Social Networks and Revolution

Hi folks,

Here's a program showing how the Internet enabled the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt to happen, and a panel discussion about what happens from here.  I like that it shows, clearly, the need for "Net neutrality" and the prevention of the net being captured by corporate interest.  Also why the "Internet Kill Switch" is a bad idea for freedom and democracy, showing the forked tongue being used by the administration who demands free access to the Internet for others, but is getting ready to deny it to its own citizens.

There's a lot of work that needs to be done.



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James Twyman's book, "Emissary of Love: The Psychic Children Speak to the World" is a very inspirational read, especially concerning the abilities of the newest of our species incarnating in at this time.  Indigo and Crystalline Children are terms most of us are aware of.

Although James never uses those specific terms in this book documenting his journey to Bulgaria and the amazing children he was fortunate enough to meet (being hidden away in Bulgarian Monasteries), these children definitely belong in the Indigo and Crystalline Children category.  Their psychic abilities are amazing.  They call themselves "the Net" and "Children of Oz" (having nothing to do with the wizard of Oz).

They communicate easily and constantly across great distances with the clarity of our communication here at the G-Spot, most likely more clarity, LOL....  I bring this up in this thread because the digital net we now enjoy will ultimately be obsolete given where the human species is headed...

and regardless of what those in positions of power may or may not do to access to the net we now enjoy, one good CME shot from the sun and we can kiss this form of communication goodbye for a long while, maybe for good...  and that could very well be a good thing concerning our evolution of Being...

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Meanwhile, us retrogrades must deal with the political and social situation without the enhanced capabilities of the new generation.  Food riots, the social breakdown, is coming to the USA.  I don't believe it can be avoided any longer. 

The Egyptians suffered over 300 death during their uprising and remained committed to non-violence.  Do you think our people will do the same?  If we take arms, we loose.  I think it is incumbent upon us to learn how these new communication tools work, as primitive and rickety as they may be, so we can keep our non-violence meme growing.

Just one more tool among all the other necessary ones.  Among the other tools, of course, is our continuing internal work, which in the end it may be more effective than the material, however, non should be neglected.



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reason to neglect present available methods.  while making use of what you posted Bob, we can be inspired to know that the new generation of "the net" has our back more than we can presently be completely aware of...

the common thing all of those special children told James, all in their own way,

"if you knew for sure that we are all connected and all there really truly is is Sacred Peace (with no opposite), how would you change the way you live your life?"

"okay, ready?"


at the core of their keen understanding and advanced abilities is that eternal truth of the way things really are, in spite of apparent conditions "on the ground"...

this isn't to say that we ignore those conditions, but to take this understanding with us when we respond to those conditions, when we attempt to do something about them...

does that help any?

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Start!        :-)


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