Rachel Maddow Interviews OWS "Bat Signal" Creator

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Talk about a powerful protest tool - I love it!

All that time spent highway blogging, only to have the posters taken down in less than a day.

Here's a list of ideas:

Project "End the Fed" on bank buildings.

Project pictures of factory farm animal abuse on fast food joints.

Project any and every truth that counters the MSM lies anywhere lots of people will see it.

Project war attrocities at military recruiting stations.

Talk about putting a spot light on a subject, bringing some light to the darkness.

Somehow, this feels like shaming people into good behavior but with the attrocities that are occurring all around us and given the fact that other more traditional methods have not been effective, I think it is justified.

Does the technology exist to project films? How about we project "America: From Freedom to Fascism" on post offices on April 15th?

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This is a longer video.  You can see all the messages on the projection.


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In answer to your question... yes, Wendy, the technology can project films, and more...

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