three peace activists-a drifter, a house painter and an 82 yr old nun

From the Washington Post-the entire article is a bit long but well worth the read.  "The Prophets of Oak Ridge".                         Peace, Peace, Peace Be.       In Love and Light,  kristyne

Last summer, in the dead of night, three peace activists penetrated the exterior of Y-12 in Tennessee, supposedly one of the most secure nuclear-weapons facilities in the United States. A drifter, an 82-year-old nun and a house painter. They face trial next week on charges that fall under the sabotage section of the U.S. criminal code. And if they had been terrorists armed with explosives, intent on mass destruction? That nightmare scenario underlies the government’s response to the intrusion. This is the story of two competing worldviews, of conscience vs. court, of fantasy vs. reality, of history vs. the future.

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Wow, Thanks Onesong, I hope to find time to finish this article soon. How grateful I am for such bravery and faith.

A wonderful and gripping, real life Hobbit tale.


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