The Co-creation of Reality

Hey beautiful Gathering Spot friends,

Below are a few quotes I've come up with about the co-creation of reality. Enjoy!

With abundant love and warm holiday wishes,

We all co-create this entire drama of our lives and the world as part of the universal unfolding of consciousness. Both individually and collectively we are exploring who we are and who we really want to be in relation to ourselves and all around us. On the deepest levels, each of us is choosing the role we play and facilitating the magical unfolding of all life in its many mysterious forms. The more I open to all of this, the more I realize it is silly to get so serious about it. 

God is the collective of All That Is. And each one of us is a holographic fragment of this. So you could say that God has multiple personality disorder in that each of us is one of God's alter personalities exploring the infinitude of ways of interacting with all the many alters of God around us. We are God with Multiple Personality Disorder!

It's not that we are all literally one, but rather that every one of us is an integral, essential part of one infinitely vast, intimately interconnected wholeness of being. The goal is not to merge back into oneness, but rather for each part of the whole to explore the richness and variety of being, and to share their experience with all others within the context of our greater interconnectedness. We are all expanding our collective experience together. And our capacity for greater connection and love is infinite. 

Earth is a manifestation of the parallel planet agenda. It is a prison planet for many. Yet for others it is a heavenly existence. I/we are here to invite those who feel they are in prison to bring heaven back into their lives. Let's bring heaven down here! 

Once we open to the place of infinite power and wisdom within and take full responsibility for our role in this co-creative process of life, we can transform any part of our lives and world. Each of us can literally create new realities through consciously tapping the infinite power within. Once we choose as our deepest intention to co-create together a world that supports and nurtures the divine essence in all of us, both individually and collectively, our entire world and universe will dance with us in ever more expanding harmonies filled with sacred love.

I’m a node in the spirit net! Who we are is a point of attention in the All That Is. Whatever intention we give this point of attention makes all the difference in how we see and interact with the whole. 

As the individuated "I that is me" surrenders and opens fully to the expanded presence of the collective "I that is we," an energy greater than me is invited in. As those around me join in opening to this expansive "I that is we energy," a place of deep acceptance and honoring of the "I that is me" within each of us expands into the sacred collective presence of the "I that is we." This expansive, vibrant state naturally envelopes all who join in opening to this divine presence. It illuminates the divine essence in each of us and in all of us. Together, our collective expression of this expanded essence transforms our presence in and experience of both our internal and external worlds.

Why do some of us "know" our infinitude, while others don't? Why do some have no doubt that we are all infinite, beautiful, divine beings connected within an ever-expanding cosmic dance, while others don't? I know that this understanding exists on some deep level within others, but most have unconsciously chosen to block it off. I want to honor the choice to block it, yet also be a invitation to open up and play big in a conscious way for all who are interested. 

When others look into my eyes, may they see their own infinite magnificence reflected back to them. 

We all co-created Earth and these bodies to explore the many different flavors of separation and union, harmony and chaos. Ultimately, we all co-create everything that happens both in our personal lives and in our universe. Therefore, we all share ultimate responsibility (the ability to respond) for everything that happens. We are the co-creators of our both our individual and collective realities. Yes!!!

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Thanks, Fred. Good thoughts, big and deep perspective. This seems true as far as words can express truth. Relating to one aspect of what you said: Sometimes I use the analogy of a mainstream computer and its many individual stations. Individually we're like these stations (monitor, keyboard, bells & whistles) and we tend to think of ourselves as having completely separate individual existences. But we forget that we're really conscious outposts of the central computer, which is the Consciousness in which we all take part. I think the new physics posits that there's only one Consciousness in the universe -- and it follows there's one Love. So our individual vantage point (focal point) is just a detail in the vast unborn, undying Awareness in which everything exists (or seems to; do hologram's actually exist?).

Anyway, I love what you said near the beginning of your post: "The more I open to all of this, the more I realize it is silly to get so serious about it." ...and yet it seems natural to help wherever we can, since we all "inter-are" (using Thich Nhat Hahn's expression).

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Cool, Bob. I like the computer analogy, even if it is a bit impersonal. Enjoy!

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Of course, by "mainstream computer" I meant "mainframe computer." Yeah, it's a little impersonal. Analogies are always inadequate by their nature.

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I dig, Fred!
I'm switching tracks!
I share sentiments with an analogy I recently watched again on Lost when Kate says to Jack "kind of unlike you, the whole glass half-full thing." And Jack replies "there's a glass?"

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"The goal is not to merge back into oneness, but rather for each part of the whole to explore the richness and variety of being,"
I heard a Hindu mystic say that the Buddha got it wrong about trying to get back to essential oneness and that Hindu faith or advanced ideas therein was superior because it was about the many...
You said a lot and deep too. Man.
" I know that this understanding exists on some deep level within others, but most have unconsciously chosen to block it off."
That's me in spades. I'm like the poster child for that

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Yes. When I hear people say "we are one," I find myself saying "and we are many." If we were truly all one, you wouldn't be reading this and we wouldn't have anyone to interact with. I love that you are there and I am here and we get to explore with each other the uniqueness of each of our beings. The way I like to express that sentiment is by saying we are all divine. We are all interconnected in the same cosmic dance. And we all come from the same divine source. Much love and warm wishes to you all!

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