realizing there was no evidence that the child was, or had been there. After they left I was very puzzled about this whole affair. I was very tired from this mysterious ordeal so I got ready for bed. I suddenly realized that my little child was right there, asleep in my bed. As I lay down beside him he drew close to me and I heard his voice in my mind, " I will stay with you now." I gave him a hug and said, "Good night, my little one."


And I awoke from my dream, and I lay there and pondered what this all means."


On my computer desk there is a picture of a four year old child. He is blond, and he is wearing a pair of dark bib overalls, he has on a plaid short sleeve shirt.  It is not a new picture, the picture is 66 years old. When I look at him, I realize that I love that child very very much. Yes, I want him to stay with me always. May our own Holy Child come to each of us in a very special way this Christmas.


Merry Christmas,


Carl Azcar 


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Wow, Carl!!! How cool that your own inner child came to give you such a powerful visit! May all of us re-embrace our inner children as you did so beautifully in your dream.

Wishing you an abundance of love and joy,

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Thanks Carl for sharing this very profound story with us. May we all always remember our sweet, innocent, inner Child!

With Love and Remembrance

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Dear Ursula,

Thank you for reading this story. What makes this so special is that it just happened the way it did. It was not part of a life exercise I was doing, it just came to me as this beautiful dream that was so life like that it was like I was actually there in the very realness of it. Yes, this has happened at various times in my life and it has always been a turning point for me.

I have often thought how wonderful it would be for this little child to meet me when I cross over after death. When I look at the picture on my desk, I realize that I am looking at a real person that actually existed 66 years ago. And yes I fully realize that this little person is who I am today. I am sure that our recognition of our inner child is a very important part of our life. It is also a very real part of our recognition of the mystery that surrounds all of life and it's true meaning for all concerned.

May your inner child always be a comfort to you. It is truly your own Holy Child within yourself.

Carl Azcar

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Thank you for reading this dream story of mine. Yes, I have come to realize that the inner child is the most precious part of what we are. Why, because it represents that part of ourselves that existed before we became confronted by the complexities of the world. It is that time of our innocence that we must learn from. it is also a key to the real person that we are within the mystery of ourselves. I pray that everyone can re-discover this child within.

I have come to realize that this little child within me is truly a part of what I am at this very moment.

Thank you for everything you are making possible through this work of the Transformation Team.

 Carl Azcar  


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Hi Carl,

What a wonderful dream. I love how simple the child's message and desire was. We so often try to make a rational meaning to try to explain something, and we overlook the pure wonder of that which must be simply taken in and experienced.

Thank you for sharing!

Love & Light,

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Dear Audrey,

Thank you for reading this story. Yes, it was a wonderful gift to me. I am not conscious of any pre-thought concerning this experience. It was Christmas Eve, I live alone, and it was tho I had received a very special gift from that beautiful child that is within me.

Now that I am much older, I look at the beauty in the new children that have been born into this world. I sometimes like to remind myself that there was a time when I too was beautiful, just as all young children are. I realize now, more than ever, how much that child, that small voice within myself, is still very much a part of who I am. I am the father of four children and yet this child within myself is even more real than that.

The restored portrait of myself as a four year old child that sits on my computer desk is a constant reminder of who I was 66 years ago. Yes, I was a real person just as we all were from the beginning. In the fulness of that mystery – the innocence, the beauty and the wonder of life – I have a new understanding of who we really are, the Holy Child of God and Creator, born again into this world.

With God's Love and Blessing's

Carl Azcar

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Beautiful story, Thank you.

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Thank you for reading this story. Yes, it was a very special experience for me. It has helped me to realize how important it is to recognize the child, the Holy Child, that is within each of us. This dream also came to me at a very appropriate time, on Christmas Eve, and so receiving it on that night made it a wonderful gift to receive that Christmas of 2004.

I wish everyone could experience something like this because it reminds me of just how special we all are, as a small child, as a youth, or as an adult. Realize that, every seven years our bodies are completely new, we become a new person. The seven year cycles of our lives are very significant. I can tell this by looking at my own life, and you can see it in yours. So for me, I recognize that the small child that I was, is distinct from who I am at this moment, he was a real little person – a part of me yet separated now by 66 years of my life. To me that is awesome.

Thank you for being on the Transformation Team,

Carl Azcar

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Carl ~

As evidenced by your beautiful dream, you ARE still that sweet little child and still so very precious! Thanks so much for sharing yet another sweet story with us. Sweet dreams, little one! :-)

Love & light,
Penny :-)

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My Dear Penny,

Your remarks above touch me very deeply. Thank you so much for reading my personal dream story. I so wish that everyone can experience the Holy Child that is within each of us. It is the most Sacred Love you will ever experience.

If anyone of us was to be visited by the Christ Child, I am sure you would consider that the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to you. Please realize, that is how wonderful your own Holy Child is that is within you at this very moment. And truly, if you can realize this fully and all of the implications that this has, you will realize that this is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to you. And why? Because in that realization you will have come face to face with the reality of what you really are – an eternal part of God and Creator.

Thank you for realizing this, it is – THE REALITY OF WHO AND WHAT WE REALLY ARE.

With my love and blessings,

Carl Azcar

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Carl, I just love that story! I too have a 55-year-old picture of a small towhead boy, about four years old. He's wearing a white cowboy hat with red lacing around the edge, sitting in a Radio Flyer wagon and grinning from ear to ear. For many years I would not have wanted that boy on my desk or anywhere near me. When I was a child I was told I was stupid, stubborn, unruly, disobedient, impertinent and sure to wind up in trouble. I believed it - how was I to know that was someone else's tapes being played on my machine? And of course it came true.

Now I know the wisdom and power of the inner child. That is the light and the power we came into this world with. How wonderful it must be to actually meet that child and bond in that way. Thanks for sharing.


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I agree completely with what you have said. What impressed me most about this experience was my awareness of the innocence, and the simple acceptance that this little child showed to me. The trust he gave me and the insistence that he stay with me has helped me realize that he will always be with me.

The picture I have on my computer desk is one that I had not seen for over 40 years. It was sent to me after my mother died, and my father wanted to share the family pictures that were left. My sisters went through all the boxes and put together a complete package of childhood pictures and sent it to me. This one I have in a new frame now is actually a studio portrait that I had restored because the original was slightly damaged. It is actually the most wonderful picture of me that I have, because it captures all of the childhood innocence that I had at that time in my life.

Thanks for reading this dream story,

Carl Azcar

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